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Outside a wealthy home in New Canaan, CT.
A butler is talking to two maids. Apparently the lady of the house has died. The family will be coming for the funeral and he's telling the maids (Colette and Olivia) that the place has to be spotless. The butler seems to be playing favorites. He tells Colette to choose the outfit the deceased will be buried in, but tells Olivia she has to clean all of the bathrooms. Olivia protests. The butler says it's senority. Olivia is the newest hire so she needs to stop complaining and get to work.

Colette heads to the deceased woman's closet. She ends up going through the jewelry box and can't resist picking up a pearl necklace for herself. She hears the door open. She goes to investigate, wearing the necklace. She senses someone behind her. It's the woman who is supposed to be dead. She rips her necklace off Colette and backs her up to the stair railing. Colette then falls backwards over it to her death below. The butler looks up, sees the woman, and asks, "What have you done?"

Elsewhere....Dean is working on the Impala's cornering lights. Sam brings him coffee in a tiny cup, saying it's individually brewed. Dean says real men don't drink out of cups that small. He asks if it's cinnamon roll flavor. Sam says it's "glazed donut" and he'll take it if Dean doesn't want it. Dean says no, accepting the coffee. He asks Sam if there are any leads on the scanner. When Sam doesn't reply, Dean asks if he wants to take a detour to Connecticut. He found something on Bobby's old cell phone when he was cleaning out the car. There were
27 messages. Bobby has been named a beneficiary in the wealthy woman's will. Dean figures he and Sam are pretty much next of kin.

When they get to Connecticut, Sam wonders if maybe they shouldn't put their fed suits on. He's feeling underdressed. They ring the doorbell. Olivia answers. He says they are there on behalf of Bobby Singer. Olivia tells them they missed the funeral, but the family is gathered inside if they'd like to join them. They proceed to meet a bunch of extremely stereotypical and caricature-like annoying rich people. The women are cougars and the men are douches, complete with trophy wives and stupid names. Some are starting to wonder why Sam and Dean are there; obviously out of place. They'll have to stay the weekend because the reading of the will isn't for another day or two. The cougar women inform Dean that the rooms sleep
two...or three. Dean's reactions to the women, and their interest in Sam, are pretty hilarious. The butler takes Sam and Dean aside. He says he would hate for them to have to hang around and mingle until the reading of the will. Dean tells him to take it easy "Afred"; they know which fork they'd need to use to eat shrimp with. The butler says it's not that they're not good enough; they're too good. The family are a bunch of lecherous jerks. The butler hands Dean and envelope instead. Sam asks how "Bunny", the deceased, knew Bobby. The butler says he doesn't know. He asks ifSam wants the maid to show them out.

Dean opens the envelope and finds an ornate Celtic cross. Dean wonderes if the jewels on it are real; if maybe Bobby and Bunny had a relationship.

They take it to an appraiser. The stones are fake. But the cross is actually a key. Theydecide to headback to the house to ask the butler what the key might open.
Back at the house, the family members are fighting. With their wives...complaining about each other. One of the sons ventures out into the hall to continue yelling at his wife. He's beheaded by a man with a double axe as his wife screams.

Sam and Dean drive back up to the house. The butler lets them in. The cops are there. Since they were there earlier, they are now suspects in the death of Bunny's brother who was the one beheaded. The family is arguing in the sitting room about who could have killed Stanton (the brother). The wife says it was Bunny's late husband Lance who beheaded him. Sam and Dean figure they might be dealing with a ghost.

Sam questions the some of the family members while Dean looks around. One of thefamily membersis telling Sam that they really don't like each other much in that family, but what family does like each other? Sam says his does. Even though it's pretty much just him and his brother (Aw....). The guy tells him he's lucky.

Dean, walking through the house, sees a book on the bookshelf with the same Celtic cross design on it as the key they were given. He pulls it and it opens a secret a door...with a keyhole.

The son (Dash) is next to be questioned by the cops so he excuses himself from his conversation with Sam.

Dean puts the key in the lock and the hidden door opens. He walks up some stairs. He grabs a random length of pipe sitting around on his way up to use if he has to defend himself. It appears he's up in the attic. But there's a sandwhich sitting on the floor. And some legs sticking out from a rolled carpet.

Olivia is hiding around a corner. She tells Dean that the butler hit Colette and rolled her body up in a carpet. Dean asks if she saw Lance's ghost. She says no, she saw Bunny's ghost kill Colette.

Dean finds Sam playing cards with the cougars downstairs. He tells him about the key to the hidden attic and finding Colette and Olivia locked up in there; with Colette dead. Sam wonders why Bunny wanted Bobby to have a key to her attic. Dean says the butler locked them up there. He thinks the butler is covering for the murderous ghosts of Lance and Bunny.

Sam goes to check it out. The cop is looking for him to question him.

Sam is waylaid by one of the other cougars. She tries to secudce him. Sam tries to get away (politely). She wants to make use of the 10 minutes before her interrogation. Sam plays along, but disappears when she turns her back.

Dean, in another part of the house, checks out the butler's apartment. He finds him there. He asks what he's doing hiding the maid's body in the attic. The butler says he can explain.

Sam ends up in the kitchen. He sees blood on the floor and grabs a knife from the block on the counter for protection. He finds the butler, dead on the kitchen floor, with a knife sticking out of him. He takes out his phone to take a photo.

But Dean is still talking to the butler in the butler's apartment. Apparently, whatever Dean is talking to, it's not the butler. The butler Dean is talking to said he was loyal to Bunny. He didn't want to disrupt her funeral with the death of the maid. Dean gets Sam's photo on his phone and understands he's not dealing with a human butler. He's flung against the wall by the butler and
then sees a pile of skin and clothing on the ground. Shapeshifter.

He calls Sam to tell him.They figure out that the shifter is impersonating dead people. The shifter is the murderer; taking the shape of several different family members. Olivia walks in and sees the butler dead. She seems shocked.

They ask Oliva where the silverware is. Sam says they need it for protection. In handing each one a piece of silver, they are testing for who the shifter is. Everyone (Sam, Dean, and Olivia) pass the test. They need to test everyone. Sam goes back to the older women in the sitting room and plays along flirting with them, looking extremely uncomfortable the entire time.

Dean, searching out other family members, comes across Dash and the young widow making out in the closet. He asks them to touch the silverware. They do. They pass the test.

Dean comes across Sam being woman-handled in the sitting room. Sam is glad to see Dean. He says the women are "clear" too. Olivia screams. They find the investigating officer face-down int he toilet.The family members start accusing each other. They point out that none of this happened until Sam and
Dean showed up. Dash pulls a gun on them and herds them to another room. Sam and Dean are locked in a room. Dean tries to use his silver butter knife to pick the lock and sees it's actually "made in Taiwan" stainless steel. That's why it didn't burn anyone they were "testing". Olivia enters the room where the rest of the family is gathered. They tell her to call the police. She says no. She picks up Dash's gun and aims it at them. Sam sees her holding the gun on them through a security camera feed in the room they are locked in.Dean continues to try to break out the room. No success. Olivia tells the rest of the family that she's not the maid, she's Bunny's daughter. They don't believe her. She tells them she's been in the attic all these
years.The butler was the only other one who knew. When Bunny died, he let her out and let her work as a maid. Olivia said she killed Colette (disguised as Bunny) when she found her stealing the necklace. Olivia says all the family members desrve whatever happens to them because they are greedy. Only she was loyal to
Bunny. She claims she killed the butler after he threatened to lock her back up again. Lucky for her, Dean (the cute dumb one) let her out.Sam finds a weapons locker in the room they are locked in and blasts his way out. Olivia takes a shot at
him and misses. Sam hides under the kitchen island as Olivia shoots at him. She warns him that he doesn't have a clear shot at her. He says she doesn't have a clear shot at him either. Olivia says that killing Sam is the next best thing to killing Bobby Singer. Sam asks what she has against Bobby. She says Bobby killed her father. Lance? No, Bunny had an affiar with a shapeshifter, but she told Lance the baby
was his. Olivia claims her shifter father came to get her and fought with Lance. But just as her father was about to take her, Bobby killed him. Bunny pleaded with Bobby to spare Olivia, the baby. Bobby agreed as long as Bunny kept Olivia locked up. Olivia said she lost the baby, but kept her locked away in the attic and looked after her until her own death.Sam sneaks around the island. Sam says Olivia has a choice about being a monster. but she says that choice was made a long time ago. Sam is now looking at her. He has a clear shot. She asks why he hasn't taken one yet and it dawns on her that he doesn't have any silver bullets. Just then, Dean steps out from behind the wall and shoots Olivia through the heart. Dean continues to
shoot at Olivia's dead body with a cold expression on his face. Sam is shaken.Next we see the family leaving the house. The police are on the way.Dash comes up to apologize to Sam and Dean. Turns out everything was left to Olivia. Dean gives the
attic key back to Dash. Dean asks that Dash just forget they were ever there.As they drive, Sam asks Dean what that was all about; the overkill with Olivia. Dean tries to blow it off. He asks if it wasn't maybe demon residue or because of the Mark. Dean denies it. Dean said he just wanted to make sure he got the job done with his first kill the first time back. He asks why he's even explaining this to Sam. Dean turns up the radio and ends the conversation.

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