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Abandon All Hope Full Recap - Supernatural WikiPicking up from last week's episode, Sam and Dean are now in search of a demon named Crowley, who may possess the coveted Colt. Let's ignore the fact that retcons are lame and just go with this, okay? The boys are looking for the Colt and we want them to find it, given that they are fighting Lucifer and all.

We start out in some major traffic. A dude steps out of a fancy car, digs a hole and buries some money. A British man named Crowley meets him under some overpasses. The man seems disappointed, as he wanted to seal some kind of deal with the kiss of a beautiful woman.

Crowley tells the guy to get over his homophobia and just kiss him, but the man is reluctant. Crowley grabs the dude's head and kisses him anyway. Who is looking in on this whole deal? Castiel! He is on the phone, filling Dean in on everything. Dean jokingly refers to him as Huggy Bear.

The client who just kissed Crowley walks off. Apparently, he is good for 10 years. Lucky guy. Cas gets a closer look at Crowley, but he can't get TOO close. He apologizes to Dean for the restrictions. Later, we see Crowley at home, watching television. A girl is at his gate, asking for help, but two men in suits start to get aggressive with her.

Next, we see Crowley tear himself away from the TV and walk into his hallway. Sam and Dean are there. Surprisingly, Crowley is pleased that the boys finally found him, but weirded out by a rug that has magical symbols painted onto it. The boys are then taken hostage by two men, but Crowley blows those men away.

"We need to talk, privately." Crowley tells the boys that he wants them to unload the Colt into Lucifer's face. Apparently, Lucifer hates humankind and wants to kill it. After that, "we're next," says Crowley.

So, Crowley offers the Colt and Sam takes it. Sam asks where the Devil is and Crowley says he has an appointment in Missouri. (Hey, why not?) Sam takes the gun, and then tries to blow Crowley's brains out. The gun is out of ammunition. Oops! The boys make a note of that, then Crowley tells the "morons" not to miss this time.

Next thing we know, Crowley is gone. We suddenly see Castiel doing shots. Woo hoo -- go, Cas! Sam and Dean are drinking, too, and joking about Cas's ability to handle his liquor. The boys are also trying to track down Lucifer. Then, they are distracted by a beautiful waitress. Dean hits on a waitress and gives her the "last night on earth" speech. She's not in, though. Decides to spend the night with a little self-respect.

Bobby tries to make a speech and Cas is a big buzz kill by saying it's their last night on earth. A picture of the group is taken. Eerie! Next, we see the boys sitting in their Impala. They try to scope things out, then Ellen and her daughter Jo pull up. Dean tells them to check out everything while he and Dean check the PD. The ladies are cool with that and have Cas with them. Cas remarks that the town is full of Reapers, which only join in groups when there is great catastrophe. The Reapers are just standing around, wearing their suits. Cas doesn't know what to think.

He then spots a man in the window of a building and confronts him. "Hello, brother," responds this figure. Sam and Dean check in on Ellen and Jo. Meanwhile, Cas is stuck in a circle of fire. Lucfier has captured him. Cas notices that Lucifer's vessel is not holding up, but he states that Sam is not available as a replacement.

Lucifer tries to butter up Cas, but Cas says that he will die before he helps the Devil. Next, we see our boys and girls rocking through town. Suddenly, Meg appears! Dean tries to pull a gun on her, but she starts to morph everything. Hellhounds are present and, apparently, Meg says her "father" is really anxious to take care of the boys.

Next, both the Winchesters and Ellen's crew are running. However, Jo (Ellen's' daughter) is pretty messed up. Everyone looks at each other, knowing what has happened. Dean calls Bobby to tell him how things are going. Bobby thinks Luficer is about to unleash Death on the place. As in the one of the Four Horsemen. Apparently, the boys are in a town that had a huge Civil War battle.

Our boys and girls are trapped by hellhounds and decide to make a run for it, but Jo can't go anywhere. She is going to be dead soon, so she offers herself up as a human bomb. Of course, this is very sad and Ellen is about to lose it. So, a makeshift bomb is rigged up and Dean kisses Jo for the last time. It's very sad and gets even sadder when Ellen stays behind to die with her daughter!

So, the hellhounds are let in and *kaboom*. Then, the boys head to the Civil War battlefield where Lucifer is digging in the dirt and surrounded by baddies. The boys put a bullet in Lucifer's head, only to see that it can't kill him. Sam and the Devil then have a chat about vessels and such. Sam says he will never be Lucifer's vessel, but Lucifer begs to differ. He says that Sam will succumb to him in six months. In Detroit. Hmmm…

Lucifer then starts a ritual to the Pale Horseman, Death, to earth. Meanwhile, Cas takes care of Meg and throws her onto the ring of fire in which he's trapped, walking over to escape. We end the episode a bit abruptly after Death arrives and the boys are back at his place. Bobby also burns their "last night on earth" photo. It was all very sad, but we still don't know what happens next. Tune in early next year when the show comes back from hiatus!

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