Bloodlust Trivia

In the beginning, when the Impala is reintroduced in its spiffy new form, the song, "Back in Black" by AC/DC is playing in the background. It is also the first song Dean plays on the original Impala in the pilot episode after the brothers are reunited
In the scene where Gordon grabs Sam's arm at the end of the episode, Sam's arms are by his side but when Gordon goes to grab his arm, both of Sam's arm's are held up in a surrender-type way
The hospital Sam and Dean visit is named Candler County Hospital; There is no Candler County in Montana. Furthermore, the hospital employee has "North Montana" printed on his badge; Red Lodge is in southern Montana
When Gordon is torturing the vampire, she seems to be choking but vampires don't breathe!
When Gordon kicks Dean, he lands on and breaks the table. Half of the table is sticking up in the air, but in the next shot, that half of the table is just gone.
When Dean beheads the vampire on the pier, blood splatters onto his face. When he turns to face Sam and Gordon, he has a lot more blood on his face than before.
After Dean and Sam help Gordon with the vampire on the pier, they go to the bar. After Sam leaves Dean is telling Gordon how he got started killing vampires. His first kill was when he was 16. But back in Season 1 episode 20 titled 'Dead Man's Blood' it's the first time the brothers have hunted vampires, John teaches them how.

Dean: So they are real?

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