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There is no "Oasis Plains" in Oklahoma.
Right after Sam has been in the hole, he and Dean are talking in the car. Sam talks and you see they drive by a pickup truck, Dean talks, and when Sam talks again they drive by the exact same truck at the exact same spot.
When Dean and Sam are at Linda's house, Dean bends down to pick up a towel that is on the floor and a whole bunch of spiders fly out of it. You can tell the spiders are rubber because they kinda bounce of the floor a bit when they land.
They were in the attic fighting off the bees and yet no one got a single bee sting.
It was raining for two days and yet when they are walking through the woods with Matt, there is no mud. The ground isn't even wet. It can't be very warm since they are wearing jackets. It's unlikely the ground dried given that.
When Sam and Dean break into Linda Bloom's house to take a look around, it is raining outside and their shoes aren't even wet. They don't leave any dirt or mud tracks on her carpet.
There is no Oklahoma Gas & Power. In reality, the workers in the teaser would be working for Oklahoma Gas & Electric (or OG&E) and their trucks would be orange.
In the shower death scene with Lynda Bloome (Carrie Genzel) at 14:50 to 15:30 minutes in, she gets attacked by spiders. First she starts to run and falls through the glass and the glass falls inward. Later when you see her dead on the floor the glass has fallen outwards, also when her blood falls it fell straight down with no moving splatter, just one straight blob
About 2min 45 seconds into the show, as Travis is running to the hole, we can see the camera crew following him. Their shadows appear right below the sinkhole.
After Sam comes back out of the hole after trying to see what was down there, he doesn't have any dirt on his clothes, not even on his white shirt. There's no way he could have come out clean from that small, deep hole.
The timing of the episode's finale doesn't make any sense. It's clearly fairly early in the evening (no later than midnight) when the brothers get back to the PIke house. Everybody's awake and all, and the brothers were only about 60 miles away in daytime when they headed back. Then there are a few minutes of them holing up in the house, fighting the bugs, and then...it's sunrise.

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