Ava Wilson

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Full name: Ava Wilson

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Age: 23
Occupation: Secretary
Species: Human
special child (chosen by Azazel)
Abilitiies: Visions, control of demons
Motivation: Survival
First Appearance: Hunted
Season: 2
Fate: Killed by Jake Talley
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Ava Wilson, portrayed by Katharine Isabelle, is a young woman who starts off with a regular life, working as a secretary. She is easily worried and is sarcastic about even the most dangerous of situations. She is also engaged and looking forward to a quiet married life. However, she is plagued with nightmares and visions of bad things happening to people, and, in one of those dreams, Ava sees Sam killed. She tracks him down and informs him of her dream in "Hunted". However, Sam tells her about his own abilities and the demon Azazel. Ava sticks with Sam and helps him out until they are shot at by Gordon Walker, a hunter pursuing Sam. She follows Sam's urgings and returns home. However, when Sam and Dean later go to her house, they discover her fiancé dead with a slit throat, demonic sulfur by the windows, and Ava's bloody engagement ring on the floor by her bed.

Ava reappears in "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1", when she, Sam, and three other special children find themselves in the abandoned town of Cold Oak, and are told that they must fight each other. Ava is seemingly all right, but tells Sam only two days have passed since she'd last seen him, even though she has been missing for five months. Ava later disappears, and as a worried Sam and Jake go to look for her, she returns to the building in which they were all hiding. To the surprise of Andy, she breaks the barrier of salt on the windowsill and summons a demon through the window, using the demon to violently tear him apart. Ava screams and brings Sam back into the room, but he does not buy her act, forcing her to reveal her deception. She abruptly shifts from her old innocent, damsel-in-distress personality, wipes away her tears, tells Sam about her change to the dark side, telling him to accept the power he has. He realizes that she is not a recent arrival like the others, but has been in the town since her disappearance and has killed all the others like themselves who had been summoned for previous rounds of combat. Declaring herself the winner, she uses a new ability that she gained when she gave in to her demonic side, and summons the demon to kill Sam. However, Jake appears behind her and breaks her neck.

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Ava Wilson started having headaches and nightmares about a year ago, about the same time Sam's did. About a month before 2.10 Hunted, she had visions of Scott Carey being killed and then of Sam dying. So she tracks him down, using clues from her vision.

Ava helps Sam obtain the tapes of Scott's therapy session. She is with him when they are fired on by Gordon. After Sam gets a call from Dean indicating he is in trouble, Sam encourages her to return home.

After Sam has rescued Dean from Gordon, he is unable to reach Ava on her phone and they travel to her home. Here they find her fiance Brady dead, Ava's engagement ring and signs of demonic activity (sulfur on the windowsill).

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Sam and Dean spend a month looking for Ava, to no avail.

All Hell Breaks Loose :
Sam finds Ava at Cold Oak, and she claims to have just woken up there with no memory of the five months that have passed since her disappearance.
However, Ava has spent the time since her disappearance developing her powers. She has been in Cold Oak, battling and killing other Special Children. She can control demons and uses this power to kill Lily and Andy. She is about to kill Sam when she is killed by Jake Talley.

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-Easily worried
-Uses sarcasm as a cover.
-Can be comedic at times and has quick wit.
-She is not afraid to speak her mind.

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