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Inside Jimmy Novak's home...
Jimmy's wife Amelia comes running down the stairs. She can't believe it's him coming through the door. Jimmy says that Cas is gone, it's really him. Amelia hugs him and pulls back to see blood dripping on her forearm. Jimmy asks about their daughter Claire. He does not seem to see the blood.-

Amelia starts to panic, saying, "Not again, No!" and she suddenly wakes up. She's in a dark room, tied to a bed and someone is over her cutting her arm. A blue light drifts up from the incision. She falls back asleep and has the same dream again with Jimmy coming home and looking for her. -

Elsewhere...Tulsa, Oklahoma, at a biker bar. Claire Novak is talking to the bartender. She gives her a $50 and says she's look for a guy named Ronnie Cartwright, a bar regular. The bartender takes the money and points out a sad sack of a man drinking alone in a booth. She says she needs his help. She's trying to track someone down and she slides him a photo of her mother Amelia.-

He pushes the photo away, telling Claire he's never seen her. Claire says, according to Amelia's diary, she was supposed to meet up with this Ronnie guy who was going to take her to a miracle-worker.-

Ronnie tells Claire to piss off.-

Ronnie leaves, but Claire follows him to the alley. She is persistent. Ronnie insists that he doesn't know Amelia Novak. Claire points out that she never told him her mom's last name.
He tries to leave and he pushes her away. Claire falls and hits her head, knocking her out.
Ronnie feels for a pulse, then calls 911 saying he found a girl passed out in the alley. He hangs up on the operator after giving a few details and runs off.

Outside a hospital, Cas is pacing back and forth when Sam and Dean drive up in the Impala. He called for them. Dean points out that he and Claire aren't on great terms; maybe he shouldn't be there. Cas says he needs both of them; as former troubled teens themselves, they speak her language. Cas is so earnest and Sam chuckles a bit, then asks how she is. Cas says he hasn't gone in yet, he was waiting for them first.-

Claire is not thrilled to see any of them, especially Dean. Cas says the police found his (Cas') number in her emergency call list and notified him. Claire says it was a mistake to have his number anywhere on her.-

They start to question her, but she is evasive. Sam says the only way to get them to leave is to tell them thetruth. She tells them she wants to find her mom in order to tell her she ruined her life. She's mad at her parents and her mom is the only one left she can take it out on.

Sam asks where her mom last lived. Claire has a two-year-old postcard; that's the last she heard from her. She tells them about Ronnie; that Amelia was looking for a miracle. She was looking for Cas.-

Out in the hallway, Sam, Dean, and Cas talk. Cas feels very guilty. He wants to try to find Amelia. They go back into the roomto tell Claire they are going to try to find Ronnie, but her hospital room is empty. She's gone. Dean hopes her concussion will slow her down.

On the drive to the bar, Dean talks to Cas; telling him that of course the fact that he wants to help Claire is good, but he's not her dad and really isn't anything to her. How far is he going to take this? Dean says she's been pretty strong on her own for awhile now. Maybe she's better off that way.-

At the bar...Dean and Cas easily find Ronnie. Dean's a bit heavy-handed with the guy. Ronnie claims he used to work for a faith healer. That he used to be blind until he was healed. He took Amelia to that healer. The guy's name is Peter Holloway. Ronnie says that he worked for Peter recruiting "candidates" for him who were young, troubled, and wouldn't be missed. He says this Peter guy healed some, but he also witnessed him tying people up and cutting them. He left soon after he saw that.-

In the alley outside the bar, Ronnie watches the Impala drive away then takes out his phone.

When Claire gets to her motel room, Sam's already sitting there. He chastises her for checking in under her real name. He takes a look at the research Claire did to find her mom and he's impressed. Sam wonders why she came all this way just to tell her mom off.

Claire asks Sam if he always got along with his mom and he says he never got the chance because she died when he was a baby. Claire is sorry. Sam tells her that he got to know his mom later in life and yes, they got along.

Claire doesn't understand. Sam tells her that in his line of work, death isn't always "goodbye".-

Claire says this is different because her mom left her. Sam tells her that he'll teach her how to hack into credit card records to see if that gives them any leads on her mom. She agrees, but promises she'll leave after that.

Ronnie is pacing outside the bar. His phone rings. A man appears behind him. It's Peter. Ronnie says he was just trying to give Peter the heads-up that hunters were tracking him. Peter is not impressed. He blinds Ronnie, then stabs him in the back.-

Back at the motel...
Sam has hacked into the credit card records and offers to show Claire how to set up fake credit cards for herself; to make life on the road easier. Sam seems to have no issue with doing this because even though they use fake credit cards, they do it in order to keep hunting and helping people.-

Cas and Dean show up. They start to look into who Peter Holloway is. Sam asks if they are dealing with an angel and Dean thinks maybe, but an angel who also feeds on people doesn't quite fit the angel pattern.-

Cas awkwardly gives Claire a present, telling her "happy birthday". It's a stuffed Grumpy Cat. He tells her got it at the "Hot Topical". Claire awkwardly thanks him.-

Sam reads online that Ronnie's body was found outside the bar. Claire accuses Dean of killing him. Dean protests he didn't lay a hand on him, but Cas says that's not exactly true. Dean swears he didn't kill the guy. He says he's going to head back over to the bar.

Cas and Claire both want to come with him. Dean asks Sam if he "wants to get in on this too" but Sam declines. He'll stay at the motel and research Holloway.-

After Dean and Claire are out the door, Sam asks Cas what happened at the bar. Cas informs him that Dean is getting worse; the Mark is making him more violent.-

At the crime scene, Dean notices the small wounds around the larger stab would on Ronnie's back. The deputy on scene tells him they tried to track the calls Ronnie made before he died, but it must have been to a burner phone; it was dead end.-

Cas says it did look like an angel blade, but not exactly.-

Back at the motel, Sam has found the address of Holloway's farm house. It's near where Amelia's credit cards were last used. Sam figures she was staking the place out. Claire immediately wants to head out there but Cas says it's too dangerous. Cas also tells Dean he's not going either. There's too much of a chance the Mark will take over and he'll lose control. Sam agrees. Dean is pissed but agrees to stay and "babysit" Claire.-

Cas tells Dean and Claire not to fight.-

When Cas and Sam are gone, Dean opens a beer. Claire asks for one. Dean can't stand to stay cooped up in the motel room with her all night. He says, "come on, let's go" and they head out.

In the Impala, Cas asks Sam if, after this, maybe he should leave Claire alone. Sam thinks that's a bad idea. Cas points out that Sam left for college at 18; he was alone. Sam tells Cas that going it alone is no way to live. It's still good if Cas is there for her.-

Dean has taken Claire out to play mini golf. Dean makes a putt and quotes Bill Murray from Caddyshack. Claire doesn't get it. Never saw it. Dean is completely insulted and proclaims that he is done with "your whole generation". Claire sinks her putt too. She quotes Happy Gilmore to Dean. Touche.-

Claire starts asking Dean about his life. Dean tells her they try to help people. She asks, "Like Castiel helped my dad?" Dean says Claire has to understand something. That her dad gave up his body, his vessel, to Cas and, because of that, Cas was able to save the world. He tries to impress upon her what a huge deal this is. Jimmy's a hero who did not die in vain.-

They're on the last hole. Claire points out that the ball disappears on that one. She drops her club in just to make the point. Dean sees how the wide part of the club catches on the edge of the hole and thinks back to the marks on Ronnie's back from the blade that killed him. He tells Claire she's a genius.-

They go back to the motel to research what kind of blade it was. Dean thinks the marks were caused by an angel sword; not an angel blade. The sword would have a hilt that would leave those marks.

Out at Holloway's farmhouse...Cas and Sam are quietly casing the place.-

At the motel, Clarie finds a photo in a book and asks if this is what they are looking for. A Grigori. Dean says sometimes they help people, sometimes they prey on people. He tells Claire to keep digging.-

At the old farmhouse, Cas finds Amelia. She wakes up from her dream and starts fighting Cas, yelling that he took her husband.-

In another part of the house, Sam goes to answer Dean, calling him on his phone. He's momentarily distracted and is hit over the head by Peter Holloway.-

Back at the motel, Dean knows something is up. Cas and Sam aren't answering. Dean decides to bring Claire with him out to the farmhouse. He gives her a handgun, telling her, "Happy Birthday. Don't shoot me."-

At the farmhouse, Cas is trying to heal Amelia's wounds but it's not entirely working. She realizes that she was just dreaming about finding Jimmy. She asks where Jimmy is. Cas tells her that he's in heaven.

Cas says he failed at protecting Jimmy's family.

Amelia wants to know if Claire is alive. She says she never should have left her; she just wanted to find Jimmy and put their family back together again.-

In the kitchen of the house, Sam comes around, tied to a chair. Holloway walks in. He says he's a Grigori; a watcher angel. Sam asks since when have angels fed on human. Holloway says since the dawn of man. Human souls are little slices of heaven that are delicious to angels that can last for decades. Sam tells Holloway he's a monster, not an angel.

Holloway seems to feel he's found his own niche on earth. Building his own heaven for himself and causing his victims to hallucinate their own heaven. He gets to live away from the other angels who he feels are failures.

Sam starts to taunt him; he's doing so well?

Holloway pulls his sword on Sam. He tells Sam there were hundreds of them, but now, his angel "brotherhood" of perfectly-crafted beings was sent to protect humans who aren't worthy of them.-

Claire and Dean search outside the farmhouse together, guns drawn.-

Inside, Cas and Amelia find more victims. Cas says they'll get them help. Amelia asks how long she was in this dream state. "Two years," Cas replies.-

Cas leaves the barn to find Dean drawing his gun on him. Claire runs inside to find her mom. Amelia immediately start apologizing.

Dean leaves to go find Sam, instructing Claire to stay with her mom. Claire thanks Dean and Cas for reuniting her with her mother.-

Dean enters the kitchen to find nothing but an overturned chair. He rounds the corner to find Sam about to attack him with a piece of lumber. Sam informs them that they are dealing with a Grigori, which Dean already knows.

Cas can't believe it. He says they were some of the first angels on earth. An elite unit that went bad, but they are all extinct now.-

Sam explains that some survived; they take humans and have them create their own heaven in their own mind while they feed off of them. Sam doesn't know where Holloway is. He says he looked everywhere but he must have left (somehow Sam got himself free?). They take off looking for Holloway.-

In the barn, Amelia is acting faint. Claire tries to help her walk but Holloway appears in front of them. He tells Claire there's "no fixing" Amelia. Amelia falls to the ground and Claire draws her weapon on Holloway. She empties her clip at point blank range. Nothing happens. -

Holloway moves to stab Claire, but Amelia steps in front, taking the blade instead.-

Claire cradles her mom as Holloway moves in for the kill. He's stopped by Cas, attacking him from behind. Sam and Dean follow, all of them tag-teaming Holloway to fight him off.

Cas tries to stab him with an angel blade, but Holloway deflects it with his sword, sending it flying. Sam holds Holloway while Dean beats him, then Holloway breaks free. Dean picks up the angel blade and goes for Holloway with a murderous look in his eye. He seems to fight with the power of the Mark, but Holloway still throws him down.

Cas jumps Holloway next and is also thrown to the ground. Holloway prepares to gleefully stab Cas, but is stabbed from behind instead with an angel blade. It's Claire.-

She drops the blade and goes to her mom's side. Amelia is gone. Dead. Claire tells her she's sorry over and over.-

Back inside the Novack house...
The door opens and Amelia walks in. This time it's Jimmy coming down the stairs. They embrace. Amelia asks if this is heaven. Jimmy says yes. He's waited there for her for so long. He asks how Claire is. Amelia says she grew up beautiful and strong. "Like her mom," Jimmy says. They tell each other they love each other and embrace with tears in their eyes.-

Back on earth...
Claire asks if Sam and Dean are dropping her off at some kind of halfway house for wayward girls. Sam says no. They're dropping her off with Sheriff Jody. She'll help her.-

Off to the side, Dean asks Cas what he plans to do about Claire. Cas says it's not up to him. Claire reminds Sam that he told her that death isn't always goodbye. So maybe goodbyes aren't forever.

She seems at bit sad to be parting ways with Sam and Dean and Cas. Sam tells her to take care of herself and walks away towards Dean and Cas.-

Dean walks over to Claire with a present. He said he felt bad about taking the gun back. He gives her a DVD of Caddyshack and a book on Enochian myth. She stole the angel's sword, which Dean sees in her bag, and Dean saw her do it. He puts the book in her bag with the sword and her stuffed Grumpy Cat, which she kept.-

Dean tells her that if she goes down their path, the path of the hunter, it's not a long life.

Claire apologizes for the time she set Dean up. Dean forgives her. She asks Dean if he'll be okay. He says he doesn't know, but he'll keep fighting and swinging until he has nothing left.-

Claire asks Dean to keep an eye on Cas. He's been through enough.

Dean points out that she's been through a lot too. He tells her to do her homework before she does anything stupid and they'll be there if she needs them. Anytime.-

A taxi pulls up and Dean loads Claire's bag into the back.-

Cas stops her. He says he's there if she ever needs anything. She unexpectedly hugs him.

Claire watches them as the taxi drives off.

Cas wants someone to tell him she'll be okay. Sam says she will be; and Cas will be okay too.-

Inside the taxi, the driver asks Claire if she's "going home or leaving". She says she's "just going".-

Cas recedes from view in the rear window to Willie Nelson singing "Blue Eyes Crying".

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