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We begin with the three little pigs… I mean three chubby brothers who are surveying the status of their construction site. They’ve got a whole crew coming in the morning, but their wood is warped. “Should have used cinder block, like I wanted,” snorts one little piggy. Out in the distance, they hear dog-like sounds. This little piggy gives a little snort and dismisses it. Suddenly, the first little pig is pulled behind a pile of construction supplies and mauled, spraying blood every which way. The next little pig is grabbed while the last little pig runs and hides behind a pile of his precious bricks. No Big Bad Wolf is going to blow these down. Except our villain still finds the last remaining brother and he screams like stuck… well, you know.

Storm clouds. Titles.

Elsewhere, Sam and Dean are on the road, furiously arguing about using the newly refurbished Colt on the Crossroad Demon, reiterating a lot of my questions and arguments from last week. They have no idea if they can threaten the demon out of the deal and they have no idea if shooting her would free them either. Dean thinks it’s too risky, since Sam’s life depends on the deal. But Sammy’s not happy, because Dean’s life depends on them finding a way out of the deal. Sucks to be a Winchester.

They awkwardly move on to discussing their newest quest. They’ve heard about the piggy brothers and figure that they must be on the hunt for a werewolf. Posing as Detectives Page and Plant (natch), the boys interrogate the third little piggy who apparently was still able to go wee-wee-wee all the way home. (I know it’s not “The Three Little Pigs”) Sammy is set up to be a sketch artist and gets an idea of what the villain looked like, however Piggy doesn’t describe a werewolf to them or even a Big Bad Wolf. It was just a guy… with a Wile E. Coyote tattoo. Who simply stopped before killing him for some reason. Despite the simple description, Sammy still draws the worst sketch ever.

Elsewhere, Hansel and Gretel are marching through the woods, lost and completely out of Powerbars. Good thing that they happen upon a cottage with a kindly old woman inside. She offers to point the way back home, but Hansel is enticed by the pie that the old woman has cooling on the window sill. She offers and Hansel jumps at the opportunity. In they go, but surprise! The pie is poisoned, making Hansel and Gretel collapse on the floor. Grandma pulls out her big carving knife and proceeds to make a meal out of Hansel. Watching through the window is an odd little girl with an expressionless face.

Back at the hospital, Page and Plant gather a bit of information from the town doctor and question Gretel about how she escaped Nana. She shoved the old woman into the stove, cracking her head. The only other thing that she remembers is getting a glimpse of the strange little girl standing in the window.

The boys check out the house and while there isn’t any sulfur, there’s a hell of a lot of EMF outside the window. Sam drops some fairytale knowledge on his brother. His theory is what we already know, these killings line up with the original gruesome telling of these Grimm's fairy tales. Time to do research!

Cut to having already done research. There are no dead or missing little girls that match their strange spirit. They both figure that this must be some form of ghost hypnosis that’s controlling these people. Dean is somewhat convinced that these are fairy tales, but not so much so that he’ll make out with a bullfrog. And Sammy is gay for knowing the story of "Cinderella".

They investigate a nearby house that seems to line up with details from "Cinderella" and they find a young blonde girl literally handcuffed to the stove by her wicked stepmother. While tending to Cindy-rella, Dean spots the mysterious little girl and gives chase. Dean catches up, but the little girl flickers out in that way that ghosties do, leaving behind one red apple as a clue.

Sammy uses his “gay” knowledge of fairy tales to connect this clue to the story of "Sleeping Beauty" and the boys set out to investigate any girls that may be in coma. The only one that they come up with is the daughter of the town doctor. She’s a dead ringer for an older version of the spirit and even better, the doctor is reading to her from a big book of Grimm’s fairy tales.

Elsewhere, we watch another nice grandma fall into the fairytale trap. Struggling with loading her groceries into her mini-van, she’s suddenly helped by a rough-looking man… with a Wile E. Coyote tattoo on his arm. He’s the Big Bad Wolf and this is the story of "Little Red Riding Hood" that the daughter is listening to as read by her father.

After questioning the doctor, it seems, to the boys, like Sleeping Beauty was poisoned by her own wicked stepmother. She’s trying to reach out from inside her coma to lash out and to tell them that Step-Mama might have had Munchausen Syndrome by proxy; kind of like Mischa Barton from The Sixth Sense. Sure, why not. Just then, the mauled grandmother rolls in through the doors and Dean sets out to find the Big Bad Wolf. Who is snatching up Little Red Riding Hood as they speak – disguised as Grandma with the mini-van. Clever.

Sammy attempts to talk to the doctor, but predictably he doesn’t want to hear anything that Sammy has to say. When Sammy accused his deceased second wife as being the one that poisoned his daughter, the conversation is over. But Sammy isn’t through yet, he makes the doctor listen and he reveals that he’s seen his daughter’s spirit as well.

Dean goes wolf hunting and discovers Little Red Riding Hood. He’s about to perform his role as the Woodsman and slay the Wolf with a pair of shears, but Sammy and the doctor get through to the sleeping daughter. The spirit appears to her father, and he finally “listens” to her and she nods her head, confirming that the stepmother poisoned her. The spell is broken. The Wolf comes to his senses and Dean drops his deadly scissors.

And the episode is over… except its not. Against Dean’s wishes and inspired by the events that have transpired with Sleeping Beauty, Sammy awakes in the middle of the night and sneaks out the door of their motel room. Under the cover of night, he buries his belongings at the crossroads, summoning the Crossroads Demon. Wait, they were in New York... and where was the original crossroads? Does it work at any crossroads?

Nonetheless, the demon appears to Sam, played by yet another young actress. Sam pulls the Colt on the demon, who is less than shaken by her existence being threatened. She notices that it’s not the original Colt and remarks that the replacement must have been Ruby’s doing. Sam makes her the offer of trading Dean’s life for her own, but she reveals that she has an unnamed boss. She can’t just hand back over Dean’s life; it’s not hers to give. Killing her will get Sam absolutely nothing. So Sam puts a magical bullet in her head. Sam’s cold-blooded, but that’s one less demon to worry about… How is that a bad thing?

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