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We start out with Dean waking up (sadly, he’s wearing a shirt) in a motel room. Both he and Sam have rifles aimed at them by two masked idiots, oh um, I mean assailants who have somehow already grabbed Dean’s gun from under the pillow, so our boys are sitting in bed, staring down the barrels of shotguns with no way to defend themselves.

Dean quickly identifies the men as fellow hunters who go by the names Roy and Walt. Apparently Sam’s contribution in starting the apocalypse is well known among hunters. Without letting Sam explain, Walt double-taps the youngest Winchester in the chest. Our fair Sam is dead…again.

Roy doesn’t want to kill Dean, but Walt insists, since Dean has made them. He seemed a wee bit scared of the older Winchester getting revenge for his fallen brother. Dean eggs Roy on, telling him to do it, and he gives the two men a fair warning. When Dean comes back, he’s going to be pissed. Roy still can’t seem to do it, so Walt does it for him. Our angry, yet kind-hearted Dean is dead…again.Dean wakes up in the Impala. It’s parked on the side of the road next to a field. A thirteen-year old Sammy walks up to Dean with a box of fireworks telling his brother to “Come on.” Believing that he is asleep, Dean follows young Sam into the field and they light up the fireworks. He recalls that the “dream” is of the Fourth of July he spent with Sam when they were younger. A fond memory of Dean’s. As the fireworks go off and the sky lights up, Dean flashes on him and adult Sam being shot. When it’s over, young Sam is no longer there.

Dean walks back to his car, seemingly a bit disappointed that the dream has changed, when Castiel communicates through the radio. Our favorite angel tells Dean that he is not dreaming, and Dean once again flashes on being shot and realizes he is in fact, dead…again. Cass also reveals that Dean is in heaven, which shocks Dean just a bit. Of course, question number two is, where’s Sam? Cass tells Dean to follow the road and he’ll find his brother.

Dean comes upon a solitary house on the side of the road. Inside, Sam is sitting at a table with a family eating Thanksgiving dinner. He looks like he’s feeling a bit awkward, and it doesn’t help when the teenage girl squeezes his knee under the table. Dean walks in and can’t help poking a bit of fun at his brother. Sam also thinks that he’s in a dream, until Dean explains that they are in heaven. Sam is extremely confused as how he got to heaven, considering his tendencies towards the dark side. Sam thinks maybe heaven in his words “Is a place where you relive your greatest hits.” In other words you get to play out your favorite memories of life.

In the middle of their conversation there’s an earthquake of sorts. A light shines through the windows and the boys duck out of the way. Cass comes on the TV and tells them not to go into the light. Zachariah wants to send them back to earth. The boys think the problem is solved, but Cass has other ideas. He wants them to follow the road to the Garden to meet up with Joshua, an angel who talks to God. Cass can’t do it himself because he is no longer allowed in heaven.

Problem: they go outside and the road is gone. Going back into the house, Dean starts checking cupboards and drawers looking for the road. Sam thinks this is insane, but Dean finds an old match-box car race track in the closet. When they look around again they find themselves in Dean’s old bedroom. They’re home and Dean is wearing an “I Wuv Hugz” shirt. Sam of course has to laugh.

Mary (not young hot Mary, but the stunning, ever beautiful adult Mary) appears and makes Dean a PB&J and cuts off the crusts for him. Sam is anxious to get back on the road, probably because Mary can’t see him, but Dean wants a few more moments with his mom. After Mary has a fight with John on the phone, she and Dean have a touching mother and son moment. Then the boys continue on their journey.

Sam finds a postcard in a drawer, and they wind up in a motel in Flagstaff. Sam apparently had an adorable dog named Bones. Dean is not thrilled that this is a happy memory of Sam’s, since the younger Winchester ran away and lived on his own for two weeks. This happened on Dean’s watch, and it scared the hell out of him. Apparently, John Winchester was none too happy either. Dean makes them quickly move on only to get into another one of Sam’s memories.

The night Sam left for Stanford is his next greatest hit. Dean is not amused by Sam’s version of heaven. It seems all of Sam’s happiest memories were extremely painful ones for Dean. They argue and Dean begins to question Sam’s loyalty to the family. Really though, his loyalty to Dean.Before they can finish, the search lights start again, and they take off into the woods. Zachariah appears, chiding them for running from angels, on foot and in heaven. While his back is turned, the boys take off. Zachariah sees them, but before he can get to them, a masked luchador appears and gestures for the boys to follow him. He puts an angel ward on a wooden door and they go inside.

The luchador reveals himself as none other than the quirky genius who loves to party, Ash. Yes even in heaven he still has his mullet. His heaven is none other than the Roadhouse. Ash explains that heaven is a lot like Disneyland. Everyone has their own little piece of heaven that makes up the entirety, but you’re not supposed to be able to go into anyone else’s heaven. Ash being Ash of course figured out a way. He also did not know Jo and Ellen were dead, and the boys didn’t realize they’d been to heaven before. Apparently, multiple times.

Pamela the psychic makes an appearance and tries to convince Dean to maybe consider saying yes to Michael. Ash finds a shortcut to the garden and, after Pamela gives Dean a goodbye kiss, Sam and Dean go through the door.

They’re back home again. Mary comes in and starts crushing Dean emotionally, saying she never loved him, he was a burden, and everyone always leaves him. It seems Ash’s shortcut was a beeline straight to Dean’s hell. The lights go all eerie green and Zachariah comes in. He’d found them.

After Zach beats up the boys a bit and insinuates the quality time he’ll spend with their mother, a new player joins the game. He tells Zachariah that he needs to speak with the boys, on orders from God. Zachariah and his goons disappear.

The boys appear in the garden and find the new player is Joshua. They want to send a message to God but instead find out God has a message for them. “Back off.” Joshua goes on to say that God has already intervened more than he has in a long, long time, and he’s not doing it anymore. God is not going to lift a finger to help in the apocalypse. Apparently, it’s not his problem.

Dean and Sam are not happy about this and Joshua tells them that they won’t be able to find God with the amulet. Dean refers to God as a deadbeat dad, and Joshua apologizes, saying he wishes there was more he could do to help. He sends the boys back, but this time it’s different. This time God wants them to remember their stay in heaven.

They wake up back in their bloodied bodies. Their last hope against the devil has been dashed. Dean calls Castiel who immediately appears. Cass wonders if Joshua was lying, but Sam says he doesn’t believe so. Cass curses God and gives Dean back the amulet. He doesn’t need it anymore. Sam tries to stop Cass from leaving but is unable to do so.

Sam tells Dean they’ll still stop Lucifer. Somehow, some way, the two of them will triumph. Dean is unconvinced and silently grabs his things and walks to the door. With a heartbroken Sam looking on, Dean drops the amulet into the garbage and walks out.

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