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Cas is in front of the cottage where Kelly Klein is staying.She's inside praying to God..for help in assembling something from Ikea. She hangs up on the tech help.

Cas says he'll help her put the crib together; she needs to rest.She doesn't want to rest because she doesn't know how long she has left.She knows she'll die when her child is born and she's thinking about all the firsts she'll miss.She at least wants to build him a crib.

Cas tries to be sympathetic, but admits he has no idea how hard this is.He says he's prepared to give his life for her son and he's prepared to raise him.Kelly says she knows.

Back in the bunker:
Dean can't believe they killed off the BMOL and now they have to deal with Lucifer.Sam
says he's even in his old vessel.He thinks that Crowley did something to keep him in his old "Nick" suit.

They sit and talk with Mary about what to do about Lucifer.

Though it appeared that Lucifer killed Crowley, Dean doesn't believe it.Rightly so.In a second, Crowley is sitting at the bunker table with them.In a flashback we see Crowley escape into the body of a rat just before Lucifer would have killed him.Somewhere out in the woods, Crowley reappears from under the ground (in his same body that I guess Lucifer buried out there).

Sam and Dean wonder if Rowena can help them with Lucifer; using the Book of the Damned to lock him back in the cage.Her phone is answered by Lucifer, standing next a burned body, holding a lock of red hair.

He answers the phone "Hey, Sammy."

He says Rowena was stomped to death, by him, then burned. It looks like he's standing in a high-end hotel room.

Lucifer asks if Sam knows where Cas (and, by default, Kelly Kline and his unborn child) is.Sam tells him to go hell.Lucifer says they can't kill him and can't put him back in the cage without Rowena.He hangs up and lays the phone on the burned body at his feet.

Back at the cabin on the lake, Cas is driving Kelly back from a run to town.They went to buy many many cases of diapers.Cas says he's read over 70 books on child rearing and everybody poops.He wants to be ready.

Kelly feels some kind of pain in her abdomen and grabs the back of the truck to hold herself up.She says she's fine and Cas helps her inside...but the spot she touched on the truck glows and a streak of light forms and floats off into yard next to the house.

Back at the bunker, Dean knows Lucifer is right; they can't kill him.Sam thinks they need to find Cas and Kelly and keep them on the run...if Lucifer can't find them (and his child), then they can't hurt them.

Mary doesn't think Cas will go along with that idea.

Dean says they won't give him a choice.

Mary grabs her gun and gets ready to go.Mary wants to know how they'll find them.Sam says that the baby is due soon and, according to the lore, whenever a nephilim is about to be born, there are signs. Biblical-like plagues.It's so much power; things get weird.

At the cabin, Kelly is painting a mural in what will be the baby's room.Cas walks outside to find the strange streak of burning light hovering in the back yard.

He touches it.Suddenly, he's in a very surreal place.Dark with lightening everywhere.A demon-like figure approaches him and knocks him down.He's about to attack again when it's shot from behind. Someone with a smoking gun walks up to Cas.Cas looks up at him from the ground and says, "You?"

In the cabin, Kelly is recording a video message to her baby.She talks him he'll be amazing.He has an angel watching over him.She calls him Jack.Says she loves him.She cries and she continues.She blows him a kiss and ends the video.She takes out the flash drive and feels a stab of pain as she stands up.Outside, the streak of light hovering in the back yard dances.

At the bunker...Dean is looking for signs.A two-headed calf...not weird enough.Sam says it's going to be big and bad.

Out of nowhere, Crowley appears at the their table."Hello, boys."

Dean jumps up and hits him.He puts a knife at his throat.Dean demands to know if Crowley let Lucifer out.Crowley tries to say he didn't "let" him.He asks "Moose" for a little help with his brother.Sam tells Dean to wait.Mary and Dean say, in unison, "Seriously??"

Sam just doesn't want Dean to kill Crowley.He worked the cage spell with Rowena; maybe he can help.If not, Sam agrees they'll kill him.

Dean lets go of Crowley and he gets up.He says that for the cage spell, they'll need his mother.Dean informs him that Rowena is dead.Sam confirms it.Crowley thinks a minute and then says he always thought he'd be the one to kill her.

Sam asks what Crowley wanted with Lucifer.He says he wanted to win...he perverted Rowena's spell to put Lucifer in a vessel of HIS making because he wanted to win.So many people have made a play for his throne over the years.He thought that if he could leash the devil; it would be like his own personal nuke and no one would ever challenge him again.

Crowley says he escaped death by hiding in a rat.Gave him time to think.He'd been spending so much time thinking about how to keep his job, but he came to realize he hates his job.The demons, the paperwork.He doesn't want it anymore.Sam asks why he's there in the bunker. Crowley says that when the world is in crisis, he knows where to place his bets.Always with Sam and Dean.Two big, beautiful, lumbering piles of flannel.Sam looks down at his own flannel shirt self-consciously.

Crowley says he'll make it worth their while.After they put Lucifer back in his cage together, Crowley will seal the gates of hell to keep all demons in except him.

Sam and Dean don't want to be back in business with Crowley...but they have little choice.

Back at the cabin, Kelly is looking for Cas.She's having pains.Suddenly, Cas puts a hand on her shoulder. He doesn't tell her where he was.He asks if everything is okay, but she says "no", she thinks it's time for the baby.

In the bunker, they're all on the computer looking for signs. Anything to tell them where Cas and Kelly might be.

Sam thinks he has something.Massive power outage in the Pacific Northwest.The power company tracked the outage to a house currently being rented by "James Novak".Jimmy Novak.Cas.

Dean says, "Let's roll."Crowley rolls his eyes and says it's about time, but Dean pins his hand to the table with the demon knife.He's not going to trust him.He's staying behind.

At the cabin:
Cas sits with Kelly. He tells her that the contractions are still far apart.Cas has taken an online dula class.He doesn't know how long her contractions will last, considering it's Lucifer's child.Cas walks to the window and checks the glowing streak in the back yard.

Kelly thanks Cas for everything.

Soon her contractions are strong.She wants Cas to tell her what he saw. He says he saw the future when he and Kelly joined hands.He saw a world without pain or war or hunger.He saw the world that this child will create.She says it's a world without fear or suffering or hate.He says he saw paradise.The lights in the house flicker. They hear a car approach.Cas goes to check it out, blade drawn.

Sam and Dean and Mary enter.Sam asks if the place is warded heavily enough to stop Lucifer.Cas is angry that Lucifer is even a possibility right now.Mary says he could be right behind them.Dean says he's there to save them.It was stupid for Cas and Kelly to take off, but they cannot let Lucifer get his hands on Kelly and the baby.Dean says they'll work through their crap, they always do, but right now they have to get him and Kelly and the baby out of there.

Cas says Kelly's already having contractions and can't be moved.Mary goes to check on her.

No one knows how much time they have.Dean asks Cas if he could kill Lucifer with fire, the way he did Daigon.Cas says that wasn't him, that was the child.

Dean stops to flex his sore knee.Cas rolls his eyes and says, "Here Dean, let me," and heals him.Dean thanks him.

Sam heads outside to check the warding, only to see the floating streak of fire in the back yard.He asks Cas what it is, voice fearful.

Cas says it's a tear in space and time.Dean wants to know what that means.Cas says it's a doorway to another world.

Cas explains it's a portal to an alternate version of earth.There are some funny references to the "French Mistake" episode here...Dean figures it must be alternate reality like when they were zapped to a place where the Supernatural wasn't real and they were actors in a TV show and "you (Sam) were Polish".

Sam wants to know how it got there.Cas replies that the power of the child about to be born is puncturing the fabric of our universe.Sam asks what's on the other side.Cas says he doesn't want to know.Dean agrees, but says they need to know.

The three of them go through the portal.

They find themselves in a very bleak place.Cas tells them it's earth.But it's locked in an eternal war between heaven and hell with armies of angels fighting hoards of demons.The few humans that remain are caught between.Sam wants to know how Cas knows that.Cas says a friend told him.

Dean's surprised Cas is making friends in this world.Dean wants to know, on a scale of 1 - 10, how bad is this.Sam thinks it's an 11.Dean agrees.Cas says Sam doesn't have to worry.The child opened this door and he will close it.Cas has faith.Dean is not impressed.He says Cas is a dumbass to believe in the good power of Lucifer's unborn child.

From out of the dust, a figure wrapped in scarves approaches them with a gun pointed at them.Sam and Dean draw on the figure, but Cas stops them from shooting.The man takes the scarf off his head.It's Bobby.

Sam can't believe it. Neither can Dean.

Bobby doesn't know who they are.Cas explains that it's not really "their" Bobby.Bobby says the only Winchester he ever heard of was John.Sam thinks they have it worked out; he tells Bobby that was their father.Bobby says John has been dead over 40 years.He only knows about him because of Mary Campbell.Telling stories about the man she loved.Bobby says Azaezel killed Mary about 10 years ago.

Sam asks Cas what's going on.Cas says this is a world where Sam and Dean were never born; a world they never saved.

Back at the cabin, Mary is holding Kelly's hand.It's almost time.Mary knows Kelly is dying.So does Kelly.Kelly says it's okay though because she's willing to die for her son.Wouldn't Mary do the same? Mary says, "yes".

In the alternate universe, Bobby explains that when this rift opened up, all kinds of alarms started going off back at his place.He got here just in time to see Cas get ambushed by a demon.Bobby thinks Sam and Dean's world sounds like paradise.Dean says it's pretty good compared to where they are right now. Bobby says this alternate universe isn't so bad; if you like killing angels, which is his hobby.

Bobby figures it's only a matter of time before the "dicks upstairs" (angels) find out about the rift, and when they show up, Bobby and his gun "Rufus" (Sam smiles at that) will be ready with bullets made from melted-down angel blades.Dean comments how awesome it would be to have angel-killing bullets and Cas shoots him a look.

Sam, Dean, and Cas emerge from the rift, back at the cabin.Dean doesn't know what to do with this. Then Crowley shows up.Sam wants to know how he escaped having his hand pinned by the demon blade. He holds up his bandaged hand and says he improvised, and they're lucky he did because he's the answer to all their problems.

Cas enters the room where Mary is holding Kelly's hands.She says she'll be back and leaves the two of them alone.Kelly asks what's wrong.

Downstairs, Dean is loading their weapons.Dean only has faith in those he knows.Sam, Mary, Cas...he knows Cas believes in this unborn child and Dean hopes he's right, but he only believes in those he trusts. He admits he sometimes even believes in Crowley.Dean says whatever their plan is will work.It has to.

Cas is upstairs telling Kelly not to worry.She'll be fine.He kisses her on the head.Tells her to think about the paradise he is sure her son will bring.

Outside, Lucifer is there.Sam looks terrified in front of him but is working hard to bestrong.He tells Lucifer that whatever he's planning on doing, Chuck...God...will stop him.Lucifer feigns fear.He says Chuck is gone.He is sure he could do better with the world than God has.Time to stop fooling around.

Cas takes a run at Lucifer, hoping to kill him as he did Daigon, but Lucifer easily throws him aside with a flick of his hand.Dean and Sam run.Lucifer strolls after them.Says he can't waste time enjoying tearing them apart since the baby is about to arrive.

He walks around the corner of the house and sees Sam and Dean standing next to the glowing portal. Dean touches it and he and Sam disappear.Lucifer is interested so he follows.

He looks around the bleak alternate universe.

Sam, behind him, says if he wanted the apocalypse, here it is.Lucifer asks Sam where Dean is; Lucifer turns and Dean's in front of him holding Bobby's gun.Lucifer comments that it's a cute toy.Dean says he got it off a "new old friend" and they have bet about whether or not the bullets will kill Lucifer.See if it works against a dark angel.

Dean riddles Lucifer with bullets and Sam dives to the side of Crowley who is working a spell.

The bullets don't kill Lucifer, but just hold him place...until Dean runs out.

Crowley tells Sam they need to seal the rift AND lock Lucifer in the alternate universe in the process. That's what this ritual will do.

Sam sees that Dean is out of ammo.Lucifer takes his gun away and starts beating him.

Sam helps Crowley add some ingredients.It should be everything.But Crowley says it's not everything. Crowley says they need a life in order to seal the rift and complete the spell.Lucifer is enjoying beating Dean to within an inch of his life.Suddenly he's thrown backwards by Crowley.

Sam rushes in to grab Dean as Lucifer's interest is taken up with Crowley.Lucifer says he'll kill him again. Crowley says it's personal now.He hates him.He humiliated him.Crowley drops an angel blade from his sleeve. Lucifer says that no matter what he tries, he knows he's going to lose.

Crowley says he's right.(They cut Crowley's perfect line here, "But even when I lose, I win." ) He turns and says, "Bye, boys" and stabs himself in the stomach with the angel blade.He dies and the ingredients in the bowl flare up.Just then, Cas emerges into the alternate universe through the rift...he goes after Lucifer.Dean tries to stop him, but Sam drags his brother back...into the real world and back through the rift. Leaving Cas behind.

In the cabin, Kelly is about to give birth.She says "I love you"...Mary is thrown to the ground.

In the AU, Cas goes to stab Lucifer; it looks like he may have succeeded.

Cas re-emerges through the rift into the yard behind the cabin.It looks like he's alone, and Sam smiles a genuine smile when he sees him, but a second later, Lucifer re-emerges behind him and Cas is stabbed through the heart from behind with an angel blade. Light streams from his eyes. Cas collapses on the ground. Dead.

Dean shouts "no" as Cas falls to the ground.They are left facing Lucifer.Lucifer says that was fun, but playtime's over.

Dean's face hardens.

Mary walks up between Sam and Dean, telling Lucifer, "Get away from them!"

Lucifer has never met Mary before.She's wearing her warded brass knuckles.She punches Lucifer in the face.Then again then again.Lucifer drops the bloody and smoking angel blade he just used to kill Cas.

She keeps punching until Lucifer falls backwards through the rift, pulling Mary with him.

Lucifer and Mary land in the desolate alternate universe and the rift closes behind them.Lucifer is irate. His eyes glow and he trains them on Mary.

Back at the cabin, Dean keeps saying "no"...then the lights inside the cabin glow brightly.Sam runs in to check on Kelly.Dean falls to his knees next to Cas' body.

Inside, Kelly is dead.Sam closes her eyes. He hears a noise and turns, not knowing what he'll find.He sees slightly glowing, wet footprints and follows them into thenursery.Something is huddled in the corner with glowing yellow eyes (in the nursery....yellow eyes) looks like "Jack" was born around the age of 16.

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