Andy Gallagher

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Full name: Andrew Gallagher

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Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
30 June 1983
17 May 2007
Species: Human
special child (chosen by Azazel)
Abilities: Mind-control, telepathy
Motivation: Survival
First Appearance: Simon Said
Season: 2
Fate: killed by Ava Wilson in All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1
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Unknown to Andrew "Andy" Gallagher, he was given up for adoption as a baby, and thus denied the knowledge of the existence of his twin brother, Ansem Weems. As with Sam and Dean, his adoptive mother died in a housefire when he was a baby. Later in life, he developed the ability of mind control, using it to attain anything that he desires. However, he still follows some morals, such as not using his ability to influence Tracy, the woman that he likes.

In "Simon Said", Sam and Dean learn of Andy after Sam receives a vision of a doctor receiving a phone call and then killing a man and then himself. They have Ash cross-reference the town with house fires in 1983, leading them to Andy. As Sam tries to stop his vision from coming true, Dean confronts Andy, who uses his ability to take the Impala. Sam and Dean later track him down, but Andy forces Dean to tell him everything. As Sam then tells him that he believes they are connected, he has another vision, this time of a woman getting a phone call and then killing herself by covering her body in gasoline and lighting herself on fire. When it turns out that the vision occurred in real time and was not of the future, the brothers realize that Andy is innocent.

They investigate the deaths, and learn that the woman is Andy's biological mother and that the doctor was her doctor. As well, they discover the existence of Ansem Weems, who has been working at the diner that Andy and Tracy work at and has been going by the name Webber. Sam then has a vision of Tracy jumping off of a dam. They manage to stop Ansem from forcing her to kill herself, and tape Ansem's mouth shut. However, Anson's abilities have developed more than Andy's, and he can control Tracy non-verbally. He then reveals that he committed the murders to get revenge for them splitting him and Andy apart, and that he is going to kill Tracy so that she cannnot get between them. Dean, who had been watching from a distance with a rifle, prepares to shoot Ansem, but Ansem discovers him and orders him to kill himself. However, Andy shoots and kills Ansem first. Andy later returns in "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1", having been summoned to Cold Oak by Azazel. By this point, his powers have grown so that he is able to project images into people's heads, and he manages to help Dean find their location. However, when Sam later has him and Ava seal themselves up in a house in the town, Ava breaks a salt line in front of the window. She then summons a demon into the room and has it kill him.

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Name: Ansem Weems
Status: Deceased
Relationship: Twin Brother
Name: Holly Beckett
Status: Deceased
Relationship: Mother

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