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Aw...Carry on My Wayward the season-ending recap.

We pick up right where the last episode left off. Chuck is lying on the floor as is Cas. Sam and Dean get to their feet.

Dean wakes up Cas and it's actually Cas, not Lucifer. He tells Dean that Amara ripped Lucifer from his body and sent him who knows where.

Sam tries to revive Chuck. Chuck says he feels like a bug on the windshield and that he's dying from whatever Amara did tohim. His light is fading. Dean wants to know how to fix him. Chuck says he can't; only Amara could fix him, maybe, but that's never going to happen.

Rowena appears. Crowley also shows up remarking that that was a complete and utter dog's breakfast (their attempt to take out Amara). Chuck is clinging to Sam.

Rowena asks if anyone has bothered to look outside. They head outside. It looks like...sunset?Dean asks what it is. Cas says it's the sun dying. Amara wants to kill the sun so that the earth just wastes away.

Dean wants to get out of there and suddenly, they're all transported to the bunker. Chuck says he's not dead yet. He still has a little bit of power and a few tricks up his sleeve. Then he

Dean heads to the bunker's kitchen for a beer. Sam follows, wondering what he's doing. Dean explains that their attack on Amara didn't work, so if they're going out, he's going to drink on the way. There's no way they can fix the sun. There's nothing left to fight.

Elsewhere, in England...
A car pulls up in front of a Tudor-style mansion. A well-dressed woman gets out of the car and looks up at the faint sun.

Inside her house, the housekeeper greets her. The woman's name is "Toni". She inquires about her son who is taking a nap. She turns on the TV as she pours herself some tea. The news is droning on the TV about the decrease in the output of the energy of the sun.

Her phone rings. She pushes on an Aquarian Star carved into some paneling, revealing a secret passageway. She heads down into a secret room as she continues to talk to "sir" on the phone. The wall of the room is covered with clippings and photos of Sam and Dean. She speaks into the phone saying she's "on the way".

Back in the bunker....
Dean comments that they're out of beer so he's going to make a beer run. No reason to die sober. Sam is incredulous that this is Dean's biggest worry. Dean grabs Cas to go with him.

In the main room, Chuck and Crowley are talking. Chuck tells him that Rowena is using him. Crowley says he knows. It's what she does. Chuck thinks Rowena has been nice to him. Crowley responds "for now". Chuck tells him that "now" is all they've got. Crowley comments that he's still not calling Chuck "dad".

In England...
Toni kisses her sleeping son goodbye. She claims she'll be home as soon as she can. The housekeeper asks how bad it is. Toni says it's "all the way".

Back in the bunker...
Rowena and Chuck are talking. About "kids"; Crowley and Adam and Eve. Crowley says he's glad the world is ending. Sam storms in. Angry that no one is doing anything. They're drinking tea and liquor and not raising a finger. Chuck says that even if they could do something, it wouldn't work. Getting Amara won't work. Chuck is dying. The balance of light and dark is over without him. Sam says that if they can't put her in a cage, they'll have to kill her.

Out on the road...
Cas and Dean are in the Impala. Dean wants to know how Cas is doing. Cas says he was so stupid to let Lucifer in. Dean gives him credit for trying to do the right thing. He tells him that he and Sam have so much going on that they forget about everyone else sometimes. He tells Cas that he appreciates that Cas has always been there for them. He's the best friend they've ever had.

Dean tells Cas he's their brother. He wants him to know.

Dean's phone rings.

Dean and Cas head back to the bunker. Dean tells Cas that Sam "has something".

Back in the bunker...
Sam figures that if you take both light and darkness away, then the universe stays balanced. Dean points out that nothing has killed Amara yet. Sam asks Chuck if she can be destroyed. Chuck stammers a little... He says that light is the Darkness' weakness. Chuck never wanted to kill her; just trap her. Chuck says that maybe 10,000 suns could kill her; so much light it would do her in. Chuck is too weak to get that kind of firepower together. Crowley and Rowena both say they can't get that much power either. Cas points out that souls are a powerful light source. Each soul might have the power of 100 suns. Rowena thinks that if they could amass enough souls, she could turn them into a bomb.

Dean thinks you could harvest enough souls from ghosts that you might be able to get enough that way. He figures they should go back to the very haunted Waverly Hills sanitarium.

Elsewhere, in what looks like a botanical garden...
Amara looks up at the dying sun. The plants in the garden are dying too. She seems surprised and slightly sad that her dark touch causes this kind of destruction.

Outside of Waverly Hills...
Rowena's given Sam and Dean a crystal in which they can trap the souls of all the ghosts.

Sam and Dean enter the old hospital.

What follows in a good old-fashioned action ghost hunting sequence as they try to bait the ghosts into showing up. It doesn't take long before they are attacked repeatedly. They fire salt rounds, trying to corral the ghosts. At one point, Dean loses the crystal when struck by a ghost, but he retrieves it, just as Sam is being choked by another entity. Dean says a few words and the souls of the ghosts are trapped in the crystal.

As they leave the haunted hospital, Billie, the reaper, looks after them.

Back at the bunker...
Cas reports that the angels won't help with their soul collection project. They know God is dying and they don't think Sam and Dean can win. They plan to seal heaven and die with dignity.

Crowley claims he doesn't have enough souls in hell anymore. His "stash" was "raided by demons" while he was busy. (I have to say; this is really some sub-standard writing here!)They don't have enough with just the ghost souls the captured at Waverly.

The bunker lights flicker and Billie comes walking down the stairs.She wants to know what they are up to. Sam tells her they're collecting souls to build a bomb to kill the Darkness. Billie
says she's about an hour away from reaping God. She tells them if they want souls, they should call a reaper.

Back in the garden...
An older woman sits down next to Amara commenting that Amara's dress is a bit fancy for the park. She asks if Amara wants to feed the birds. Amara declines. The woman says she's been feeding the birds for years and starts to tell Amara about her life. Her son's trying to send her to a retirement home...but even when you hate your family, you still love them.
Amara looks like this is making an impact on her.

Back in the bunker...
Billie holds the crystal as souls fly to it from everywhere. She's been able to summon a couple hundred thousand by raiding the veil. Rowena looks a bit entranced by all of the power in the crystal. Billie asks if that's good enough. Rowena thinks it is. She takes the crystal and Billie takes her leave.

Chuck says he can track Amara. She's not warded anymore. She won.

Cas says they need someone who can get close to her. Someone with a personal connection. Everyone looks at Dean.

Rowena informs him that he won't cary the bomb. He'll BE the bomb. She'll put the power inside his body. He has to get close to Amara and then just press his fingers together and..."boom".

Dean looks shaken but says, "Okay".

Rowena starts to recite a spell and the light/energy flows from the crystal into Dean. It looks painful. He says it feels like his insides got flame-broiled. He asks if it's normal. Rowena tells him he's way past normal. He only has about an hour before he's a walking, ticking time bomb.

Toni gets off a private plane. She tells her driver to head for Lebanon, Kansas.

Sam and Dean are in a graveyard. Sam tells Dean he doesn't have to do this. He says yes he does. He just has to get close.

They're standing in front of Mary's grave. Sam states the obvious. That if it works and the bomb goes off....Dean walks away from Sam and towards the rest of the group. Sam kisses his hand and touches Mary's headstone before following Dean.

Dean asks Chuck if he's okay with this plan. He says "no", that even after everything, Amara is still his sister and he doesn't want to see her destroyed. But he understands.

Cas hugs Dean. Dean appears as if he's trying to be strong for Cas who appears close to tears. Cas tells Dean he could go with him. Dean says no, he has to do this alone. Dean tells Cas that if this works, when this works, Sam will be a mess and he wants Cas to look out for him. Cas says, "of course". Dean thanks Cas for everything.

Dean says he wants a huge party for his funeral. And he wants his ashes in this graveyard, with his mom. He takes the Impala keys and hands them to Sam. Sam has tears in his eyes and shakes his head, not looking at Dean. Dean tells Sam "no chick flick moments". He pulls him into a tight hug, but it doesn't last long. Dean says, "Okay, let's do this."

Chuck snaps his fingers and Dean is gone.

Dean appears in the botanical garden with the dying sun overhead.

Sam and the rest (Chuck, Rowena, and Crowley) pull up to a bar. Crowley opens the doors.

In the garden...
Dean turns to see Amara. She asks how he found her. He asks if it matters. He's there to give her what she wants. Him.

Dean says he can't stand by and watch everything and everyone die. So he's going to become a part of her to save himselffrom the pain. Amara points out that she knows he has a bomb in his chest. She says he's never been able to hurt her. Why can he do it now? Dean says now he has no choice...with what she's doing to the sun - Amara says that's not her. That's Chuck getting weaker. The scales are tipping away from light into nothing. When God's gone, the universe and everything, including her, will cease to exist.

Back at the bar...
They have the TV news on. Cas points out that Chuck is looking horrible.

Back in the garden...
Amara thinks Chuck sent Dean to destroy her. After locking her away for so long... now he wants to do her in. Dean tells her that Chuck doesn't want that at all; that's not his idea. He doesn't want her dead. She's his family.

Back in the bar...
Everyone is just sitting around doing nothing. Waiting. Sam asks Chuck how he's feeling...

In the garden...
Amara says she just wanted Chuck to pay. She wanted to hurt him. Dean recognizes that as revenge. He tells her it feels great for about five minutes. He and Sam have had their fair share of fights but they always come back together because when everything goes to crap, family is all you have. He and Sam need each other. Dean figures Amara is human where it counts and she still wants and needs her brother. She doesn't really want to be alone. Maybe that's why she wanted Dean so much.

But what she really wanted was Chuck. Dean tells her maybe there's a different way other than destruction.

Dean asks her to put aside the rage and hate and tell him what she wants.

Back a the bar...
Sam is asking Chuck to hold on just a little longer. He's trying. Sam turns to get Chuck some water and when he turns back, Chuck is gone.

Chuck appears in the garden with Dean and Amara. He's surprised to be there. Amara looks like she wants to say something. Dean nods in encouragement as she looks to him for reassurance.

Amara tells Chuck that, in the beginning, it was just the two of them. They were a family. She loved him and she thought, she knew, that he loved her. Chuck says he did. He does. She says she hated the other things he made. She hated him for needing those other things. Things that weren't her. Then Chuck locked her away and all she could think about was making him suffer for doing that. She thought revenge would make her happy, but she was wrong. Amara and Chuck both have tears in their eyes.

Amara looks at Dean and tells Chuck that what he made is beautiful. It took her a long time to see that. She knows they can't go back to the way things were. She doesn't want to anyway. But she wishes they could just be a family again.

Chuck says he does too and holds out his hand. As he does, the sun gets brighter.

Back at the bar, they notice the sun getting brighter outside. Sam takes a deep breath. Crowley says, "He did it."

Cas asks, "And Dean?"

Sam looks like he's trying to hold back tears.

Back in the garden...
Amara holds up her hand and heals Chuck. They both look at Dean.

Chuck says he thinks they're going to go away for awhile, he and Amara. Dean says he understands. But first, Chuck says, he has to defuse the bomb inside Dean. He holds up his hand and takes the power from him. Dean asks Chuck "What about us? What about earth?"

Chuck tells him that earth will be fine. The earth has him and Sam.

Chuck walks back to Amara and takes her hand. Amara says Dean gave her what she needed most. She wants to do the same for him. Chuck and Amara both disappear in a swirl of light and dark smoke.

The sun sets.

Back in the bunker...
Sam and Cas are just getting back home. Cas is telling Sam he's there if Sam needs to talk. Someone is already in the room (a stranger), blood dripping from their hand. We hear Toni's voice say "Hello hello" as she presses her hand against a bloody sigil and blasts Cas into who knows where. Cas is gone. Sam calls for him, then goes for his gun.

Toni tells him not to. She introduces herself as Toni Bevell, Men of Letters, London Chapterhouse. When Sam looks confused, she says he wouldn't have heard of them. They're very traditional. She says they sent her to "take him in". They've been watching him. All the damage he and Dean have done and the old men have decided that enough is enough.
Sam is just a hunter playing with things he doesn't understand and doing more harm than good. She asks where Dean is. Sam tells her he's dead. Sam starts to walk towards her, telling her to put her gun down. He says he knows she won't pull the trigger. She tells him to stop.

She fires.

Dean is in the woods. He wonders where his is. he can't get any cell reception. He hears someone saying "help me". He walks into a clearing and sees his mom. Mary Winchester. Standing in her nightgown.

"Mom?" he asks.

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