Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things Allusions


Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things was the title of a 1972 zombie movie in which a group of actors lead by their director, Alan, performs a black magic ritual on a island graveyard and causes the dead to rise and kill them all.
Dean: Naw, she went out to rent Beaches.

Beaches (1988 movie) staring Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey, who have a lifelong friendship which is depicted in various stages including their love for the same man.

Dean: My name's Alan, Alan Stanwick.

Referencing the movie "Fletch". Dean presents himself to Lindsey as Alan Stanwyck: this is the name of a character in the movie "Fletch". In this movie Chevy Chase is an ace reporter who is able to create "instant aliases" as Dean and Sam do.

Dean: What you brought back isn’t even your daughter anymore. These things are vicious, they’re violent, they’re so nasty they rot the ground around them. I mean come on, haven’t you seen Pet Sematary?

Referencing the 1989 Stephen King movie Pet Sematary, which was from the 1983 Stephen King book Pet Sematary. In the movie and the book, if something (pet or human) was buried in the Pet Sematary they would come back to life as an evil zombie. Jud Crandall warns the father, Louis Creed early on in the movie and the book that what comes back is not human anymore.

Dean: It's got unrequited "Duckie" love written all over it.

This is a reference to the movie Pretty in Pink. In the movie Jon Cryer plays Duckie, who spends the whole movie pining over his best friend played by Molly Ringwald.

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