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Dean and Sam are racing down the road in the impala, well over ninety miles an hour. Our fearless hunters are a bit bloodied and bruised, but not too horribly bad. They’ve been attacked by demons. Apparently A LOT of demons, more than they’ve ever seen in one place.
Dean throws on the breaks as they come up to a burning wall that’s blocking their way out of town. Dean backs up and for the split second the car is stopped Demons jump them, breaking the window and pulling Sam out.

Have no fear! A group of people have rigged an old pick up truck to become a giant holy water gun! They begin hosing the demons down and then a man by the name of Rob(The ever lovable and totally HOT Michael Shanks guest stars!) says an exorcism through a boom horn and poof the demons are gone. All the bodies are laid along the road. (Shortest exorcism EVER by the way.) Dean and Sam are thankful, though a little surprise.

Rob asks them if they’re okay and of course gets Dean’s snarky reply of “Peachy”. After telling the boys to be careful he and the group go leave, but the boys have some questions. For starters. Who are they? They are the Sacrament Lutheran Militia. (Or as I will be referring to them for the rest of this recap, the SLM. Seriously the title is a bit of a mouthful.) He goes on to tell the boys, very nonchalantly, that those were demons and the apocalypse has begun. Dean and Sam just stand there for a minute, jaws gaping.

The boys show the SLM the stash in their trunk to prove to them that they are hunters as well. After offering their services to help fight off the demons, the Winchesters are told to follow the SLM.
They drive into the foggy old town, where the church is set up as home base. High fences, barbed wire, barricades, look outs with shotguns, and of course a devil’s trap laid at the only entrance into their little compound. No demons getting in there!

They head into the church while a wedding is in progress. Every pew is filled with townspeople, all holding shotguns. If they weren’t in the middle of the apocalypse you might think it was a good ol’ southern shotgun wedding, but no, they’re just ready in case a demon attacks. Sam’s a little shocked that their having a wedding, only to find out that it’s the eight one this week.

After the new bride and groom are sent off the preacher approaches the boys and they get down to the nitty gritty. The town’s demon problem. No one can seem to figure out why there are so many of them.

The preacher takes them back inside and apparently the entire town is part of the SLM, including the children who are helping pack salt rounds. Everyone chips in. We also meet the Preacher’s daughter, Leah. Leah seems to know all about the boys and confesses that the angels talk to her. They figure out, relatively quickly, that Leah is a prophet. The angels tell her where the demons will be and when they’re going to attack. Kind of gives the SLM a bit of an edge.

We cut scene to a bar, where Sam is calling Cass for back up. He gets the angel’s…unique…voicemail and Sam leaves a message, telling Cass about the demons and where they are. Paul, the bartender, buys a round for Dean and Sam, and the brothers sit at a table discussing the theories about why the demons are here. Dean thinks maybe they’re after Leah. Sam is pissed that the angels are using the entire town to do their in his words “dirty work”. Dean on the other hand is impressed with how well the town is handling things considering the fact that he thinks everyone is going to die. Sam reminds Dean that they’re supposed to save them. Before Dean can reply the church bells go off. Everyone starts to leave the bar and Paul informs the brothers that Leah has had another vision.

At the church, the preacher announces that there are demons five miles off a road in town. He asks for volunteers, and of course Rob, Paul, and the Winchesters are willing. The preacher offers a prayer, and Sam notices that Paul is not praying with the others. In fact he pulls out a flask and takes a swig. They head out and Rob’s wife Jane and his son Dylan are also along.

They go into what looks to be a long abandoned house and start kicking some major demon butt. Considering the fact that the Winchester’s have never hunted with SLM they all actually seem to work really well together. When the last demon is down Sam makes the comment that now they know what it’s like to have back up.

Outside Dylan asks to ride back with the Winchesters. Everyone is fine with that and the SLM takes off in their demon proof pick up. Dean tosses Dylan a beer, telling the kid he earned it, but not to tell his mother. As Dylan goes to take the first sip hands grip his ankles and pull him under the impala. Sam quickly pulls the demon out and kills it, but it’s too late for Dylan.

At the funeral Jane is non too happy, and blames Dean for Dylan’s death. Rob while clearly upset, doesn’t seem to share the same feelings, but you’ll have to make your own conclusions on that one. While the preacher is giving eulogy, Leah falls from her pillar onto the ground in convulsions.
When the fit passes she gets up and tells Rob and Jane that the angels are going to bring Dylan back. For half a second you’re kind of expecting Dylan to sit up in his coffin. Not the case. Apparently the town has been chosen by the angels to have paradise on earth and on judgment day they will all be reunited with their loved ones.

Of course there’s a catch. A huge catch. In order make it to Paradise on Earth the town has to follow the rules the angel’s put in place.

No Drinking
No Gambling
No Premarital Sex
Etc, etc, etc

Sam doesn’t like this saying the angel’s just outlawed 90% of people’s personality. Dean on the other hand seems to be indifferent. This raises warning bells for Sam, but Dean quickly departs and goes to talk to Leah.

According to Leah there’s going to be a final battle, and it’s going to be bad, but the good guys will win. When it’s over, only the chosen will remain and everything will be peaceful. No monsters, no sickness, just one big happy loving world. Dean reminds her that it’s only for the chosen, and in turn Leah reminds him he is the vessel of heaven.

Sam goes to the bar to see Paul. The place is empty, but the two of them knock back a few against the angel’s wishes. Paul claims he’s not a hypocrite and doesn’t pray because he didn’t before all this. If he’s going to hell, he’s going to hell honest. Sam tells Paul that he’s a believer, but God stopped caring a long time ago.

Sam goes back to the motel completely drunk. Apparently he would have stayed at the bar longer, but there’s now a curfew in effect. The townspeople turned off the cell towers so there is no contact at all with the outside world. Sam tells Dean their turning the town into a fundamentalist compound. Dean doesn’t care. Sam get’s upset and ask Dean when does this go too far for him?
Dean says they’re not going to be able to save these people.

They argue and Sam, near tears, tells Dean he can’t do this to him. He can’t just give up and walk away, because Sam needs him. He can’t do it alone, he needs his brother. Sam can’t count on anyone else. Dean goes for some air.

Leah walks into the room where everyone is building weapons. She’s crying and visibly upset. Apparently the angels are angry because not everyone is abiding by their rules and they are threatening to take away Paradise. The townspeople want names.

Back at the motel room Sam is going through some books when Castiel appears. Drunk, very, very, drunk. Drank a whole liquor store in fact. Sam asks if our favorite angel is all right. Cass gives him a sardonic look and tells him not to ask stupid questions. Sam updates Cass on everything going on and tells him about Leah, the prophet.

Except Cass says she’s not a prophet. Hmmm. He knows this for certain. Sam has a non stupid question this time. If Leah is not a prophet, what is she?

While Dean is walking he hears a commotion coming from the bar. He hurries over and goes in to see half the town threatening Paul the bartender, telling him to get out of town. The preacher is trying to keep things civil, but among the chaos Kate shoots and kills Paul, claiming no one will keep her from seeing her son again.

Dean goes back to the motel and tells Sam what happened. Cass tells them that it’s starting and informs Dean she’s not a prophet. When Dean asks what she is, Cass bluntly states, “The *****.” (You know you laughed at the way he said it.)

She rises when Lucifer walks the Earth and she shall come bearing false prophecy.

In short, our lovely little Leah is The ***** of Babylon. She can take human form, read minds. They realize that the real Leah was killed months ago, and that the exorcisms (see I knew it was too short) are fake as well. What they’re actually saying is “You breed with the mouth of a goat.” Apparently everything with the demons is just for show and the endgame is to have innocent blood spilled in the lord’s name.

Back at the church Jane is upset, thinking the angel’s are angry with her for killing Paul. Leah reassures her that the angels understand. Jane killed Paul for the greater good and its okay. The Preacher however doesn’t buy it. Killing is worse than drinking, but the angels find it okay?

At the motel Cass puts a stake made from a Cypress tree in Babylon on the table. That’s the only thing that can kill the *****. There’s a catch. (Lot’s of catches in this episode.) Only a true servant of heaven can use it. Not Dean, not Sam (who Cass so kindly points out is an abomination,) and not Cass himself.

At the church Leah is giving a sermon that is getting the townspeople in an uproar. She has a list of names of sinners that need to be taken care of. The preacher tries to get her to stop, but she threatens to out the preacher as a sinner and he lets her go.

Cass approaches the preacher while he’s out thinking. At first the preacher doesn’t believe Cass is an angel, but after being zapped to the motel, he can’t really deny it. The boys tell the Preacher about his daughter and the *****, and that the preacher has to be the one to kill her.
Understandably, he has some reservations, but in the end, he takes the stake.

Outside the motel Dean tosses a bottle of aspirin to Cass for his hangover. They have a heart to heart discussion about coping with dead beat dads. Cass asks how Dean deals with it, and Dean replies, “On a good day, you get to kill a *****.”

Back at the church they’ve rounded up a dozen or more people and locked them in a storage room. Leah tells them to set the place on fire, and Jane is a bit reluctant since apparently there are children in side. Leah smoothes it over and walks to a mirror in the other room.

We sorta see her true face. All contorted and evil like. Cass sneaks up and grabs her from behind, whirling the ***** towards the preacher. She plays on his emotions and escapes running back to her followers claiming the preacher is a demon. While everyone is fighting she tells Rob to light the kerosene. Sam is able to throw him into a wall before he can.

Leah knocks Dean to the ground and sits on him. Dean reaches for the stake, and Leah gives her super villain speech since she doesn’t think Dean is a true servant of heaven.

Apparently we were all wrong. He stabs the ***** and is able to kill her. Kate is confused, she still thinks there’s a paradise. The preacher and Cass are pretty beat up, and Sam wants to know how
Dean was able to kill the *****. Dean chalks it up to luck, but Sam wants to know if Dean is thinking about saying yes to Michael. Sam is once again told not to be stupid.

They patch up Angel and preacher at the motel and Dean tells Sam he’s going to the car for more bandages. Instead he takes off and shows up at Lisa’s. He tells her that if he’s going to be happy with anyone it would be her, but he can’t stay. He’s going to have plans set in motion for her and
Ben to be safe during the apocalypse. Basically he makes it seem like he’s going to make a deal with the angels and then say yes to Michael. (I know, I know, we’re all screaming at Dean at this point.) Lisa tries to get him to stay, but Dean just kisses her cheek and gets into the car and we are left waiting until next week to find out what’s going to happen!

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