Croatoan Quotes

Croatoan Quotes
Sam: Didn't you pay any attention in school?
Dean: Yeah. How bills become laws, the shot heard 'round the world...
Sam: That's not school! That's Schoolhouse Rock!
Dean: .... Whatever.
Dean: That was a little creepy, right? A little too Stepford?
Sam: Big time.
Dean: Well, you are a handsome devil, but I don't swing that way, sorry.
Dean: Put 'em down!
Sergeant: Lower 'em down!
Dean: Put 'em down!
Sergeant: Are you one of 'em?
Dean: No! Are You?
Sergeant: No!
Dean: You could be lying!
Sergeant: So can you!
Dean: Alright, alright!
(Dean and the Sergeant are both pointing guns at one another)
: What's going on with everybody?
: I don't know.
: My neighbor... Mr. Rodgers, h-
: You've got a neighbor named Mr. Rodgers?
Sergeant: Not anymore.
(Dean and the Sergeant are both in the Impala, and are staring and pointing handguns at one another, both suspecting that the other is infected with the virus)
Dean: Well this ought to be a relaxing drive.
Duane: Has anyone seen my mom and dad?
: (has shot and killed both) Awkward.
Dean: Actually, we're not really marshals.
: (looks wearily from Sam to Dean) Okay.
Sam: This is the dumbest thing you've ever done.
: I don't know about that. Remember that waitress in Tampa? (shudders)
Duane Tanner: You aren't gonna shoot me!
Dean: You're gonna shut your pie hole, or I still might.
Sam: Dean, you're my brother, alright? So whatever you're carrying, let me help a little bit.
Dean: Right before dad died, he told me something. He told me something about you.
: What? Dean, what did he tell you?
Dean: I can't tell you. I promised.
Dean: Nobody is shooting my brother
Duane: He isn't going to be your brother for much longer. You said it yourself.
Dean: Nobody is shooting anyone.
Duane: You were going to shoot me.
Dean: You will shut you piehole or I still might.
Sam: Dean, they're right. I'm infected. Just give me the gun and i'll do it myself.
Dean: Forget it.
Sam: Dean, I'm not going to become one of those things.
Dean: Sam, we still have some time.
Sergeant: Time for what? Look I understand he is your brother, and I'm sorry, I am. But we got to take care of this.
Dean: Look, I am going to say this one time, if you make a move on him you will be dead before you hit the ground, you understand me? DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?

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