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At a bar in Pendleton, Oregon....The bouncer throws someone out. He walks to his car and suddenly, someone appears behind him. The mysterious man with bad skin grabs a hex bag that's hanging around his neck and he and the bar patron disappear in a flash of light. A homeless guy nearby is the only witness.The homeless guy runs to investigate, but sees only the bar patron's clothes smoking on the ground.

Back at the bunker...
Dean is trying desperately to research the Mark of Cain, Cain's words ringing through his head. He's looking in every book, thinking over what Crowley told him, wandering around his own room as the take-out containers pile up. He searches online. (He moves his lips as he reads.) He looks wiped out.

Sam knocks on his door an comes in; tells Dean he caught a case. People are disappearing with only their clothes left behind. Dean tells Sam to go check it out while he holds down the fort.

Sam points out that Dean hasn't left the bunker in a week and he can't just live the rest of his life locked up in the room. Dean doesn't trust himself with the Mark after the way he beat Charlie in the last episode.

Sam tells Dean he should forgive himself. Charlie forgave him. Sam tells Dean he has to get back in the game for his own good. Sam believes Dean can beat the Mark. Dean finally agrees to go with Sam.

In Washington, they interview the homeless guy. There don't seem to be any demon signs (no sulphur), but the homeless guy says he smelled flowers when it happened. The homeless guy thinks the bar patron was abducted by aliens. Sam and Dean figure he's not copmletely sane.

Sam asks Dean to ask around in the bar while he goes out to JP's place (the missing bar patron). Dean hesitates and Sam notices, saying maybe they should stick together. Dean says no, he can handle questioning the locals in the bar. He gives Sam the car keys, but he looks very nervous heading into the bar.

Dean, who has been trying not to drink and stay healthy thinking that will somehow keep his dark side down, talks to himself saying he's going to "believe in himself" and orders some alcohol from the bartender. He tries to ask the bartender about the guy who disappeared. The bartender says the guy stole his tips, but that's all he'll tell Dean. He thinks JP got what he deserved.

Dean takes a long look at the shot in front of him, then downs it and breathes out slowly. It looks like he's trying to see if drinking has any effect on the Mark; he rubs his forearm.

A woman sitting a short distance away speaks up saying JP wasn't that bad. She knew him. Dean walks down to talk to her some more. She says JP was harmless. We see that the man who took JP is sitting in the bar, listening to Dean and this woman (Tina). Dean orders drinks for himself and Tina.

Tina and Dean get into an actual, real conversation about family history. Dean seems to be enjoying it. Dean is telling her about how, when he was young, and John was away, he used to make extremely strange concoctions for Sam to eat; but Sam just thought it was exotic to have weird stuff mixed together. They laugh and toast and drink. The empty glasses are starting to pile up.

Dean gets a call and Tina says she has to go. Dean seems reluctant to let the conversation end. (editor's note: I have to say, it's REALLY GOOD to see Dean with a woman around his own age instead of chasing some 24 year old!!!!!)

Tina leaves and Dean takes the call. Sam says he learned that JP was behind on his rent and was a horrible housekeeper. Dean says he has squat. Tina nods at him as she leaves the bar. Dean sees the man with the bad skin follow Tina out and he is instantly suspicious. He hangs up on Sam to go check it out.

Outside, Dean calls for Tina. He hears her scream and sees a flash of light. He walks around the corner to find only a smoking pile of her clothes. He senses someone behind him. He turns around to see the same man grab the hex bag he's wearing around his neck and Dean disappears in a flash of light.

Dean wakes up in what seems to be a basement prison. He tries the bars at the windows. He looks at his own hand then checks himself in a mirror. He finds he's been turned into a teenage version of himself.

Dean realizes that Tina is in the next cell over from him. She is also a teenage version of herself. Tina wants to know what the hell is going on. Dean tells her to try to stay calm. Dean says he's not going to let anything else happen to her. She wonders how he's able to stay so calm.

Tina realizes there's another boy in the cell with her. It's JP. Also a teenager.

There are heavy steps on the stairs and the man with the bad skin comes to unlock Tina's cell. He grabs JP and takes him away. Tina tries to stop him, but she can't.

Back in the regular world, Sam goes into the bar where Dean was. He tries to call him.


In the basement, a container slides under Dean's door. Food. It's cake.

At the bar, Sam asks the bartender where he got that jacket he has. The guy mouths off to him and Sam grabs him and slams his head against the bar, asking him for a different answer. The bartender admits he found it out by the dumpster. It's Dean's jacket.

Sam goes to check it out.

In the basement, teenage Dean is digging in to the cake, but Tina won't eat hers. She says they probably poisoned it. Dean stops eating. Tina wonders what they're doing to JP. Dean thinks it can't be good.

Dean starts to search for a way to break out. He is able to break a cast iron bar off the bed and use it to try to pry open the window bars.

Tina says she thought he was just another drunk. But now she wonders who he really is. Dean tells her that's a long-ass story.

Out behind the bar, Sam is carrying Dean's jacket that he took from the bartender. He finds the rest of Dean's clothes and his cell phone out by the dumpster. Dean's favoriite pearl-handled revolver is there too. Sam brushes what looks like pollen off the handle of the gun and realizes it smells like flowers.

Back in the basement, teenage Dean is working on the window. Tina watches from the hole in her cell wall. Teenage Dean breaks through but the guy holding them prisoner is coming back down the stairs. Tina tells Dean to go ahead and get out. She'll stall the guy so he can escape. Dean wants to get her out, but she insists he go. She screams to gettheir captor'sattention. Dean escapes through the window.

Sam is back at the motel, trying to find out more about the pollen online. It looks like it's yarrow pollen and yarrow is used in witchcraft. There's a knock on the motel room door. Sam is surprised. Sam approaches the door cautiously, gun drawn.

He opens it to find teenage Dean outside, but Sam doesn't recognize him. He wonders what this kid wants.

Teenage Dean says, "Hiya Sammy," Sam realizes it's Dean, but can't really believe it.Sam stares at teenage Dean like he has two heads. Sam asks how this happened. Teenage Dean says he has no clue...scar-face dude, bright light, then he wakes up looking like Bieber.

Sam wants to know why someone would turn Dean into a teenager. Teenage Dean says he doesn't know and doesn't care and asks if they have any grenades.
Sam is still in shock over the whole situation. Sam tells teenage Dean to just hold on a minute and talk to him. Teenage Dean is not in the mood. He's irritated and he says he has bigger problems. He has "no grass on the infield" (funny!) and a girl is going to die so he really doesn't want to waste time talking. He says Sam wanted him back in the game, now he's back in the damn game so come on.

As teenage Dean and Sam head outside, teenage Dean picks up a set of keys for a middle-aged woman whoaccidentally dropped them. She tells Sam his son is so polite.

Teenage Dean gets into the Impala to drive and says he'll fill Sam in on the way. Teenage Dean pulls the seat up so he can reach the pedals and almost smashes Sam's legs into the dash. Sam suggests that maybe he should drive.

Sam keeps stealing sideways glances at teenage Dean. He can't believe it. Sam says this is bizarre, even for them. Dean's like, what, 14? He wants to know how it feels to be 14.Teenage Dean tells Sam he's still him; "old" him, but he's a teenager and it's really weird. Teenage Dean admits that there was a Taylor Swift song playing on the bus that he rode back to the motel. And he liked it. He seems completely undone by this fact. Teenage Dean says his voice is weird, he's gotnine zits, and he has zero control over "this" (pointing to his crotch); it's up, it's down...Sam tells him that's enough detail. It's puberty. Teenage Dean informs him it sucks. Again.

Sam tells teenage Dean that he found yarrow in the alley where Dean disappeared; a flower used by witches in spells. They can kill a witch. Sam says they'll get Dean changed back, then kill the witch.

Teenage Dean hesitates. Sam wonders what's up. Teenage Dean tells Sam that this whole freakshow has an up-side. He doesn't have the Mark of Cain anymore. Sam sees the dilemma. If they reverse the spell, the Mark will come back. Teenage Dean tells Sam that maybe they shouldn't reverse it. He doesn't want to stay a teenager, but it's better than having the Mark. He's still "him"; just "dewier". Sam can hardly believe Dean is suggesting it. Sam points out that Dean can drink again in aboutseven years. Sam thinks it's funny. Dean does not.

They get back to the house that teenage Dean escaped from. Teenage Dean wants to go get Tina from the basement first.

The scar-face man is headed back down there.

Outside, teenage Dean finds that the window he escaped from is still open. He sticks his head in and quietly calls for Tina. No answer.

Dean stands up and tells Sam to come on, let's go. Sam looks at the small window and says, "Dean, I'm way too big to fit in that." Teenage Dean replies, "First time you ever had to say that, huh?" Sam gives him the annoyed look and says that's big talk from a dude wearing underoos. Teenage Dean looks like he's going to argue, but gives up; apparently unable to deny that he's wearing underoos. He tells Sam to look for another way in and he'll go in through the window.

Teenage Dean is in the basement. He scopes the place out with his flashlight in one hand and gun in the other. He sees a plate of eaten cake. He finds a skull under some cobwebs. He turns around, thinking there's someone behind him, but there's no one there when he looks. Suddenly, he's grabbed from behind by the guy with the bad skin. Then THAT guy is knocked over the head by Sam and teenage Dean gets away. They both train their guns on him and ask where Tina is.

The guy says she's upstairs, alive. Teenage Dean asks what he did to them. He says nothing. He's not a witch, he just works for one. Sam asks where this witch is. The man says it's not "he", it's "she" and he's been with her for centuries. He and his sister were captured by this witch a long time ago. She made them kill people. When they tried to escape she tortured him (thus the scars on his face) and made him eat poor Gretel's heart.

Sam and teenage Dean realize that this guy is Hansel of Hansel and Gretel. He says the fable was based in truth. He says they can't kill the witch. Sam says they can. Hansel asks if he can help them. He wants revenge for what the witch did to Gretel. First Sam wants to know how to turn Dean back to his real age.

Hansel says that the hex bag he's wearing can reverse the spell and return Dean to his proper age. Hansel says that once the witch is dead, he'll give them the cure.

Up in the kitchen, Tina is tied andgagged and the witch is cooking. She says JP didn't have much meat on his bones. (editor's note; this witch is kind of a stupid caraicature) The witch talks about how she's going to roast Tina in the oven and she throws some logs on the fire.

Hansel enters the kitchen with Sam and teenage Dean. They have a witch-kiling molatov cocktail they plan to throw at her. Sam tells the witch that maybe she shouldn't have eaten Hansel's sister. He's on their side now.

The witch says she never made Hansel do anything. Hansel strikes Sam and he hits the ground. Teenage Dean tries to light the bomb, but the witch utters a spell and it flies out of his hand and smashes against the wall. Hansel has the gun on Sam and teenage Dean (both on their knees).

The witch gets in teenage Sam and Dean's faces. It seems she likes to turn people into children because people used to never notice when a child went missing. Now, they notice, so she can't steal children anymore. She has to "improvise" by stealing adults andturningthem into children. Teenage Dean tries to keep the witch talking while Sam reaches for something in his pocket.

The witch goes on about how she likes the buttery taste of American children.

While she's cooking, the witch mentions that she's in the United States beacuse there's a witch causing trouble and the Grand Coven asked her to take care of her. Rowena. Teenage Dean asks if Rowena has red hair and likes ritzy hotels. Meanwhile, Sam was able to get his switchblade out of his pocket.

The witch wants to know how teenage Dean knows about Rowena.

Sam makes his move, jumping up and slashing Hansel across the face with his switchblade.The witch goes to stab Sam, but Sam blocks the attack. She throws Sam against the wall.Hansel grabs teenage Dean and starts banging his head into the floor repeatedly. The witch, sure she is getting the upper hand, opens the furnace door to feed the fire. She announces that now they are going to burn.

Hansel tells teenage Dean to "stay down boy". Teenage Dean sees the kitchen knife on the floor. Hansel laughs. The witch instructs, "Burn him," and Hansel reaches for the hex bag around his neck, only to find it missing. Teenage Dean got it off of him while he was being beaten. He holds it up triumphantly.

Teenage Dean grabs hold ofthe bag and there's a blinding light.

Dean is back to his normal age. He picks up the kitchen knife and stabs Hansel. He goes for the witch next; shoving the hex bag into her mouth (just as she threatened to shove an apple into Tina's mouth before she cooked her) and Dean forces the witch into the furnace, closing and locking the door as she burns alive.

Later...Outside the witch's house, Tina is still a teenager. She tells Sam and Dean that was completely crazy, what just happened. She can't believe they do this all the time. Dean is his normal age, but still wearing his teen clothing. It looks pretty funny on him. Tina asks if they can turn her back. Dean says the hex bag burned in the flames. He's sorry.

Sam says the may be able to reverse it using a spell. Tina thinks for a minute. She catches her own teenage reflection in the window. Tina says she has three ex-husbands and $50,000 of debt. She was never a great adult. She thinks maybe she'll do better this time around. It's her second chance for a fresh start. She says, "Everyone wants a second chance, right?"Dean looks extremely wistful and a bit sad.

Dean asks if she'll be alright. She replies that she always is. Sam asks if they can at least give her a ride somewhere. She accepts and lets them drive her to the bus station. Dean insists on driving.

At the bus station...Sam gives her some money for her trip; all the cash they have. She thanks them for everything and gives Dean a kiss on the cheek goodbye.

Dean asks Sam what he thinks the "Grand Coven" is. Sam doesn't know but thinks it doesn't sound good. Dean tries to make a joke about how "Grand Coven" sounds like the name of an 80's hair band. Sam isn't laughing though.
Sam asks if the Mark is back. Dean shows him. Yes. It is.

Dean says he knows what Sam is going to say, but Sam was in deep back there. Sam interrupts him saying he knows Dean saved him. Sam says he pulled a "Dean Winchester" (thinking of others before himself).

SAM THANKS HIM! Dean responds, "Anytime."

Sam says he wished the Mark were gone, but he really wanted Dean back. And now he's back and he didn't "hulk out" so Sam will take that as a win. Sam says they'll figure it out. They always do. Dean replies, "Damn right."

They get into the Impala and Dean is glad to be back, tellingthe car, "I'm back, baby." He turns on the radio. Taylor Swift blares ("Shake it Off"). Sam looks physically ill and looks at Dean incredulously. Dean smiles a small smile, leaves Taylor Swift on the radio, and screeches the tires out of the bus station parking lot.

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