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Castiel: The demon Crowley is sealing the deal even as we speak. It’s… going… down.
Dean: Going down? Right. OK, huggy bear, just don’t lose him.
Crowley: So the Hardy boys finally found me. Took you long enough.
Crowley: I want you to take this thing and empty it into Lucifer’s face.
Dean: Uh huh. And why would you want Lucifer dead?
Crowley: It’s called survival.
Castiel: (after drinking up several glasses of alcohol) I think I’m starting to feel something.
(the boys are at Bobby’s house, sitting with beers)
Sam: (sighs) It’s gotta be a trap, right?
Dean: (smiles) Sam Winchester, having trust issues with a demon. Well, better late than never.
Sam: (smirks) And thank you again, for your continued support.
Dean: You’re welcome.
(making a plan)
Dean: But if we think about it, you can’t come with.
Sam: Dean...
Dean: Look, I go get Satan and screw the pooch? Okay. Yeah, we’ve lost a game piece. That we can take. But if you’re there, then we are handing the Devil’s vessel right over to him. That’s not smart.
Sam: (rolls his eyes). Since when have we ever done anything smart?
Dean: I’m serious, Sam.
Sam: So am I! Haven’t we learned a damn thing? If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it together. (they look at each other for a long moment).
Dean: Okay. But it’s a stupid frigging idea.
(Sam shrugs)
Dean: So, dangerous mission tomorrow. Guess it’s time to eat, drink, and... you know, make merry.
Jo: Are you giving me the last-night-on-earth speech?
Dean: What?
Jo: What?
Dean: No! No. If I was, would – would that work?
Dean: Well, this is great, we’ve only been in town for twenty minutes and we’ve already lost the angel up our sleeve!
Meg: There you are!
Sam: Meg.
Meg: Shouldn’t have come here, boys.
Dean: Yeah, I could say the same thing for you (walks forward and aims the Colt at her).
Meg: Didn’t come here alone, Deano.
(Dean glances around nervously)
Dean: Hellhounds.
Meg: Yeah, Dean! Your favourite. Come on boys. My father wants to see you.
Sam: I think we’ll pass, thanks.
Meg: Your call. You can make this easy, or you can make it really really hard.
(Dean glances back at Ellen, who nods. He looks back at Meg)
Dean: When have you known us to ever make anything easy?
(He shoots the hellhound and they all start running)
(Castiel is trapped in a ring of fire and holy oil).
Castiel: Lucifer.
Lucifer: So I take it you’re here with the Winchesters. (walks closer)
Castiel: I came alone.
Lucifer: Loyalty. Hmm. Such a nice quality to see this day and age. Castiel, right? (Cas nods) Castiel – I’m told you came here in an automobile.
Castiel: Yes.
Lucifer: What was that like?
Castiel: Umm. Slow. Confining.
Lucifer: What a peculiar thing you are.
Castiel: What’s wrong with your vessel?
Lucifer: Yes – um, Nick is wearing a bit thin, I’m afraid. He can’t contain me forever, so...
Castiel: You...! You are not taking Sam Winchester. I won’t let you.
Lucifer: (gently) Castiel... I don’t understand why you’re fighting me. Of all the angels.
Castiel: You really have to ask?
Lucifer: I rebelled, I was cast out. You rebelled, you were cast out. Almost all of Heaven wants to see me dead, and if they succeed, guess what? You’re their new public enemy number one. We’re on the same side, like it or not. So, why not serve your own best interests – which in this case, happen to be mine.
Castiel: (firmly) I’ll die first.
Lucifer: (Lucifer eyes him calmly) I suppose you will...
(Lucifer walks away)
Castiel: (to Lucifer) You're not taking Sam Winchester. I won't let you.
Jo: Stop. Guys, stop. Can we be realistic about this please? (Boys walk over slowly). I can’t move my legs. I can’t be moved. My guts are being held in by an ace bandage. We gotta get out priorities straight here. (boys glance at each other). Number one, I’m not going anywhere...
Ellen: Joanna Beth, you stop talking like that!
Jo: Mom. I can’t fight! I can’t walk. But I can do something. We’ve got propane, wiring, rock salt. Iron nails, everything we need.
Sam: Everything we need?
Jo: To build a bomb, Sam.
Dean: No. Jo, no!
Jo: You got another plan? You got any other plan? Those are hellhounds out there, Dean. They’ve got all of our scents. Those b*tches will never stop coming after you. (they’re all silent for a long moment). We let the dogs in. You guys hit the roof. Make a break for the building next over, and I can wait here, with my finger on the button. Rip those mutts a new one. Or at least get you a few minutes headstart, anyway.
Ellen: (her eyes fill up with tears.). No, I won’t let you!
Jo: This is why we’re here, right? If I can get us a shot on the Devil... Dean, we have to take it.
Ellen: No! That’s not...
Jo: Mom. (starts to cry too). This might literally be your last chance to treat me like an adult. You might wanna take it. (Ellen breaks down and cries for only a few moments, then pulls herself together and looks back at the boys).
Ellen: You heard her. Get to work.
(before attacking Lucifer)
Sam: Last words?
Dean: I think I'm good.
Sam: Me too.
Dean: Here goes nothing.
Sam: Hey! (Sam walks up to Lucifer, holding a shotgun) You wanted to see me?
Lucifer: Well, Sam, you don’t need that gun here. You know I’d never hurt you. Not really.
(Dean appears suddenly at Lucifer’s left, aims the Colt at his head)
Dean: Yeah? Well, I’d hurt you. So suck it!
(Dean fires. Lucifer falls to the ground. The boys exchange hopeful glances, but then Lucifer takes a breath and starts to get up)
Lucifer: Owww! Where did you get that?
(Lucifer backhands Dean in the face, sending him flying into a tree. Sam gapes in horror as the wound closes up on Lucifer’s head)
Lucifer: Now. Where were we?
Lucifer: Don’t feel too bad, Sam. There’s only five things in all of creation that that gun can’t kill, and I just happen to be one of them. But if you give me a minute? I’m almost done. (He goes back to digging. Sam crosses to unconscious Dean). You know. I don’t suppose you’d just say yes here and now... end this whole tiresome discussion. That’s crazy, right?
Sam: It’s never gonna happen.
Lucifer: Oh, I dunno, Sam. I think it will. I think it’ll happen soon. In six months. And I think it’ll happen in Detroit.
Sam: You listen to me, you son of a b*tch. I’m gonna kill you myself! You understand me? I’m going to rip your heart out!
Lucifer: (calmly) That’s good, Sam. You keep fanning that fire in your belly. All that pent-up rage? I’m gonna need it.
Castiel: (to Meg) You seem pleased.
Meg: We’re gonna win. Can you feel it? You cloud-hopping pansies lost the whole damn universe. Lucifer’s gonna take over Heaven. We’re going to Heaven, Clarence!
Castiel: (smiles slightly) Strange. Because I heard a different theory from a demon named Crowley.
Meg: (her smile vanishes) You don’t know Crowley.
Castiel: He believes that Lucifer is just using demons to achieve an end. And that once he does... he’ll destroy you all.
Meg: You’re wrong! Lucifer is the father of our race. Our creator. Your God may be a deadbeat, but mine – mine walks the Earth.
(the pipe falls, knocking Meg into the circle. Castiel puts his hand on her forehead but nothing happens. She laughs)
Meg: You can’t gank demons, can you? You’re cut off from the home office, and you ain’t got the juice. So what can you do, you impotent sap?
Castiel: I can do this!
(he throws her into the circle of fire and steps out over her)
(Sam glances at the people standing, watching, completely still).
Sam: What did you do? What did you do this town?
Lucifer: Oh I was very generous with this town. One demon for every able-bodied man.
Sam: And the rest of them?
(Lucifer chuckles and points at the hole he’s filling in).
Lucifer: In there. I know, it’s awful. But these horsemen are so demanding. So it was women and children first. (He leans on the shovel). I know what you must think of me, Sam. But I have to do this. I have to. You of all people should understand.
Sam: What’s that supposed to mean? (Lucifer puts down the shovel and walks closer).
Lucifer: I was a son. A brother. Like you. A younger brother. And I had an older brother who I loved. Idolized, in fact. And one day I went to him, and I begged him to stand with me. And Michael – Michael turned on me. Called me a freak. A monster. And then he beat me down. All because I was different. Because I had a mind of my own. Tell me something, Sam. Any of this sound familiar? (Sam doesn’t reply). Anyway. You’ll have to excuse me. Midnight is calling. And I have a ritual to finish. Don’t go anywhere. Not that you could if you would.
(Sam turns back to Dean. Lucifer raises his hands and begins ritual. He turns to the crowd of people watching).Now repeat after me. We offer up our lives, blood, souls... (Dean starts to wake up) ...to complete this tribute... (one by one, the people fall down dead. Lucifer looks over at Sam, who’s staring in horror). What? They’re just demons.
(Lucifer continues the ritual, Cas appears and takes boys away).
Lucifer: Oh, hello Death!

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