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episode guide - Supernatural Wiki
22 Years Ago

Mary Winchester is killed by something supernatural.
Her husband John, alerted by her screams, finds her floating on the ceiling above baby Sam’s crib. As he watches in horror, she bursts into flames, alighting the whole room. John hands the baby to four-year-old Dean, telling him to get out of the house while he tries to save his wife. He fails but manages to get himself and the boys out.

Present Day

Sam, now 22 years old and a student a Stanford University, has spent the evening at a Halloween party with his girlfriend, Jessica. In bed that night, he hears the sound of someone walking around the house. Getting up to investigate, he finds his brother Dean, who he hasn’t seen in two years. Dean explains that their father has gone missing while hunting a supernatural being.

He needs Sam’s help to find him. Sam agrees to go along, albeit reluctantly. They arrive in Jericho, California, and start tracking what they believe to be a Woman in White, following their fathers trail. In a motel room, they discover his journal and all his notes - things he would never have left behind on purpose. They discover a set of co-ordinates in the journal - an old trick which John used to use to let the boys know where they needed to go. They finish tracking down the Woman in White and manage to exorcise her. Dean asks Sam to go with him to the location John has left for them. Sam refuses, reminding Dean that he needs to get back to Stanford for an interview for Law School. Dean drops him off and says goodbye. Sam heads up to bed, expecting to find Jess there. When a drop of blood lands on his face, he looks up to see Jess on the ceiling. In an identical way to how his mother died, Sam watches helplessly as Jess bursts into flames. Once again, Sam is saved by his brother pulling him from the burning building. With nothing left to keep him in California, Sam agrees to accompany Dean in the search for their father and the thing that killed Jess and their mother.

episode guide - Supernatural Wiki
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