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Bobby's dog is never seen or mentioned again.
When Bobby is talking to Sam about the Key of Solomon, you can see Dean in the background, mouthing hisnext lines.
At the end of the episode, when Sam is driving his dad and Dean to the hospital, Sam looks in the rearview mirror to look at Dean. When we see Dean in the mirror, he is in a different position than we we see him behind Sam.
When Sam was drawing the "Devil's Trap" on Dean's car, Dean smears the drawing making the trap useless.
When Dean realizes that John is possessed and pulls the gun out on him, for a brief moment following the commercial break you can see Jensen Ackles looking at the camera waiting for his acting cue. Shortly, after you see his eyes shift to Jeffrey Dean Morgan and they begin the scene.
As Sam is checking to make sure John isn't possessed, he splashes him with holy water. However, the very first time Sam splashes him, although you hear the noise like water is coming out of the flask, no water comes out.
When Dean shoots the possessed man who was attacking Sam in the street, you can see he falls over with his legs staying on top of Sam's. But when the camera pans out the man is lying farther away and his legs are nowhere near Sam's.
Right near the end of the episode where possessed John is 'killing' Dean how come blood was dripping down the outside of Dean's t-shirt? Shouldn't it be on the inside seen as, presumably, the blood was coming from his chest?
Both Meg's hands and feet were tied and yet when Sam and Dean are untying the rope they barely have to work to get out the knots on her hands and they don't even untie her feet yet in the next shot the rope is lying untied on the floor.
When Dean hits Meg, her hair gets messed up, but in the next shot, her hair is undisturbed.
When the possessed John is "killing" Dean he has blood coming out of his mouth and dripping down his chin. Then they show John but when they go back to Dean he doesn't have any blood on his face.

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