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They're free of Chuck. Finally.

Dean's alarm goes off in the bunker. Miracle the dog jumps into his lap and he hugs him. Sam's out running and stops to admire the view. Sam cooks them breakfast. Dean walks in in the dead guy robe, toast pops; Dean brushes his teeth, shirtless Sam scrubs a towel through his hair after a shower. Sam makes his bed. Dean doesn't. Dean does dishes and lets Miracle lick a plate. Sam reads while the ancient washing machine does the laundry, kicking it to keep it going. Dean cleans his weapons on the table, checks his watch, scratches Miracle a little later as he looks intently at the laptop. Sam sits down across from him at the bunker's library table with his own laptop. Sam says there's nothing weird that he's finding online. He asks if Dean has anything. Dean's reading. He says he has something.

"Something" turns out to be a pie festival.

The Akron pie festival. Dean might have tears in his eyes.

Dean sits down with a tray of pie slices - six of them. Sam gives him a look. Dean asks what's wrong and Sam says "Nothing". Dean says no, he knows that face; it's that "sad Sam" face. Sam protests that he's not sad; just thinking about Cas and Jack; wishing they could be there. Dean says he thinks about them too. He tells Sam the pain won't go away, but if they don't keep living, then all that sacrifice is for nothing. He tells Sam to quit being a friggin' Eyore and get into the pie. Sam picks up a cream pie and smashes it into Dean's face, saying he's wanted to do that for a very long time (director Robert Singer laughs in the background as a passer-by).  Sam laughs. He says it made him feel better. Dean calmly scrapes the pie from his face with a fork and eats it.

Elsewhere -
A family is having an evening at home, two brothers playing a game. Mom tells them to get ready for bed. The doorbell rings. The father answers it and no one is there. He turns away from the door and is stabbed through the heart from the back (foreshadowing - ugh). A man in an intimidating skeleton mask enters the house and more follow. Mom and kids run upstairs and the kids hide under the bed. The masked man attacks and the mother, then enters the bedroom where the children are hiding. He checks under one bed, no one there. He drags the children out by the feet from under the other bed.

Sam and Dean show up at the scene of the kidnapping in fed suits. They give the names of Singer and Kripke. The policewoman questions feds coming to look into home invasions. Dean says they're "full service" now.

Sam brings up that one of the bodies was drained of blood. The cop says the kids were taken and the mom was left there alive, but her tongue was ripped out. She drew the cops a picture of the intruders; the skeleton-like faces of the masks.

The cop goes inside. Dean says he recognizes the face she drew and Sam agrees.

Parked under a tree (Kim Manner's tree, I think), Sam and Dean look through John's journal. Back in '86, Dean finds an entry for some kidnappings in Ohio and Sam traces them along a paper map laid out on the Impala's hood. Dean shows Sam the drawing in the journal very similar to the one they just saw drawn by the survivor of the home invasion. Same M.O. - kids taken, adults drained of blood, and the ones that weren't had their tongues ripped out.

Dean says it's evil mimes. Sam helpfully adds that it's probably vampires. Dean seizes on vampire mimes. Sam smiles.

Sam says that if it's the same nest from back in the '80's and the pattern holds, they'll target Canton next. Dean describes what kind of families are usually targeted; they need to find someone in Canton that fits the pattern.

When the vampires show up for their next victims, Sam and Dean are waiting. They behead one and capture another - shooting it in the knee as well as the forehead.

They question the captive, not dead in spite of being shot in the forehead. Dean's a bit disappointed it's not a mime, since it's talking; he says it's still evil though. Sam explains to the vampire that he was shot with a bullet soaked in Dead Man's Blood.

Dean asks about the kids the nest grabbed a few nights ago. Sam says the guys needs to talk. Dean says he'll behead him quickly if he talks. If he doesn't, Sam will come at him with the small knife that will be much more painful. It could take hours if he chooses that route.

Dean says that if the kids are dead, Sam will kill him with a spoon.

The vamp says they aren't dead; they're with the nest. They take a "harvest" - they raise the kids they take and feed off them.

Sam makes the vamp give up the location of the nest.

They arrive at the nest location - an old barn.

Dean opens the trunk and they take out the weapons they'll need. Dean really wants to use the ninja stars. Sam says no. Dean puts them back, disappointed, and takes a machete instead.

Inside the barn, it's quiet. But the vampires are lurking everywhere, watching them. They go to open a door and they find the brothers inside. They tell them to get out. They turn only to be confronted by four vampires in masks. They tell the boys to run. Dean sizes up the vamps and nods, saying, "Okay".

They face off.

The fight starts. Sam and Dean advancing. Machetes fly on both sides. Sam beheads one. Another slams Sam to the ground. Dean beheads one and knocks the weapon away from another. While Sam's knocked out on the ground, the vampire that was attacking him goes to help his nest-mate with Dean, coming up on him from behind and pulling him to the ground. They both hold Dean down as a fifth vampire enters. She doesn't have a mask. Dean recognizes her as Jenny - from their first vampire hunt after reuniting with John - she was turned by the nest way back then after being kidnapped. Dean thinks this might be a good thing. He tries to get her talking as the other two vamps haul him to his feet. Dean asks if she's the big boss. She says no, she just called dibs on him. She bares her fangs, preparing to bite Dean, but Sam beheads her from behind before she can.

The two remaining vampires resume fighting. Sam's fighting one hand-to-hand with his fist and the machete in his other hand. Dean is fighting the other in a similar way. Sam gets some distance between himself and the vampire he's fighting; enough to have room to swing his machete and he beheads that vampire, leaving only the one still fighting with Dean. Dean runs at him and the vampire stops him cold, shoving him backwards and up against a post with a large piece of metal rebar sticking out of it near chest-level.

The vampire completely impales Dean on the rebar.

Dean's face changes; he knows what just happened and how bad it is.

Dean's hands scrabble at the vampire's mask, trying to keep him away. The vampire prepares to punch Dean, but Sam beheads him from behind first.

Dean lets out a breath, seem to be struggling a bit for air.

Sam looks around, then at Dean. He doesn't realize that anything is wrong. Sam says they need to go find the kids and get them out of there. He has no idea what happened to Dean.

Dean stops him by saying his name. Dean touches his own chest. He says he doesn't think he's going anywhere. Sam doesn't understand - wants to know what Dean's talking about. Dean tells Sam there's something in his back. It feels like it's right through him. Sam reaches around to feel - Dean's obviously in a lot of pain. Sam pulls his hand away covered in Dean's blood. Dean curses. Sam makes a move to try to get Dean off the rebar but Dean tells him not to move him. He says it feels like the rebar is the only thing holding him together and he starts to struggle for air. He tells Sam to give him a minute. Sam starts to call for help or get the first aid kit. Dean stops him again by repeating his name a few times. He asks Sam to stay
with him. Please. Sam agrees. Dean says "okay" and tries to get his thoughts together. He tells Sam to listen to him. He tells him to get the boys somewhere safe. Sam starts to panic. Sam says THEY are going to get
them somewhere safe. Dean says no.

(The rest of this scene will be word for word because it was perhaps THE most amazing moment of acting and dialog in the entire fifteen years of the show. So emotional. So important.  Totally gut-wrenching.)

Dean: You knew it was always going to end like this for me. It's supposed to end like this, right? I mean, look at us. Saving people, hunting things, it's what we do -

Sam: Stop! Just; stop -

Dean: It's okay, it's okay, it's good (nods slightly and even smiles a little), it's good. We had one hell of a ride, man.

Sam looks stunned. What's happening starting to sink in.

Sam: I will find a way, okay? I wil find another way -

Dean: No, man, no (deep breath) no no no no bringing me back, okay? You know that always ends bad.

Sam: Dean...please

Dean: I'm fadin' - I'm fadin' pretty quick so there's a few things I need you to hear. Come here.

Dean reaches for Sam and Sam steps closer, reaching for Dean. Dean rests a hand on Sam's shoulder.

Dean: Let me look at you.

Dean smiles barely like his eyes can't focus and then they do.

Dean: Yeah, there he is. I'm so proud of you, Sam. Do you know that? I've always looked up you. Remember when we were kids? You were so damn smart. You never took any of dad's crap. I never knew how you did that.

Sam's crying openly now.

Dean: And you're stronger than me. You always have been. Hey, did I ever tell you, d'I ever tell you that night, that night that I uh, that I came for you (Dean struggles to keep talking) at school? You know when dad hadn't come back from his hunting trip?

Sam: (Nods and chokes out) Yeah, the woman in white.

Dean: The woman in white. That's right. I must've stood outside your dorm for hours, because I didn't - I didn't know what you would say. I thought you'd tell me to get lost. Or get dead. (Dean's voice breaks) And I didn't know what I would've done if I didn't have you. 'Cause I was so scared. I was scared, 'cause when it all came down to it it was always you and me. It's always been you and me.

Sam nods through tears.

Sam: Don't leave me. Don't leave me. I can't do this alone.

Dean: Yes you can.

Sam cries and shakes his head "no".

Sam: Well I don't want to.

Dean: Hey, I'm not leaving you. I'm gonna be with you, right here (Dean balls up his fist and presses it against Sam's heart) every day. Every day you're out there (Dean grimaces in pain) and you're living and you're fighting 'cause you, you always keep fighting. You hear me?

Sam nods, crying.

Dean: I'll be there. Every step. I love you so much. My baby brother.

Sam sobs.

Dean looks to the ceiling.

Dean: Oh, man. I did not think this would be the day. But it is. It is, and that's okay. (Dean looks back at Sam) I need you to promise me. I need you to tell me that it's okay. (Dean's eyes start to lose their focus) I need you to tell me it's okay. Look at me. I need (Dean's speech starts to falter) I need you tell me it's okay.

Dean looks more vulnerable than he's ever been.

Dean: You tell me. Tell me it's okay.

Sam puts his hand over Dean's hand that's over the injury on his chest. Tear flowing.

Sam: Dean, it's okay. You can go now.

Dean looks relieved. He moves his hand from Sam's shoulder to on top of Sam's hand on his chest.
Sam rests his forehead against Dean's.

Dean: Bye Sam.

Dean's hand slides off of Sam's as he dies. A single tear falls from his eye with his last breath, his mouth opens and his head falls forward, lifeless, against Sam's shoulder. Sam puts his hand on the back of Dean's head and sobs as they stand in the barn surrounded by headless vampires.

Some time later -

Sam stands next to the pyre. Miracle at his side. Crying. Dean's body is wrapped carefully. He looks down at the lighter and flicks it on. He throws it onto the pyre.

As Dean's body burns, the smoke rises.

Another day -

Sam's alarm goes off. He gets up. Alone in the bunker. He makes breakfast alone. Single piece of toast in the toaster makes him jump as it pops and he cries.

Miracle sits at his feet at the bunker table with the names carved into it. He stares into space, wearing Dean's hoodie. He looks at the names in the table and cries. He walks down the hall with Miracle to Dean's room; just as he left it; bed unmade. He turns on the light. Looks around. He sits on the bed, petting Miracle and looks at everything Dean left in the room; beer bottles on the table, guns on the wall. He cries. He tells Miracle he knows how he feels. Miracle whines. He says, "Yeah, me too."

A phone buzzes in the drawer of Dean's desk. Sam digs it out. Someone is calling for help on Dean's other other phone. He answers. It's someone calling about bodies missing hearts in Austin. Says Donna told him Dean was the guy to call. Sam swallows hard and says he's on his way.

Sam carries his duffle, Miracle by his side. He walks up the stairs, out of the bunker. shutting the lights off as he goes, and it looks like he's leaving for good. He takes one last look around. The map table...everything. He sighs and walks out the door with Miracle, plunging the bunker into darkness.

Back to Dean's body burning. As the we see it from above...suddenly, Dean's standing outdoors; looking at the mountains. He says to himself at least he made it to heaven. He looks to his right when he hears a "Yup" and sees Bobby, sitting on the porch of Harvelle's Roadhouse. Dean looks around. He asks Bobby what memory this is since heaven is supposed to be a loop of your best memories. Bobby tells him it's not a memory "ya idjit" - Dean's confused; says Bobby was in heaven's lock-up last Dean heard. Bobby tells him that kid of Dean's, Jack, before he went away, made some changes to heaven. Got Bobby out of lock up, then he set some things rights. Tore down all the walls. Heaven isn't a memory loop now. It's what it always should have been. Everyone happy and together. Bobby says Rufus lives fives miles down the road, Dean's mom and dad have a place too. Bobby says it's the heaven Dean deserves and they've been waiting for him. He hands Dean a beer. Bobby tells him that Jack fixed heaven, but Cas helped. Dean smiles. Bobby tells him it's a big new world. He'll see.

Dean takes a drink. It's the same as the first beer John gave him. Crappy beer, but he loves the memory. Dean says it's fantastic. Bobby adds, "Just like this (heaven is fantastic)." Dean looks unsure. He says it's almost perfect. Bobby looks at Dean and tells him, "He'll be along". He tells him that time is different in heaven. Dean has everything he could ever want or dream. Bobby asks Dean what he's going to do now?

Dean looks out to the road and sees Baby. He smiles. He tells Bobby he thinks he'll go for a drive. Bobby tells him to have fun.

Dean gets into the Impala. "Hey, Baby," he says. He fires her up and Carry on My Wayward Son plays. Dean says he loves that song and takes off.

As Dean drives, we see clips of Sam's life back on earth. We see a little boy with "Dean" embroidered on his overalls, a blurry woman standing in the background. As Dean grows, Sam plays catch with him, smiling.

Dean keeps driving in heaven, rocking out to Kansas.

Sam helps his teenage son with homework, glasses on. Smiling like he's proud of him.

Dean drives.

Sam is much older now. He walks into his garage, gray long hair, glasses. He whips the cover off the Impala, and looks like he instinctively goes to get into the passenger side, before going around to the driver's side. He gets in, puts his hands on the wheel, looks to the empty passenger seat. He takes off his glasses, grips the wheel with both hands and closes his eyes. He cries.

Dean drives on in heaven. It's like Sam can feel him through the steering wheel through his grief on earth, but neither gives any sign that they can "sense" anything from the other.

It's years later. Sam is in a hospital bed in his house. He's still wearing Dean's watch. His adult son Dean sits down on the bed, anti-possession tattoo on his forearm. He puts his hand over Sam's as it sounds like Sam's having difficulty breathing. Sam's surrounded by photos of Dean and John and Mary. He smiles at his son. Dean Jr. tells him it's okay, he can go now. Sam smiles weakly. He closes
his eyes, cries one tear, takes his last breath, and flatlines.

In heaven, Dean stops driving as he pulls onto a bridge. He gets out of the Impala. He walks up to the bridge rail, looking out over the valley. He suddenly senses someone behind him. He smiles. "Hey Sammy," he says, turning to see Sam. They are both wearing close to what they wore in the Pilot episode (Jared later said he insisted on this - that the best moment of Sam's life was when he re-joined Dean when Dean came to Stanford, so that's how he'd look when he showed up in heaven.) Sam looks at him almost like he can't believe it. They face each other and Dean pulls him in for a tight hug. Dean looks at him like he can't believe it either; shakes his head slightly. They both walk to the railing, Dean's hand on Sam's neck and look out over the beautiful view. Dean looks like NOW he has everything.  They are together, in their shared heaven, forever.


The very last scene is Jared and Jensen talking directly to us, the fans, thanking us for being with them for 15 years - saying they felt us with them all the way and the show would not have had the longevity it had if not for us.  The drone camera pulls away from them and takes off, showin the entire crew surrounding Jared and Jensen, waving from the bridge.


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