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There is no “Lake Manitoc” in Wisconsin.
At 5:11 a boom-mic pops in at the top center while Will gives his line.
At the start of the episode, Dean mentions that several other people have drowned in the lake. Who are the other people? The spirit was going after that two families relatives
In the scene where Will drowns you can clearly see that before the water starts coming up that the plug isn't plugging up the sink. He had no reason to reach into the water to unplug it when it was never plugged up to begin with
The scene where the son is drowning in the sink, the plug attached to a chain is in the water. The cameras switch back and forth here and you can clearly see the chain and plug change positions from in the water to out. In fact, the plug is sitting on the bench before the son even is shown pulling it out of the sink
In the first scene we see Dean in, he is circling the girl's picture in the newspaper. When he shows the paper to Sam, the circle is different. He originally circled her name as well, but it wasn't circled on the paper Sam had
When Andrea gets to her bath the level of water rises, which is quite normal (at least according to me), but as soon as the "green water" pours into the bath, you can see that the level of water has decreased.
When Lucas takes the picture drawn by Dean he doesn't twist it, so he theoretically is looking at when it's turned 90 degrees clockwise.
The girl drowning victim was "on the varsity swim team," and had "grown up swimming in the lake," according to her brother. Why hadn't the angry ghost killed her off while she was a little child? Why did it wait until she was 18 years old?

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