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If dead men's blood incapacitates vampires, why did the team not take blood-soaked arrows as well as machetes when first entering the nest?
When Dean and Sam run out of the vampire nest you can see Sam holding the machete in his right hand, but when they get to the cars he doesn't have it. He doesn't have it when they are inside the nest either.
When we first see John outside the Impala, the window is completely closed, the when John gets in the car, the window is open about halfway, and when John leaves and talks to Dean through the window, the window is open almost all the way.
When telling the legend of the Colt, John says it was made the same night in 1835 when all the men died at the Alamo. The Battle of the Alamo, however, occurred in 1836.
Daniel's last name was given as Elkins. However, he was listed as D. Elkin in the journal
Dean's Dad was the one to give him the Impala.

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