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In Chicago, Illinois, a young couple is having dinner at a fancy restaurant. The young man (Ennis) is nervous because he plans to propose. He momentarily steps away from the table and asks the maitre d' (Maurice) to hide his girlfriend’s engagement ring in a glass of champagne.

As the men are talking, two other men (Sal Lassiter and Marv, his bodyguard) approach and Maurice immediately pays attention to them, ignoring Ennis. When Ennis objects, a brief but hostile exchange occurs. During the exchange, Ennis notices Marv’s reflection in a mirror and sees the man’s face change for an instant from a human face into what looks like a monster (Supernatural viewers will recognize it as the face of a wraith). Marv notices Ennis’ expression and quickly turns away from the mirror. Sal and Maurice hastily usher the group away, leaving Ennis stunned and wondering what he saw.

Maurice, Sal, and Marv head down a long corridor and arrive at a heavy, metal door that is locked by a key-coded device. Maurice unlocks the door and takes the other men into a back room. It appears to be a private bar/club. At first glance, it looks like the patrons are just well-dressed people, but further inspection reveals that all or most of them are monsters.

Sal walks to the bar and begins flirting with the bartender when another man (Julian) approaches him. They have a hostile exchange during which we learn that Sal is a shapeshifter and Julian (a werewolf) wants him to leave the club. The two monsters begin to fight, but Marv and another man break them up. Julian walks away.

Elsewhere, we see someone with long, metal claws damage a fuse box, and all the lights in the private club go out. Suddenly, a hooded figure enters the club and starts killing monsters.

Outside the restaurant, Ennis and his date (Tamara) have left. Ennis is taking Tamara somewhere else, but she’s confused about why they left and what’s going on. He takes her by the hand, leads her to the nearby ferry stop where they originally met, and proposes. Before Tamara can answer, Sal staggers toward them, bleeding badly from a wound across his midsection. Ennis tends to Sal while Tamara calls an ambulance. While Ennis is tending to Sal, the shapeshifter utters “Tell David I didn’t have a choice.”. Before Ennis can get further information, the hooded figure that attacked the club attacks Tamara and kills her. The attacker also finishes off Sal and runs away. Ennis rushes to his girlfriend and cradles her dead body as he weeps.

At North Chicago University, a shapeshifter named David Lassiter sneaks into a professor’s office (i.e. alters his appearance so he looks like the professor) to steal exams so he can sell them to other students. Once David is outside, he returns to his original appearance. His cell phone rings and it’s his sister, Margot, telling him to come home immediately because their brother, Sal, is dead.

Elsewhere, Ennis is in a police station interview room talking to a detective (Freddy) about what happened the night before. For obvious reasons, Freddy doesn’t believe Ennis, which enrages the young man. During their discussion, we learn that Ennis father, Nate Ross, was a police officer killed in the line of duty. Freddy tells Ennis that his father was a good man, but that Ennis inherited his bad temper, which isn’t going to do him any favors. Ennis insists that he is telling the truth about what he saw.

Before the interview can proceed further, Dean and Sam enter the room, posing as feds, and take over the interview. Ennis tells the Winchesters his story, and is angry when they tell him that monsters don’t exist.

At the Lassiter’s estate, Margot is talking to Freddy, who apparently is paid by the Lassiter family to spy for them. Margot wants to know if the ghouls are on their side or not. The detective thinks so, but can’t be sure. Freddy tells Margot that with her father being “the way he is” and now that Sal is dead, the other families have concerns. Margot orders Freddy to tell the ghouls, djinn, and whoever else needs to know that she runs the family now. Their options are to support her of suffer the consequences.

As Margot and Freddy are talking, David enters. They are both surprised that David has returned home. When Freddy offers his condolences about Sal, David demands to know what happened to him. Margot announces that Julian Duval killed him. She says that the werewolves attacked the bar and killed their brother, and she swears revenge.

David follows Margot into another room, and we see two thugs preparing automatic weapons as if they’re going to war. Freddy asks David to try to talk some sense into his sister. When David asks what’s going on, Margot replies that they are going to war, and if he doesn’t like it, he should talk to their father.

In an upstairs bedroom, David visits with his father, who is unconscious, lying in bed and connected to monitors. When David tells Margot that he didn’t know his father was so sick, Margot berates her brother for being gone for 3 years. When David asks Margot if she’s sure Julian is the one who killed Sal, Margot insists there were witnesses who saw them fighting; she adds that Julian hated Sal, and everybody knew it.

David insists that Margot doesn’t have any real proof that the werewolves are behind their brother’s death. But Margot berates him for defending the werewolf family that, in her opinion, has had their foot on the necks of the Lassiter family for years. Before Margot storms away, she tells David that his former girlfriend, the werewolf Violet, is getting married. Margot says that Violet’s father arranged the marriage between Violet’s family and another werewolf family to seal a business deal. David is clearly wounded by the news, but seems to refuse to take the bait. Instead of replying to Margot’s comment about Violet, David advises her to make sure the werewolves are behind Sal’s death before she takes the families to war over the incident. In reply, Margot accuses David of running away to be with humans. She tells him to stay out of the matter, and walks away.

At another fancy estate, we see Julian Duval talking to a djinn. The djinn suggests that Margot is not stupid, so it’s unlikely that the shifters (Lassiters) will make a move against them. As the two men are taking, Violet interrupts and asks to speak with Julian.

Violet is shocked to hear that Sal Lassiter is dead, and when she asks Julian if he killed Sal, he says he didn’t and he doesn’t care who did. When Violet asks Julian why he’s meeting with a djinn, her brother replies that Margot Lassiter thinks he killed her brother, and he’s prepared to let her think that. He accuses the Lassiters of chipping away at the Duval family’s territory and believes a war is coming, so he wants the djinn on their side. When Violet tries to pursue things, Julian harshly reminds her that she doesn’t get a vote in family affairs and storms off to finish talking to the djinn.

Ennis returns home and looks through his fathers’ belongings. In a secret compartment of a gun case, he finds silver bullets with carvings etched into them, and wonders why.

Later, Ennis returns to the dock where his fiancé was killed. There are still several police officers around, so he lingers in the background unnoticed. He uses his father’s lock pick to enter the back door of the secret club where Sal was attacked. While searching for clues, he finds gouge marks on the floor consistent with the metal claws the murdered had. While Ennis is searching, Maurice enters the club, bringing a mop bucket and other supplies to clean up the mess. Ennis hides when Maurice enters, but Maurice (who appears to be a vampire) can smell Ennis. When Maurice attacks Ennis, the young man shoots the monster in the chest repeatedly, but nothing happens. Before Maurice can kill Ennis, the Winchesters appear, and Dean kills the creature by beheading him.

During the conversation that follows, Ennis demands to know what’s going on. Sam gives Ennis “the talk” about hunters and monsters and warns him about how dangerous things might get. Ennis insists on joining them to find out what killed his girlfriend, but the Winchesters won’t let him. The brothers leave to examine Sal’s body and determine what sort of monster he was.

After leaving the Winchesters, Ennis returns home and uses his computer to investigate Sal’s background and family. As he’s researching, Freddy shows up at his door wanting to talk about what happened to Tamara. Freddy asks for a better description of the individual that killed Tamara. Unfortunately, the hood prevented Ennis from seeing his face. As the discussion continues, Ennis becomes suspicious. He tells Freddy that if he wants more information, he should hang around because his father is working the graveyard shift, so he’ll be home soon. When Freddy agrees to let Ennis text his dead father, Ennis knows for sure that the creature he’s talking to isn’t human. When Ennis raises his phone to supposedly send “at text”, he secretly activates the camera, which catches the shapeshifter’s eye flare. Ennis tricks the fake-Freddy into coming to his bedroom to examine a jacket that got slashed during the attack. While Freddy is distracted, Ennis secretly loads a gun with a silver bullet and brandishes the weapon at the shifter.

When Ennis demands to know what’s going on and who the monster is, we suddenly see David Lassiter standing at gun point. He tries to explain that he’s a shapeshifter, Sal Lassiter was his brother, and he’s just trying to find out who killed him. David tells Ennis that he read the police report, so he knows about Tamara, but Ennis refuses to talk about her. David goes on to explain to Ennis that there are things going on that he doesn’t understand, and he’s in over his head. He goes on to explain that Chicago is run by five monster families, like the mafia. They own the police and run organ trafficking operations and other illegal activities. He says there are other monster families all over the country, and that to help keep a low profile, they usually keep human casualties to a minimum. Ennis is shocked and appalled to learn about the monster families, but David explains that he doesn’t approve of the system either. However, right now the families are preparing for war and he’s the only one trying to stop it. David urges Ennis to stay out of it.

David picks up the jacket Ennis was talking about, and when he touches the areas that are ripped, his skin sizzles. He tells Ennis that the slashes were made using silver blades or silver claws, and Julian Duval doesn’t have that (as a werewolf, it wouldn’t be possible). David tosses the jacket into Ennis’ face as a diversion and runs out of the house before Ennis can catch him. In frustration, Ennis returns to his computer and starts researching Julian Duval.

Night has fallen, and Ennis has gone to the Duval estate. He sneaks around outside, watching the place. As he’s skulking around, he sees the Winchesters, who are also there. He hides in the hedges and eavesdrops on their conversation. Sam discusses how the coroner said Julian Duval gave him $3,000 to see Sal Lassiter’s body.

As this is happening, Violet comes out of the house and realizes David is there. Violet tells David that he shouldn’t be there, but David says that he knows Julian didn’t kill Sal, so he wants Violet to get her brother (Julian) to sit down with Margot so they can talk things over before a war starts. Violet insists that Julian doesn’t want to stop the war, and that their plan won’t work because David is considered a runaway and Violet is a lowly family member who doesn’t matter. She doesn’t think anyone in either family will listen to them.

David berates Violet for giving up on them, agreeing to marry someone else, and for submitting to her father’s wishes. Apparently, 3 years ago, Violet and David were supposed to meet at Union Station and run away together, but Violet never showed up. As David demands to know why Violet stood him up, he gets attacked by the hooded individual with the silver claws. David fights with the attacker and screams to Violet to run.

As David is fighting with the attacker, he gets cut by the silver claws and screams. The Winchesters hear the screams and run to the area. Meanwhile, Ennis, who was also nearby, fires a shot at that attacker, which makes him run off. In the distance, David hears Violet scream. He runs toward the scream, but when he gets there, Violet and the attacker are both gone. By that point, Ennis and the Winchesters have also arrived. Ennis explains to the brothers that David is a shapeshifter, and David tells the group that the attacker has taken Violet. By this point, security alarms are sounding, so at Dean’s suggestion, the entire group leaves before anyone else arrives.

Dean drives the Impala to another area and stops the car. Everyone (Dean, Sam, David and Ennis) gets out and talks about what to do next. David has been trying to call Violet, but she isn’t answering her cell phone. The rest of the group learns that Violet is a werewolf. Sam and Ennis suggest that since Violet’s cell phone is on, they can trace the signal. When Ennis balks at the idea of working with a monster (David), Dean tells him that sometimes you must work with the “bad” guys to get to the worse guys. The group decides to trace Violet’s cell phone signal.

In the next scene, Violet wakes up chained to a pillar in what looks like an abandoned water treatment facility. On the wall of the small room, there’s a cork board covered in photographs of a small child, and newspaper clippings. Violet is startled when her captor (Irv) makes his presence known.

Irv calls Violet a freak, and when he removes his hood and mask, we see that he is human. He shows Violet the silver claws and touches her face with one of them to burn her face. When Violet looks away, Irv holds her face still, forcing her to look at the pictures on the cork board. Irv tells Violet that the child was his son, and he was killed by monsters like her and her family.

The Winchesters, Ennis, and David arrive at the facility and gear up. David tries to make peace with Ennis, reminding him that they both lost someone. Ennis reluctantly acknowledges the gesture and finally gives David Sal’s last message to him, letting David know that Sal didn’t think he had a choice. The conversation is abruptly ended when the group leaves the Impala to enter the facility and look for Violet.

As Violet’s captor continues talking, we learn that the police told him hat his child died from an animal attack, but he didn’t believe it. When Violet tells Irv that her brother and Julian would never harm a child, he doesn’t believe her. He tells her that he’s going to kill her and leave parts of her body all over town to start a war among the monster families. Violet tells Irv that a monster war will cause human casualties, too. Suddenly, Irv hears sounds in the facility and leaves Violet alone to investigate.

The group breaks into teams – Dean with David and Sam with Ennis. They separate to search for Violet in the maze of tunnels that make up most of the facility.

Dean and David get separated when David hears a noise and goes off alone to investigate. David gets captured and ends up chained in the same room where Violet is being held.Once Irv has David chained up, be begins torturing him with the silver blades. David’s screams enrage Violet, who turns into a werewolf, breaks free of her bonds and attacks Irv. She slashes at him, gouging his face, and is preparing to kill him when David breaks free and stops her. David pleads with her to let Irv live, and pulls her off of him.

At this point, the rest of the team arrives. Irv tells Ennis he’s sorry about Tamara, but says she got in the way. Ennis calls Irv a monster and shoots him dead.

The next day, David takes Violet back to the Duval house. They pause outside to talk, and David admits being confused about why Sal’s last words were to tell David that he didn’t have a choice. Violet confesses that Sal showed up at Union Station 3 years ago and ordered her to leave. Sal told her that she and David couldn’t be together because their families needed to keep the bloodlines pure. He also said that if David and Violet ran off together, it would start a war between their two families, which would cause death and suffering for both their families. Sal said that if David decided to leave, that was up to him, but she couldn’t go with him. Then, Sal offered Violet a choice: leave alone/without David, or die. Violet told Sal that she loved David, but Sal said that didn’t matter, and walked away.

David is shocked to hear the story and still confused about why Sal would do what he did, because Sal always seemed to have his brother’s back. Violet says she doesn’t know why things happened the way they did, and she goes to walk away. When David berates her for running away – again – she returns and kisses him passionately before walking away.

Next, we see David sitting by his father’s bed. The old man wakes up distressed and tells David that his sister wants to start a war, and that he must stop her. Downstairs, David gives Margot the silver claw weapon that Irv used to commit the murders. David tells Margot that the whole thing was a setup to start a war, and the Duvals had nothing to do with it. He also announces that he’s back in the family. He and Margot embrace and Margot say she’s been waiting a long time to hear that from him, but as soon as David can no longer see Margot's face, her expression turns cold and sinister and we realize she’s up to something.

Meanwhile, Dean and Sam take Ennis back home and say goodbye. While Sam and Ennis are talking, Dean gets a call from Castiel notifying him that he has a lead on Metatron. Sam doesn’t want to leave, knowing that Chicago is crawling with monsters, but Dean reminds him that this is the lead they’ve been waiting for, so they must go. Ennis doesn’t want them to leave, but Sam says that they’ll tell other hunters about the situation in Chicago so they’ll come and take care of it. When Ennis insists that he wants to be involved, the brothers try to talk him out of it, but realize he’ll probably do it anyway.

After the brothers leave, Ennis returns to the area where Irv held Violet and David prisoner. He studies the board for information. As he’s doing this, his cell phone rings. David hears his dead father's voice telling him that if he becomes involved in hunting, the monsters will kill him. The call suddenly cuts off, leaving Ennis confused.

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