All Hell Breaks Loose Part II Trivia

During the opening scene, if you look closely, Sam appears to be breathing, even though he issupposedly "dead".
It is odd that the pentagram in the Devil's Gate is turned upright (direction for protection) when the Gate is opened, but when it is closed, the pentagram is upside down (meaning the exact opposite of an upright pentagram).
Why didn't the Yellow-Eyed Demon just ask Jake to simply destroy a small portion of the railroad lines? It would have broken the pentagram, and permitted him to cross it himself--and allowed him to not have to entrust the colt to Jake.
When the Yellow-Eyed Demon is talking to Dean you can notice some big light rings, it is like projectors that were used to illuminate the scene.
It is the second time the song Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas is used in the show. It was first used in "Salvation" (season 1 episode 21) over the opening sequence showing what previously happened during the first season. The song is used again in the opening sequence of this episode showing what previously happened during the first two seasons.
Dean said "We've got work to do" as he closed the trunk of the Impala. Sam said the same thing as he shut the Impala's trunk at the end of the pilot episode. Not to mention that, in the pilot episode, Sam was standing on the left and Dean was standing on the right (and Sam was the one who dropped the gun into the trunk and closed it); in the season finale of this season, the brothers were standing on opposite sides and Dean was the one who dropped the gun into the trunk and closed it.

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