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Full name: Mary Sandra Winchester

Mary Winchester - Supernatural Wiki

Maiden Name: Mary Sandra Campbell
Date of birth: December 5, 1954
Date of death:
Date of Resurrection:
November 2, 1983 (age 28)
2016 (By Amara)
Occupation: wife and mother; former hunter
Hometown: Lawrence Kansas
First Appearance: Pilot
Seasons: 1, 2, 4
Best known for:
Killed by Yellow Eyed Demon
Her nightie and being Sam and Dean's mom
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Mary Sandra Winchester (born 1954) is the wife of John Eric Winchester, and mother of Dean and Sam. She gave birth to Dean on January 24, 1979 and Sam on May 2, 1983.

In the episode "Pilot," it is revealed that on November 2, 1983, Mary woke after putting her six-month-old son, Sam, to bed. She entered his nursery to find someone she thought to be John leaning over his crib. Returning to bed, she noticed a television flickering downstairs. She found her husband John asleep in the living room, and ran back to Sam's nursery. Hearing his wife's screams, John ran into the nursery. In Sam's room, everything appeared normal, until he saw droplets of blood next to Sam's head. Looking up, he found Mary pinned to the ceiling with a large gash through her stomach. She then burst into flames, dying at the age of 28. She was murdered by "The Demon," the series' villain.

In 2005, her sons returned to their childhood home to investigate a recurring dream Sam had experienced in the episode "Home." Mary's spirit seemed to haunt the house in Lawrence, Kansas, and a poltergeist was in the house with her, though the psychic Missouri Moseley never felt their presence. After the poltergeist pinned Sam to the wall, Mary appeared as a fiery figure. When Dean broke through the locked door to reach him, Mary told Sam that she was sorry. Turning to the ceiling, she told the poltergeist to leave her sons alone. Her spirit fought with and canceled out the poltergeist, forcing both spirits out of the home.

In All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1, the Demon shows Sam the night Mary was killed because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. When Mary ran back into the nursery she said "It's You!" to the Demon. It remains unclear how she could have known the Demon. In Supernatural: Origins, it seems that Mary has a sister that the Demon was apparently after, but this is unconfirmed.

In The Kids are Alright we learn that all of Mary's friends and acquaintances have been killed off over the years since her death.

Mary Winchester - Supernatural WikiIt is later revealed in the episode In the Beginning that Mary was a former hunter, along side her parents Samuel Campbell (father) and Deanna Campbell (mother). Dean was sent back in time by Castiel "to stop it" the Yellow Eyed Demon was making deals with people because he wanted the future children, the deal was told to be that he would return to the people whomever he made deals in ten years. Mary, Samuel and Dean were investigating the scenes of the crimes and Mary was exposed to the Yellowed eyed demon. Later on Dean confesses to his grandfather who he is, but he is already possessed by the demon and he kills both his grandparents. He finds Mary eventually and kills John. The Yellowed Eyed Demon proposes that he will bring John back to life and she can live a normal life with no demons and with John, on the condition that he will arrive at there place for something in ten years. Mary reluctantly agrees and the Deal is made, Dean is sent back to the present time with the understanding and knowledge of how things turned out to be.

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  • told dean angels were watching over him when putting him to bed
  • when dean was sick she would make him tomato and rice soup
  • would sing dean to sleep by singing "Hey Jude" by the beatttles
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Sam Winchester - Supernatural Wiki
Name: Dean Winchester
Occupation: Hunter
Status: Alive
Relationship: Mary's oldest son. She died when he was 4 years old.
Dean Winchester - Supernatural Wiki
Name: Sam Winchester
Occupation: Hunter
Status: Alive
Relationship: Mary's Youngest son. She died when he was 6 months old.
Dean Winchester - Supernatural Wiki
Name: John Winchester
Occupation: Hunter
Status: Deceased
Relationship: Mary's husband. She made a deal with the YED after he killed John to bring him back in exchange for her second born son.
Dean Winchester - Supernatural Wiki  

< Young John Winchester

Dean Winchester - Supernatural Wiki
Name: Samuel Campbell
Occupation: Hunter
Status: Deceased
Relationship: Mary's father. He was a hunter. He and Mary's mother were both killed by the Yellow Eyed Demon. Mary named her second son after him (Sam).
Dean Winchester - Supernatural Wiki
Name: Deanna Campbell
Occupation: Hunter
Status: Deceased
Relationship: Mary's mother. She was a hunter. She and Mary's father were both killed killed by the Yellow Eyed Demon. Mary named her first son after her (Dean).

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