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Carry On My Wayward Son...(always love knowing they will play that while recapping the season before the finale)

We start right where the last episode ended; in the bunker...Dean has made it look like he's going to accept Gadreel's help in going up against Metatron, but, instead, in the last episode, as he pretended to reach out to shake Gadreel's hand, he suddenly sliced him with the First Blade.

Dean seems animalistic and possessed, lunging for Gadreel. Cas tries to hold him back and Sam gets between Dean and Gadreel.

Dean yells at Sam to move. While Cas restrains Dean, Sam is able to grab the First Blade...Dean doesn't want to let loose. Sam tells Dean to "let it go" (nice symmetry to the finale of season 8 with Dean telling Sam to "let it go" when the trials were killing him).

Next, Dean is standing in the dungeon of the bunker. Sam tells him something is wrong with him and he's going to have to stay in the dungeon until they can figure out how to fix it. Dean thinks they're crazy. He tells them there's no way they can take on Metatron themselves. Cas lost his Grace and Sam is going to lock up the only guy (Dean) who can get the job done.

Cas and Sam don't listen. They lock him up as Dean starts to beg Sam ("Sammy") not to leave him there.

Cas tells Sam that Dean's not wrong; Cas has no followers to help them. Sam reminds Cas that Gadreel said he can help. Sam locks the First Blade in a box. Sam says Gadreel's help is just as valuable as Cas' followers would have been. Sam sees it as an even trade.

Sam and Cas go to talk to Gadreel, only to find him gone; there is only some blood left on the floor.

Back in the dungeon, Dean is throwing up. He's throwing up blood. He walks over to a mirror and looks at himself. It looks like he's not sure what he's looking at.

In heaven...
Metatron is typing away. His assistant tries to get his attention by calling him name, but he will only answer to "God".

His assistant asks if he's working on the new "angel handbook". Metatron says, no, he's working on a story. It's full of love and heartbreak, and love....his assistant asks if it's "like The Notebook" because he loves "The Notebook".

Metatron says, no, it's not like that. Metatron is trying to pick out something to wear that makes him "look pathetic". The assistant wonders why he wants to do that; he just united all of the angels under the banner of heaven and that's like..."Winning a People's Choice Award?", questions Metatron. "Not quite the real deal, is it?" he asks his assistant. (Really appreciating the humor early on here; I love the People's Choice Award comment.)

The assistant is setting up an intercom/radio system. If Metatron talks, all angels everywhere will hear only him; it blocks out anything else. He tries it, and it's got a ridiculous amount of reverb. Metatron says he doesn't want to sound like Lou Gehrig. The assistant fixes it so he sounds normal.

Metatron talks to all of the angels; telling them he's moved that they've accepted him as their new God. He says he's going on a short trip, and heaven's door will be closed while he's gone; but he'll explain everything when he gets back, and it will be glorious.

He tells his assistant that he's leaving in order to tell the rest of the story.

Back on earth, Sam and Cas are looking for Gadreel. They find him out in a meadow. Gadreel looks like he's trying to defend himself when Cas comes towards him and he and tells Cas and Sam that he'll leave them alone (apparently the attack by Dean scared him). Cas kneels down and tells Gadreel they aren't there to hurt him. Cas reaches out to heal him. Gadreel says he shouldn't; Cas is weak and healing him will only weaken him further. Cas ignores him and heals him anyway. It visibly weakens Cas.

Gadreel asks Cas if he heard Metatron's broadcast. Cas confirms that he did and asks Gadreel where Metatron is. Cas asks what Metatron wants. Gadreel says he wants "humanity".

Crowley is getting a massage. The masseuse is surprised that he's so stressed after getting rid of Abaddon. She tells him that his demon followers may be looking for some "direction" from him. Crowley responds that if he wanted a massage from Dr. Phil, he would have hit "3" on the speed dial. The masseuse stops trying to give him advice.

It appears there is something like an earthquake and the masseuse tells Crowley it looks like he's being summoned. "It's a Winchester," she says.

It's Dean. He's summoning Crowley to the dungeon. Crowley appears asking what that smell is (Dean's vomit). Dean asks Crowley, "What's happening to me, you son of a b i t c h?"
Crowley gives him a smart remark about it maybe being a "bad taco" (reference to Mystery Spot!).

Dean's upset. He tells Crowley he "can't turn it off". Since he killed Abaddon, it's different. He gets a high when he kills and just NEEDS to kill. If he doesn't kill, "you yak your guts out," finishes Crowley.

Crowley tells him it's the Mark. The more you kill, the better you feel. The less you kill "the less better you feel".

"How much 'less better'?" asks Dean, looking nervous.

"One would imagine the least 'less better'," responds Crowley.

"So dead," confirms Dean and Crowley nods.

Dean points out that Cain had the Mark and he didn't die. But Crowley reminds Dean that Cain was a demon. Dean's body isn't strong enough to contain the Blade's power. Dean asks what if he gets rid of the Mark? Crowley kind of cautiously asks if Dean really wants to get rid of it. Crowley knows Dean needs it to have a chance against Metatron and Dean says that's what he really wants; to get Metatron. But to do that, he has to get out of the dungeon and get his hands on the blade. He tells Crowley that Crowley needs to help him.

Out in the bunker...
Sam, Cas, and Gadreel smell sulphur and Sam discovers that the Blade is missing from the box where he locked it up.Sam tries to call Dean. He's not answering. He leaves Dean a message, telling him not to do it "like this". Sam hangs up and Cas asks if he's sure it's Crowley. Sam's sure. Sam says Crowley and Dean have been bromancing over the Blade ever since Dean got the Mark.

This is the first time Gadreel has realized that Dean has the Mark of Cain. He realized that Dean cut him with the First Blade and tells Sam that might be useful. Gadreel confirms that with the First Blade AND the Mark, Dean might be their best chance against Metatron. Cas agrees. Sam doesn't like this. He thinks they are using Dean as a "warhead"; arming him and hoping he hits the target. Sam reminds them this isn't a bomb they're talking about, it's his brother.

Gadreel says that Dean wouldn't be alone; they would help. Gadreel believes that Metatron has been able to tap into the power of the angel tablet; this gives him power equal to that of "God," says Sam as he finishes Gadreel's sentence.

Gadreel confirms that Metatron basically wants to be God. Sam figures that makes him unstoppable. Cas thinks it might work to break the connection between Metatron and the angel tablet; the source of his power. If that could happen, Metatron would be just an ordinary angel again.

Cas and Gadreel decide they have to try to get to the tablet. Sam thinks that it would look very suspicious for Metatron's #2 (Gadreel) to just show up with Cas, but Cas says they have to attempt it.

Elsewhere...a young woman is talking on the phone and walks right in front of a car. She's hit head-on and dies. Metatron, looking like a regular man on the street, shows up and says he's not so sure she's dead.

Elsewhere...Dean and Crowley walk into a restaurant. Crowley looks around. Dean orders coffee. Crowley chides him for being so cheap while he's spreading out his laptop and his other stuff like an overgrown teenager all over the table. Dean gives him a look and orders a double cheeseburger instead.

Crowley looks around again and starts talking; wondering if this is how Dean and "moose" spend their time; criss-crossing the country, looking for evil, sleeping with women...Crowley wants to know if Dean ever gets tired of the rat race...if he ever wants to just "bugger off and howl at the moon"? Crowley wants to know if Dean ever wants more out of life or is this all there is?

Dean is looking at him like he's losing patience. Crowley quickly makes the excuse that he "drank human blood" so, therefore, he's waxing a bit poetic here. Dean asks if Crowley is now "full metal douche" again. Fantastic. Would he like a stuffed bear? Crowley says he's just trying to make conversation. To which Dean asks, "how's hell, Crowley?" Crowley says hell is fine; it's like a Swiss watch. He tells Dean not to worry about hell. Crowley re-thinks for a moment and says, "hell's complicated".

Dean responds that "Game of Thrones" is complicated and shower sex is complicated; hell's not complicated. Crowley's problem isn't hell, it's himself. Crowley starts to get a bit irritated. Dean says HIS problem is Metatron and right now he can't find anything about where Metatron might be (Dean's been searching on his laptop throughout this whole exchange with Crowley).
No signs of Metatron. Several demons in suits enter the diner. Crowley refers to them as his "cavalry". One whispers in Crowley's ear and hands him a cell phone. There's a video of the woman hit by the car being brought back to life by Metatron; it's gone viral on the internet. Metatron whispers something in the woman's ear on the video. Metatron looks into the camera and says his name is "Marv".

Crowley says the video was shot a couple hours ago in Muncie, Indiana. Dean wants to know what Metatron whispered in the woman's ear when he brought her back to life. "Exactly," Crowley says; confirming that that's what they need to find out. Dean, looking like a man on a mission, closes up his laptop and heads out. Crowley watches him very carefully. Before he leaves, Crowley questions why he didn't touch his hamburger. Dean throws down some
tip money and says he's not hungry as he leaves. It looks like the wheels are turning in Crowley's brain.

Cas and Gadreel pull up to a playground. There's a child swinging on the swings and a woman sitting on a bench. Gadreel says they are both angels; two of Metatron's most trusted who are guarding the gate which is there, but unseen. Gadreel asks Cas about his "plan"; how he thinks these guards will let them pass. Cas holds up a pair of handcuffs and says "Wookie". (Now that Metatron gave Cas a vast wealth of pop culture knowledge, Cas is going to
re-create the scene from Star Wars where Han Solo attempts to get Chewbaca past the guards by pretending he is his prisoner...) Gadreel has no idea what Cas is talking about.

They approach the "guards"; Gadreel leading Cas in handcuffs. Gadreel tells them that Metatron gave him the order to capture Cas so that Metatron could question "the leader of the rebellion". The guards look at each other but agree to let him in.

Dean, with Crowley, pulls into a trailer park. Sam's standing outside one of the trailers. Dean says he's "got this" and gets out.

Sam informs Dean that he (Sam) doesn't need a demon to follow a clue trail. Sam talked to the woman who Metatron brought back from the dead (it must be her trailer he's standing in front of)...Sam got there before Dean and Crowley. Dean says if Sam thinks this is some kind of intervention, he's wrong. Dean says he's not going to explain himself to Sam. Sam says yeah, he kinda got that, but Dean might want to know that while he and Crowley have been playing "odd couple", Dean's real friends; Cas and Gadreel, who Dean stabbed, are, at this moment risking their asses to help Dean win this fight. And Dean made this fight a lot more complicated when he decided to stab Gadreel; the one angel that could help get them to Metatron.

Dean defends himself saying that Gadreel took Sam for a joyride AND slaughtered Kevin; so Dean felt he had it coming.

Sam points out that Dean let Gadreel "in the front door" in the first place. Sam angrily tells Dean that Dean tricked him (with Gadreel) and it's Sam who has to wake up in the middle of the night seeing HIS hands killing Kevin. Not Dean.

Sam says that if Dean doesn't want to explain anything to him, fine, don't. He gets it. Dean just stares at him, expressionless.

Sam continues to say that he also understands that Metatron has to go. Sam looks down and says that he knows Dean is their best shot at Metatron. Dean nods and says he's going to take his shot at Metatron; for better or for worse (sounding like he was never waiting for Sam's permission). Crowley listens with interest.Dean says he's doing this "no matter the consequences". Sam says he knows. Sam looks emotional. He's looking at Dean like someone who really cares about him. Dean is looking at Sam like Sam's emotions aren't registering with Dean at all.

Sam goes on...saying that if this is it, they're going to do it together. Dean doesn't respond. Sam asks Dean if he wants to know what Metatron whispered to the woman he brought back to life. This is the first time Dean really looks interested/invested in the conversation; he wants to know. Sam says Metatron told the woman where he was going to go next. It looks like Dean's brain has immediately clicked into gear; a man on a mission.

Crowley pipes up asking what are they all waiting around and talking for then? "Chop, chop!" Sam and Dean both look at him and it finally looks like they might be a united front. Crowley is a bit insulted. He says he's not exactly "demon minion #3". He continues, "As the kids say, I've got 'mad skills'."

Dean walks over to Crowley. He says he doesn't know what Crowley expected and he doesn't really care. Crowley wanted off the hamster wheel, now's the time for him to get off. Crowley sighs, resigned, and says he guesses he's been "Winchestered". He says he'd wish Sam and Dean luck in their mission against Metatron...if he thought it would help. Then he disappears.

Back at the playground...
One of the angels guarding heaven's gate has drawn an elaborate crop-circle-like pattern in the sand of the sandbox. As she finishes, smoke and light start to rise from the design. The gate is open and Gadreel and Cas step into the light.They enter heaven as they get out of an elevator. One of the angels who greets them tells Gadreel "well done"; she's sent word to Metatron that he has Cas. She says Gadreel can wait for him in his office.

As soon as they get into Metatron's office, the ground starts to shift. The office decor falls away and is replaced with jail cells that rise up from the floor, trapping Cas and Gadreel each in their own cell. Gadreel yells "not here!"; this is apparently where he was locked up for centuries after his transgressions in the Garden of Eden.

The angel who greeted them asked if Gadreel really thought his ruse would work. She tells Cas that Gadreel can give him the tour of "heaven's jail".

Back on earth...
Metatron enters a homeless encampment. One of the homeless people recognizes him as "Marv" from the video. (How she recognizes him when his face is completely obscured by a large hood is beyond me.) The woman leads him to her friend George. George is in a bad way. He has heard that "Marv" can perform miracles. He asks him for a single malt.

The woman chastises him. Marv/Metatron says that perhaps he should take care of George's diabetes instead. He heals him.

Another homeless man points at Metatron and calls out that he is a fraud. Metatron asks how he can be a fraud when he's asking for nothing in return. He just wants to spread a little love and hope. The homeless man says he knows he is Metatron. He calls him out as an angel. The accusing man is an angel too. He calls Metatron the former scribe of God who is just a petty, unliked, unloved angel driven by the relentless pursuit of power and nothing else. The man says that Metatron already has the other angels under his iron thumb.

Another woman steps forward to defend Metatron. She says that what is true is what she can see with her own eyes. She tells the accusing angel that calling Metatron "pathetic" and "common" is not an insult. Everyone there is pathetic and common (hearing someone sympathetic to him and defending him, Metatron quietly retracts his angel blade which
had slid down his sleeve in case he had to silence his accuser). She woman defending him says Metatron has a great gift.

The accuser says that if the woman had seen what he has seen, they'd see Metatron as an abomination. The man he healed counters that Metatron is a miracle worker. The woman defending him adds that he's a messiah (Metatron likes this label and, under his breath says, "<that's> better".)

The accuser says he must do what his mission demands and he produces an angel blade from his sleeve. The other homeless people then fall upon the fallen angel; beating him and kicking him. Metatron watches with glee; seeing how the people have protected him he shakes his head, smiling, and says, "they love me...they really, really love me" (Sally Fields!). Now that he sees he has the people behind him, Metatron drops his own angel blade and kicks it
towards one of the homeless people. He says he's giving them a little help. George, who Metatron healed, picks up the blade and stabs the accusing angel through a blanket. A little light shows from under the edge of the blanket as the accusing angel dies. Metatron smiles.

Dean's hand is shaking as he lays it on the First Blade, wrapped up in its leather wrapper in the trunk of the Impala. He closes his eyes as if feeling the power. Sam walks up behind him. Dean quickly lets go of the blade and stands up.

Dean asks if Sam's found anything. Sam says yes. Metatron's about a mile up the road in a homeless encampment...people are talking like Metatron is some kind of new Jesus.

Sam asks Dean if he's good. Dean says yes he's good. He's acting a bit like the Dean we know and love, but it is also a bit of an act. Sam looks extremely unsure. Sam takes the First Blade out of the trunk and hands it to Dean. Sam looks very worried; like he's wondering what Dean's reaction will be to actually getting to hold it. He scrutinizes Dean.

Dean says, "Listen, Sammy, about the last couple of months -".

"I know," responds Sam, nodding. Nothing more is said about the giant rift between them.

Sam continues, saying that before they find something else to fight about, "tell me, you ready to cut this b i t c h ?". (This is the most adult and self-assured that I may have ever seen Sam. He's ready to go in with Dean; all the way.)

Sam bends down and when he stands back up again to face Dean, Dean punches him. Knocking him out cold. Dean looks down at him and says, "Sorry little brother. It's not your fight," without much emotion. Dean walks away from Sam, lying unconsciencous on the ground.

Back in heaven...
The angel who used to be Cas' second in command (Hannah) is standing outside of his cell talking to him. She's asking Cas if he really wants her to believe that Metatron set Cas up; arranging the suicide bombers to make himself (Metatron) look like the victim. Cas asks her to think about why Gadreel would turn again Metatron; he was his second in command; he'd only do that so that the truth could come out. Cas and Hannah argue. She can't really trust
someone with Gadreel's history and she doesn't think much more highly of Cas. Cas tries to tell her that Metatron is the reason for all of their suffering. She feels Cas can't prove anything he's telling her. Cas asks her to give him a chance to prove it. Cas wants her to let him and Gadreel out.

Gadreel sits in his own cell, he looks at a pile of sharp stone fragments and seems to be getting an idea.Back at the homeless encampment, Dean walks up. One of the homeless women recognizes him. Dean is surprised and wants to know how she knows who he is. She says Metatron said he was coming. He asks where Metatron is. "Marv", says George; correcting him. The woman says Metatron is inside a warehouse-looking building praying for their forgiveness. "Forgiveness from what?" asks Dean. The woman glances sideways at a cloth laying in a pile of blood; the spot where the group killed the angel who accused Metatron of being a fraud. Dean understands what happened.

Dean enters the warehouse.

In heaven...
Gadreel is talking to Cas in the cell next to him. He says he spent thousands of years sitting in that cell thinking of nothing but redemption; of clearing his good name. He thought of no one else and not other cause other than himself.

Cas tells him he's been redeemed, but Gadreel continues. Gadreel says that the only thing that matters in the end is the mission. Protecting those who can't protect themselves. Angels can't let their fears or their self-absorption prevent them from seeing the mission through.

In the adjoining cell, Cas agrees with him, wondering why he's talking like this.

Gadreel turns around, revealing a bloody symbol carved into his chest; the same one used by the suicide bomber angels in an earlier episode. He's sweating. He tells Cas to move to the other side of his cell and keep his head down.

Cas asks what Gadreel is doing, but Gadreel just keeps talking. He says that when people say his name, perhaps now he won't just be known as the one who let the serpent in, but as the one who gave heaven a second chance.

Hannah tries to open the cell door to stop Gadreel, but he tells her to run and she does. Gadreel stabs himself with a sharp piece of stone from his cell and essentially becomes a suicide bomber. As he dies and detonates, the bars of the cells blow apart. Hanna walks through the debris and sees Gadreel dead. Cas asks if she believes him now.

Back on earth...
Metatron is sitting on the floor. He appears to be meditating as Dean enters the room. Dean tells him to save his humble pie Jesus routine for someone who gives a damn. Metatron says that Dean's problem is his cynicism. He says that most people, even the real belly-crawlers living in filth, or Brentwood, don't want to be cynical; they just want something to believe in. Dean points out that Metatron wants them to believe in him. Metatron asks "why not?" Dean
points out that Metatron has only been in the homeless encampment for one day and those people have already spilled blood in his name. Dean says that Metatron is nothing but Bernie Madoff with wings.

Metatron asks if Dean is insinuating that he's a fake. Dean doesn't respond. Dean looks nervously from side-to-side as Metatron gets to his feet. Metatron asks Dean if he has any idea how much pancake makeup and soft lighting it took to get God to "work a rope line". Metatron says God hated it and humans sensed that so they prayed harder and longer and fought more wars in his name for what? People just ended up dying from some disease, all the while blaming themselves; thinking it would have gone differently if they had only prayed harder...God would have loved them. Metatron gets more and more angry saying that God didn't even know their names...but he does because he's walked among the people. He says he can save humanity.

Dean says sarcastically, "Sure you long as your mug is in every Bible and 'what would Metatron do' is on every bumper." Metatron's in it for the fame and adoration.

Metatron sees nothing wrong with this. How can Dean blame him for giving the people what they want; a brand they can believe in.

Dean shoots back that he's blaming Metatron for everything; for Kevin, for taking Cas' Grace, for the Cubs not winning the World Series for 100 years. Dean starts unwrapping the First Blade from it's leather binding.

Metatron lays eyes on the Blade. Dean holds it up in front of him and tells Metatron that whatever it is, Dean is blaming Metatron for it. Dean's eyes are wide and he looks like someone possessed.

Metatron recognizes the First Blade and asks Dean that, if he wins, and Metatron dies, what then? All the world would have is a "herd of panty-waisted angels" and Dean. (Dean's hand is shaking holding the blade.) Metatron sees that the Blade is pumping "Lord knows what" through Dean's veins. Dean says the only part of that speech he heard was the part where Metatron dies.

Metatron says fine, they'll fight, but he doesn't know what Dean expects will come of all of this...unless that's why Dean is stalling. Metatron guesses that Dean knows that nothing will come of this fight unless his friends; Cas and Gadreel, succeed in heaven. Dean is taken aback that Metatron knows about their plan. Metatron tells him that Cas and Gadreel locked up in heaven; they aren't going to succeed.

Dean takes a shot at Metatron anyway and he blocks him. Dean lands a punch with his other hand. Metatron is a bit surprised that Dean landed the punch. Metatron comments that that "big blade" and that "douchey tribal tat" sure gave Dean some super-juice. He goads Dean to bring it on.

Dean rushes him with yell and Metatron deftly flings him into a wall. Hard.

In heaven...
Cas is trying to find the angel tablet with Hannah's help, but no one will tell him where it is yet.

On earth...
Dean is getting the crap kicked out of him by Metatron. Dean tries to advance on him, only to be thrown into the wall again. Metatron kicks the First Blade away from Dean's hand, then kicks Dean in the face. He then stomps on Dean's hand. We hear bones breaking.

Metatron says that Dean figured he'd take Abaddon's scalp, then come after him. He taunts Dean, saying that Dean came after him, powered by the bone of a jackass (the First Blade) and figured everything was awesome. Metatron then gets an angry tone, telling Dean that, next time, he should try to be powered by the Word of God instead. He kicks Dean again.

Sam comes running down the stairs into the homeless encampment.

Inside, Metatron continues to beat Dean to a pulp.

Outside, Sam pulls a gun on the homeless people, telling them to stay back and tell him where Metatron is.

In heaven...
Cas is looking around Metatron's office.

On earth...
Metatron beats Dean until he appears to knock him out. Dean is a bloody mess. Dean's not out though; he's woozy and pretty out of it, but he struggles to open his eyes and focus on the Blade laying on floor a short distance away.

He reaches for it.

In heaven...
Cas lifts up Metatron's typewriter to find the glowing angel tablet underneath.

On earth...
Dean wills the Blade to come to him and it does; flying into his hand. As he tries to sit up, Metatron sinks an angel blade deep into Dean's chest and gives it a twist just as Sam comes running in. Metatron pulls the blade back out and Dean gasps and looks stunned. Sam's face is nothing but shock as he yells "NO!"

Dean weakly looks towards Sam as his head falls back against the wall.

We see the angel tablet fall the floor and break into pieces in heaven just as Dean's head hits the floor back on earth and bounces once. He stares straight ahead.

Sam runs to Dean at top speed. Metatron smiles as he watches. Sam gets Dean to sit up. He opens his eyes. He's not dead yet. They feel an earthquake (the fracturing tablet). Sam pulls out an angel blade and takes a swing at Metatron, but he disappears.

Metatron re-appears in heaven in front of Cas. He tells him "Well-played, Castiel." Metatron thinks Cas and Gadreel were able to turn some angels against him. Cas informs him that Gadreel is dead. Metatron sees that the angel tablet is broken. He tells Cas it is arguably the most powerful instrument in the history of the universe and it was broken for what; to save one man. Dean Winchester. Metatron says that Cas "draped himself in the flag of heaven", but really, all along, it was about saving one human. Cas looks to the side. Metatron tells Cas that Dean is dead too and (Cas registers shock) and Cas is sitting in Metatron's chair (handcuffs appear, cuffing Cas to the arms of the chair).

On earth...
Dean is barely alive. He can barely get the words out, but he tells Sam that Sam has to get out of there before Metatron comes back. Sam is trying to make Dean hold a bandana against his chest wound and tells him to save his energy. Sam says they'll get Dean to a doctor or find a spell; he's going to be okay.Dean says, "Listen to me. It's better this way."

"What?" says Sam.

"The Mark," says Dean, "it's making me into something I don't wanna be."

Sam tells him to forget about the Mark; they'll figure that out later. He tries to pick Dean up to get him out of there.

In heaven...
Cas tells Metatron he'll never get away with it. Metatron answers that he'll give the angels some explanation for Cas' story and have them back on his side in no time. Cas says that he doesn't give the angels enough credit; they'll find out that Metatron has been playing them. Metatron says that even if they do find out, the angels won't do anything about it because they are frightened little sheep following his crook wherever it leads. Metatron says that once he gets the angels back to their rightful place atop the mountain of human shame and excrement, back to heaven, once they are there, they won't care HOW they got there.

Back on earth...
Dean is trying to walk, being half carried half dragged by Sam who is putting pressure on the bandana over Dean's massive wound. Dean asks what happened to Sam being okay with this plan. Sam says, "I lied."

"Ain't that a b i t c h," responds Dean.

In heaven...
Metatron is telling Cas that he (Cas) could never quite pull it together because he has no curiosity. His Grace and his reputation are ruined. He tells Cas that he never read enough or learned how to tell a good story. Metatron pulls out an angel blade, still covered in Dean's blood, and prepares to kill Cas.

Cas leans forward and tells Metatron "but you did (learned how to tell a good story)" and then Cas turns and looks at the intercom microphone we saw at the start of the episode. Metatron's whole speech and admission to Cas had been broadcast out to every angel.

Several angels enter Metatron's office and grab him before he can do anything to Cas.

On earth...
Sam is still trying to get Dean out of the building. Dean is looking bad. He tells Sam to "hold up" and stumbles against a low wall, leaning on it. Sam stays right with him. Dean looks at Sam and says, "I have to say something."

Sam looks at him with incredible concern and says, "What?" Sam searches Dean's eyes.

Dean holds Sam's gaze and says, "I'm proud of us," in a shaky voice. Sam has tears in his eyes.

Dean wavers for a moment, then falls heavily against Sam's shoulder. Dead.

Sam holds Dean's head in his hands telling him to "wake up buddy". He calls Dean's name. Dean doesn't respond and his eyes stay closed. Sam pulls Dean against his shoulder and sobs.

In heaven...
Metatron is now the one locked up in a cell. Hannah tells Cas he's doing the right thing; letting Metatron live. She says that's what a leader would do. Cas tells her that he is not a leader. He never was. He just wants to be an angel. Hannah asks what he's going to do about his Grace. She tells him that he WILL die if he doesn't replenish it. Cas looks down, thoughtful.

(The strains of "Can't Find My Way Home" start to rise in the background...really??? Could they rip my heart out any more??)

Back in the bunker...
Sam gently lays Dean's lifeless body in his bed. Sam's eyes are red and he swallows hard.

Next we see Sam pouring himself a drink. He drinks it down in one gulp, sitting alone at the long central table in the bunker's main room.

Sam walks to the dungeon and sees all the stuff that Dean used to summon Crowley laid out on the floor. Sam says, "Damnit, Crowley; you got him into this mess, you WILL get him out. Or so help me God." Sam kneels down to summon Crowley.

In Dean's room, Crowley is standing in the doorway looking at his lifeless body. He walks in and sits down. Crowley talks to Dean's body, telling him that Sam is summoning Crowley as he speaks to make a deal and bring Dean back.

Crowley says it's all become so expected. Crowley says to Dean's body, "You have to believe me. When I suggested you take on the Mark of Cain, I didn't know this was going to happen. Not really. I mean I might not have told you the entire truth. But I never lie. I never lied Dean. That's important. It's fundamental. But, there is one story about Cain that I might have forgotten to tell you. Apparently, he too was willing to accept death rather than become the
killer the Mark wanted him to be. So he took his own life with the Blade. He died. Except, as rumor has it, the Mark never quite let go. You can understand why I never spoke of this. Why set hearts aflutter at mere speculation? It wasn't until you summoned me. No, it wasn't truly until you left the cheeseburger uneaten that I began to let myself believe maybe miracles do come true."

Crowley places the First Blade in Dean's lifeless hand and lays it on his chest. He continues:
"Listen to me, Dean Winchester. What you're feeling right now isn't death. It's life. A new kind of life. Open your eyes Dean. See what I see. Feel what I feel. Let's go take a howl at that moon."

And with a small "click" noise, Dean's eyes open in his otherwise motionless face and they are huge and jet black.

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