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The intro features lots of clips from the "Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets" episode.

At the bunker, Jack's not doing well. He's dying. He tells Sam not to be sad. He says maybe this is how things are supposed to be. Dean says that's crap. This is not part of a plan. Jack's coughing and breathing in pure oxygen.

Out in the hall, Dean's distraught and smacks the wall.

Back in Jack's room, Jack tells Sam to tell Dean it's okay. Sam tells Jack to tell him himself when Dean comes back. Jack asks Sam what happens next to someone like him when he dies. Sam says he doesn't know. Jack optimistically decides then it's going to be an adventure.

Jack lies back down.

Cas tries to talk to Dean in the hall. Dean says it's not right. Can says he knows it's not fair, but Jack needs him.

Dean re-enters the room. Sam says, "he's gone."

Jack's dead.

In the hall, Dean, Sam and Cas talk. Cas says they should start thinking about next steps. Dean says it should be a wake and a bonfire, hunter-style; what Jack would have wanted. Sam storms off. Cas tries to tell Sam that "his brother's in pain" and he should stay, but Sam doesn't listen. Dean says he should let Sam go; he needs his space, let him have it.

Dean calls Mary and leaves a message telling her Jack got sick and he died. Dean says he's so sorry; he knows what Jack meant to Mary. He'd like Mary to call him. He'd like to hear her voice.

In Jack's room, Cas looks at a picture of Kelly next to Jack's bed.

Sam's grabbed a duffle bag and is leaving. Cas sees him on the way out but says nothing.

Dean's looking for Sam. Cas tells him he left.

Next, Cas and Dean are driving, trying to find Sam. Dean's mad that Cas just let him leave. Cas reminds Dean that he told him to give Sam space. Dean says he meant space in the bunker, with them...not running off like this.

They find him, in the dark, sitting next to the Impala on the ground along the road. Dean immediately accuses Sam of making some kind of deal to bring Jack back. Sam stammers no, he's just trying to chop down wood to build a pyre to burn Jack's body We see flashbacks of Sam taking out his aggression on the trees and breaking the axe in the process. Sam says
he should have tried harder and done more. What good are all the spells and lore he knows if it couldn't save Jack?

Dean tries to make Sam feel better. Cas says this isn't how he thought Jack's story would end, it just doesn't feel right; Jack's dead before his time; dead before Cas. Sam wants to know what they're going to to do about that. Dean says they need to just say goodbye...tomorrow. But tonight, they get loaded.

Cut to a montage of Sam, Dean, and Cas sitting around the bunker kitchen table drinking and telling stories about Jack; eating the candy bars Jack used to like. Drinking out of cool deco glasses. It looks like whiskey...bottle after bottle. They tell stories. They laugh. Finally Sam cuts himself off and leaves the room first. Cas drinks right from the bottle. Cas leaves next to turn in. Dean's drunk and alone at the table. He pours himself another. He says "Here's to you, Jack, wherever you are," to an empty room.

Cut to Sam, Dean, Cas and Jack in front of a cafe...Dean's teaching Jack how to read a map. But it's only Jack's vision. Jack's heaven. The scene starts to break up and Jack steps out of a room into heaven's white hallway saying "something's wrong". He's chased by a tsunami of black goo down the hallway and ducks into another one of heaven's rooms to escape.

In the bunker, Dean wakes up with his head on the table. Hung over. Sam (looking not hung over at all) and Cas (also unaffected) are out in the main room talking to someone. Dean stumbles out and Cas introduces Dean to the older woman with them...Lily Sunder. She's aged a great deal since they last saw her. Every time she killed an angel (vengeance for an
angel killing her daughter), she lost a piece of her soul. This apparently aged her. She still has the eye patch she had the last time we saw her. Dean points out that she got old. She says it's a side effect of giving up magic.

Sam admits to Dean that they called her. Dean reminds Cas that Lily tried to kill him. Cas remembers but has seemingly forgiven her for that. Sam says that while drinking last
night, he realized they'd gone through all the lore to try to find something to save Jack, but never looked to Kevin's angel tablet for an answer. Dean says only a prophet can read that, and Donatello's dead. Lily thinks she might be able to read it; she's an angel expert. Sam thinks that if they can translate the tablet, perhaps they can pull off a miracle. Dean wants
to know what kind of miracle. Cas says "a way to bring Jack home".

Dean says okay (surprisingly). he tells Lily to go for it. Lily looks at the tablet and quickly says she can't read it. But they can use HER magic. Her magic draws power from the soul. Jack's part human. He has a soul. They need to use a piece of Jack's soul to save him. Dean
points out that Jack's soul is gone because he's dead. Cas says maybe not. If Jack's in heaven, Cas might be able to pull his soul back into his dead body for a few seconds. Lily says that might be all the time she needs.

Dean wants to know what this will cost them. Lily replies that she wants to go to heaven. She's sure she'll probably go to hell for killing so many angels. If they want her help, they have to find a way to get her to heaven.

Dean talks to Sam off to the side. Dean's worried about using some of Jack's soul for this. Sam thinks giving up a piece of Jack's soul is worth it to get him back. Dean wants to know how they're going to get Lily into heaven if this works. Call on Death (Billie) or a reaper? Cas says Death and Reapers don't decide who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. Cas says
it's Anubis; guardian of the dead. Sam points out that the whole Egyptian belief of weighing a heart against a feather to see who went to the Elysian Fields or the Underworld was Osiris, not Anubis. Cas explains that Osiris is Anubis' father and Anubis is the new judge of character since heaven "passed over" Osiris and "hired" his son. After God left, heaven hired Anubis. Sam says great; they'll summon Anubis.

In heaven, a girl is throwing a ball for her dog. The dog and Jack walk out of the bushes together. Jack walks up to the little girl. She asks who he is. He tells him he's her son. Suddenly, she's an adult; Kelly Kline. She's so happy to see him. But she doesn't understand how he's there or grown up. He asks if she knows where she is. She realizes her dog she's
playing with is dead. Jack tells her she's living in her memories because she's in heaven. She remembers she died the day Jack was born. She wants to know why Jack's there. She realizes he's dead too. She says Cas was supposed to take care of him. Jack says they did; Cas and Sam and Dean. They tried, but things didn't go as planned. That's why he had to see
if she was okay.

In the bunker; Sam and Dean are alone and arguing. Sam says Lily's writing instructions for Jack. Dean chimes in with "how to use the soul-sucking magic? She's a peach!". Dean's still not in love with the idea of using part of Jack's soul to bring him back. Sam tells Dean they talked about this. Dean knows, but he doesn't like trusting Lily. Sam says they always
take risks and make crappy deals. Dean says that always bites them in the ass. Dean just doesn't trust Lily, but he wants Jack back.

Cas walks in and tells them that he's hearing a distress single on "angel radio". All heaven's gates are open. Even the ones Metatron closed. Cas doesn't know what it means, but it can't be good. Sam tells Cas to go see what's up. When they're ready for him and Jack, they'll pray for him.

Dean paints a sigil on the floor with palm oil to trap Anubis. Sam leaves the room and Dean takes the opportunity to talk to Lily. He apologizes for how he treated her, but something's bugging him. If this magic of hers is so great, why'd she stop using it? Dean figures she's letting herself get old and die. He wants to know why. She's not telling them something.

She says that when the angel killed her daughter, she swore revenge, even if it meant burning her entire soul in the process. She has a sliver of her own soul left. Her daughter is in heaven, and if there's a piece of her soul that can go to her, that's what she wants.

In heaven, Cas walks down the white corridor and sees several angels lying dead on the floor.

Cas checks on them. One sits up gasping. Duma. She tells him she doesn't know what happened. When the black goo rushed down the hall and touched her, everything went black. Cas says he's looking for Jack. He has to find him. Duma begs him not to leave her. He helps her up. They go looking for Jack. They stop by the first place we saw Jack; in front of the cafe. Naomi appears and tells them Jack's gone. She says they're under attack. "It" (the black goo) stormed the gates. There were so few angels, they couldn't defend against it. Cas wants to know what the "it" is she's talking about. She explains it's the thing that rules The Empty. Naomi is surprised Cas didn't know; she knows Cas is the only angel that ever
escaped The Empty. The Empty considers Jack it's property because he's half angel and Naomi says he escaped and The Empty wants him. She thinks they should give it what it wants. Otherwise, heaven will fall and the billions of human souls there will be "cast to the wind". Naomi thinks they have to do this; sacrifice Jack for the greater good.

Cas says "no". Black goo starts to overtake Naomi's face and she tells Cas to run.

Back at the bunker, Sam's chanting to summon Anubis. Lily bleeds onto the trap. They wait. A man with a briefcase appears. He knows who they are. He knows them because they've died many time. He says he's a "back of the house" kind of guy. He does the paperwork.

Anubis asks what they want. Lily says she needs to know where she's going when she dies. Anubis says it's against protocol, but they're already there. He takes out an abacus. He takes Lily's hand and the white and black beads shuffle and change color. There's more black than white. She's going to hell. Sam and Dea say he should change the verdict. He says he
can't. Sam informs him that he'll stay bound then; in the ring of palm oil he's standing in. Sam wants him to make an exception for Lily. He says he can't. It's not him or God that makes the decision; it's every human and their actions during their lifetime that seal their afterlife fate. Anubis says that if they keep him there, it won't change Lily's fate, but it might change Sam and Dean's. Sam scratches out the trap allowing Anubis to escape. Anubis says Sam made a wise decision.

Lily cries.

In heaven, Cas and Duma enter the garden where Jack found Kelly. There's also a house there. Jack and Kelly are inside. Jack says he'll protect Kelly from whatever shows up. He's not expecting Cas. Cas and Jack are glad to see each other. Kelly greets Cas. They hug. He apologizes for failing her. She says he didn't. Jack's wonderful. Cas tells Jack they found a way to bring him back to life; he and Sam and Dean. Cas explains that it involves magic that will use a small part of his soul. He explains that The Empty is after Jack because he's part angel and it won't stop until it finds him...but won't find him if he's not in heaven.

Duma walks in..only it's not's the black thing from The Empty in Duma's body.

In the bunker...
Sam tries to tell Lily she could still do the spell for Jack...she says that's not the deal..she's leaving.

Sam protests, saying, "But he's our kid!"

Dean tells Lily that if she did have any soul left, she'd never let anyone else go through the pain of losing a kid like she did. To them, Jack's their kid.

In heaven...
Cas realizes that Duma is actually The Empty in Duma's body. The Empty asks if Jack's ready to go. Cas tries to defend him. The Empty wants its taking of Jack to hurt Cas.

In the bunker...
Dean's guilt trip must have worked. Jack's body is laid out on a table. Lily takes a look at the picture of her daughter in the locket around her neck and says she's ready.

In heaven, Cas and Kelly both try to fight The Empty and are tossed around the room.

In the bunker; Sam and Dean pray to Cas. He hears them. Lily starts the incantation.

In heaven, Jack tries to strike The Empty, but it starts to choke him. Cas stands up and offers himself to The Emptyinstead of Jack. He points out that he's the one who woke up The Empty; it really wants him. It says Cas is already "mine". Cas says yes, but not for eons, maybe, until he dies. He'll go with the Empty now if Jack is set free.

The Empty agrees, but says not now. It's not taking Cas now. It's going to wait until Cas is truly wants Cas to suffer when he dies for the last time. The Empty will send him back...but the moment he's happy, it's taking him. Cas accepts. Duma collapses and the black
goo leaves her body kind of like a demon smoking out. Duma's not dead though; she wakes up again, confused as to what happened.

Jack is angry that Cas made that deal. He wants to know why he did. Cas says because he loves him and Sam and Dean love him and are fighting for him. Cas asks Jack to keep his deal with The Empty a secret. Cas is at peace with it; he doesn't want Sam and Dean to worry. Jack promises not to tell. Cas tells Jack he should go then; leave heaven as he's summoned back to his body in the bunker. Jack doesn't want to leave his mother, but she tells him to go and have a great life; she'll be waiting. They hug. She tells him she loves him.

Cas puts his hands on either side of Jack's head...

Jack sits up from the table in the bunker. Alive.

Sam makes Jack read a spell right he reads, Lily collapses. Jack's eyes glow briefly. He asks if that was his soul that he felt when his eyes burned, but says he feels good. Dean hugs him. Sam says it's good to have him back. They turn to thank Lily, but she's slumped in a chair, dead.

Next we see Lily in Anubis' office. She asks why she's there. He says it's time to judge her life. She's confused, thinking she was already judged when they summoned Anubis to the bunker. He takes her hand. The beads on the abacus move, but this time, thanks to her selfless choice to bring Jack back, there are more white beads than black. He asks if she knew doing that would change the outcome. She doesn't reply. He tells her to say hello to her
daughter. She smiles.

In heaven, Cas is leaving Kelly's heaven. Naomi meets him in the hall. She says she wants to thank him. What he did, though she knows it wasn't for the angels' benefit, still saved them (by getting The Empty to leave). She says she wants to reward him with the Archangel Michael's location.

Back at the bunker, Sam and Dean and Jack and Cas sit around the kitchen table eating. They stare at Jack. They're glad to have him back, and they know where Michael is. Dean doesn't know how Cas pulled that off. Dean promises they'll find Dark Kaia and the spear to use against Michael, then Michael will pay.

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