Croatoan Trivia

Dwayne uses the exact same ritual to contact The Demon that Meg uses in Season One's "Scarecrow."
In the scene where Dean makes the promise to Sam, as the camera pans alongside the Impala, you can see the dolly track on which the camera runs along.
Dwayne Tanner cuts the throat of Mark, yet even though the blood was gushing wildly, the cup when he pulls it away to talk to the demon, is perfectly clean. Then the spatters on the side of the cup disappear according to the camera angle
The sign that is seen as Sam and Dean pull into River Grove, near the beginning of the episode, says "Visit Beautiful Crater Lake - River Grove Chamber of Commerce". Crater Lake does actually exist in Oregon, but there is no town of River Grove in Oregon. However, there is a town of Rivergrove, but it is not located near Crater Lake.
A Master Sargeant (Sarge) is four ranks above a Corporal (John) in the Marine Corps. A MS is an E8, a Corporal is an E4. John was a member of Echo 2/1, which is a part of the 2nd Battalion , 1st Marines Regiment (2/1). That unit participated in the War in Vietnam, November 1965-May 1971

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