Born Under a Bad Sign Trivia

At the very start of this episode, when Dean is talking to Ellen, he gets another call and tells Ellen to "Hang on" while he takes the call from Sammie's cell. He never switches back over to Ellen.
Why didn't Dean track Sam's phone when he first went missing like he did after Sam knocked him out in the motel room?
When Sam hit Dean with the gun, Dean collapsed with his right hand beside his body. However, the next shot showed his right hand was beside his head.
Jo had a bruise on her forehead when Sam tied her to the pole but the scene she's helping Dean up from the water, looked more like she had a cut. Back to the bar patching up Dean's wound, she had a bruise again.
Dean's cell phone still works even after he fell into the water.
When Dean is on the website to locate Sam via GPS, he is logged in as "Dean J. MaHogOff.

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