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When Wayne falls on the fork, we can see it has been pushed up through his mouth a lot further than it was originally standing up. The fork appears to be a lot longer in his mouth.
When Sam and Dean are at the hotel after Sam loses his shoe, there is a brief shot of them walking where he has shoes on both feet. Later on, when he's sitting in the chair, his shoe is missing again.
The bumper stickers on the back of Kubrick's RV read:

"How would Jesus drive?"
"Don't make me come down there. -GOD"
"Bethlehem or bust

When Bela was walking away from the restaurant table, the blue cloth with the foot in it was in her right hand and the coffee was in her left. The next shot they were opposite with the cloth in her left hand and the coffee in her right. She couldn't have maneuvered a change that fast.
When the army medic walks into Wayne and Grossman's apartment, Wayne shoves the rabbit's foot back into the cursed box. Then in a later shot, Wayne looks at the foot, and it is lying neatly on the table when no one had moved it.

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