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When Sam and Dean are in the antique store they notice they have practically only mirrors, so Dean unfolds the copy he had made from the file of the retired policeman. When the shot zooms in on the picture it's the same shot as before at the policeman's house. You can even see the file and edges of other papers behind it and the picture moving as the policeman did.
When Sam and Dean enter the Shoemaker home, there is a woman holding a coffee who is talking to someone, but when the shot changes, she is talking to someone who wasn't there is the previous shot.
At 41:02, the brothers watch as the girl walks back to her house. There is a visible reflection of the camera in the front car window
In "Pilot," Jessica was on the ceiling on fire in a completely different nightgown/nightie to the one she was wearing when Sam saw her ghost on the street.
While Sam is inside breaking all of the mirrors Dean is outside talking to the police. It seems impossible that the cops didn't hear what was going on inside the shop, Sam wasn't exactly being quiet.

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