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As the episode opens, we see Metatron digging through a trash dumpster in an alley, looking for food. There's a terrier dog sitting on the ground watching. Metatron finds a half-eaten pastrami sandwich and prepares to eat it, but the dog barks and sits up, begging for the food. Reluctantly, Metatron tosses the sandwich to the dog. He smiles as the dog happily eats the food.Then, he dives back into the dumpster to find something else, but he can't. In frustration, he looks skyward and shouts "I give up!". Suddenly, he's in a deserted tavern. He looks around, confused. We see the little dog lying on the bar, asleep.

Metatron turns around and sees someone sitting in a booth. He can see a coffee mug that says "World's Greatest Dad", and a small lamp on the table in the booth. He walks over to the booth, and Chuck (the prophet) turns around, smiles,and waves at him as he approaches. Metatron appears stunned and asks Chuck "Carver Edlund" what's going on. Chuck says they're in a bar, but Metatron says it's not "just" a bar. He recognizes it as one of the "Big Man's" ( i.e. god's) constructs. Metatron is worried that he's been sent to an empty, crappy tavern – in limbo --in the company of a "hack" writer, as a punishment for his sins. Chuck seems wounded that Metatron thinks he's a hack. But as Metatron pours himself a beer from the tap, he says he's read all the Supernatural books – published and unpublished -- and didn't like any of them. He says"All Hell Breaks Loose" was too melodramatic, and he further criticizes Chuck for putting himself into the stories. Chuck accepts the criticism as fair, but says that doesn't justify burning one of his books. He reminds Metatron that he burned "Tall Tales" when he had Castiel trapped in his study. Metatron, now sitting in the booth across from Chuck, is surprised and asks Chuck how he knows about that. Chuck apologizes, saying he forgets that people can't see him unless he wants them to. He hands Metatron a pair of sunglasses. When Metatron puts them on, we see the other side of the booth suddenly start to glow very brightly. Metatron is clearly shocked, as he recognizes Chuck as god.


As the little dog watches, Metatron falls to his knees and begins groveling and repeatedly making the sign of the cross over himself. He tries to take back what he said about not liking Supernatural, and calling the tavern crappy. Chuck pulls him to his feet, saying that the whole kneeling thing has always made him deeply uncomfortable. He also asks Metatron to not use "the g word" and to just call him Chuck. Metatron removes the sunglasses and goes to the bar to get a stronger drink.

Meanwhile, at the Men of Letters' bunker. We see Dean in the kitchen ironing a shirt. He's using beer as starch, and alternately drinking from the bottle. Sam enters and tells Dean he hasn't found anything on Amara, but he did find a case: a man in Hope Springs, Idaho was perfectly normal until he suddenly killed himself after killing a coworker. The Winchesters wonder if the man (Wes Cooper) was possessed or possibly soulless. They agree to look into the case, and before Dean leaves, he hands Sam the shirt he's been ironing. We see that it is Sam's shirt. Sam initially thanks Dean for ironing his shirt, but then he sniffs the shirt and realizes it smells like beer. He chides Dean about ironing his shirts with beer, but Dean has already walked away.

Back at the bar, Metatron asks Chuck what he's been up to. Chuck says he's been super-busy; he's been traveling, he started a blog – mostly involving photos of cats, and he started a new series of books called "Revolution", but he doesn't think it will go anywhere.Metatron asks why god pretended to be Chuck; and Chuck replies that he wanted to hide in plain sight to have a front row seat to the action. He also says acting was fun. Metatron asks why the amulet didn't work (i.e. glow when Dean was wearing it in his presence), and Chuck replies that he turned it off. We also see that Chuck has the amulet in his hand, but then he puts it away, telling Metatron that he'll never guess where the amulet has been this whole time. Metatron says he doesn't care about the amulet, or why Chuck was slumming it on Earth. Metatron says god sees and hears all, so he must know the bad things Metatron has done for the past few years. Metatron asks if Chuck brought him to this bar to destroy him. Chuck says that one of humanity's greatest creations is music; and the bar -- "BG's Canteen" is where some amazing musicians got their start. Chuck is hoping that he and Metatron can tap into some of that magic to finish his autobiography, which he started a few months ago. Chuck admits that he's stuck and wants Metatron's help. Metatron asks if that means he can be an angel again, but Chuck says "no", and Metatron agrees that it's probably not a good idea. Metatron picks up the manuscript and agrees to help.

Later, we see that Metatron is still reading, but Chuck is becoming impatient, saying he's on a bit of a deadline. Metatron initially says the book is good, but further questioning reveals that the details are missing, which stops the story from being "great". As an example, Metatron says that "in the beginning", there wasn't just god – that his sister was there, too. Chuck folds his arms a bit defiantly and asks "Who cares about her?" Metatron replies that Amara is out and about, and he suspects that's why god has come back. But Chuck says this is HIS story –not hers.

Meanwhile, in Hope Springs, Idaho. Dean and Sam are posing as feds and talking to the sheriff. Apparently, Wes Cooper was normal until he suddenly started behaving out of character. A witness said Wes said that his life was meaningless, and nobody loved him – as if every negative thought the man had suddenly came spilling out. The sheriff's deputy (Deputy Harris) shows Sam some photos of the body, and Sam recognizes black vein marks on Wes' arm-- just like the black veins on the "rabids" that were infected when Amara was released. Sam asks Deputy Harris about any strange smells in the area, or perhaps a fog, but she denies having seen anything unusual.

Later, we see Deputy Harris arriving home at night. She pulls her truck up to the house, and greets her husband. Before they can get inside, a strange fog approaches them.The deputy's husband goes inside the house, but she stays outside to call in a report about the fog. She is immediately overtaken by the fog and falls to her knees, coughing. Black veins suddenly erupt on her arms, and she looks skyward as if dazed.

Meanwhile, Metatron finishes reading, and says that the story is unbalanced because god spent too much time discussing the wrong details – like spending too much time talking about what he did as Chuck. Chuck insists that he did some great things as Chuck, including starting a blog, traveling, dating (men and women), and learning how to play guitar. Metatron says that part of the story makes Chuck seem like a more grounded and likable person,but god is not a person and is not grounded. Metatron also says the details of Chuck's life aren't as interesting as the things god should be talking about, like the archangels. Metatron says the archangels deserved a more lengthy discussion— especially Lucifer, who Metatron says was god's favorite. Chuck says Lucifer wasn't his favorite, but Metatron insists that Lucifer helped god defeat Amara and god trusted Lucifer with the Mark. They discuss how Lucifer rebelled; and Metatron says that every great hero is defined by his villain. As they talk, it becomes clear that Chuck does not see Lucifer as a villain, but it also becomes clear that Metatron thinks Chuck's autobiography is not "honest". Chuck says he wants to tell the truth in his story, but Metatron says there are no revelations in the story – especially considering who the author is. Metatron maintains that the god who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and flooded the Earth is not depicted honestly in the story. He says that god was a badass (who could sometimes be a "di*k"), but he should have some stories to tell – and some things to answer for. After further discussion, Chuck reluctantly agrees to be more revealing, and throws the pages into the air, indicating that he will start over.

Back in Hope Springs, the coroner's van is at Deputy Harris' house when Dean and Sam arrive in the Impala. It is the next morning. They learn that the deputy didn't report for work, so the sheriff came by her house. He found the husband dead on the kitchen floor (shot in the face with a shotgun), and presumes that the deputy shot him and left the scene. The Winchesters question the sheriff further and learn that Deputy Harris called in the night before to report a fog in her area. Dean cautions the sheriff to let them know if any other similar reports of fog are received. The sheriff also agrees to track the deputy's vehicle from the sheriff's office to help locate her.

Later, Dean and Sam arrive at the sheriff's station. While Sam tries to use the computer system to track Deputy Harris' car, the dispatcher reports a fog moving into town. Dean warns the dispatcher and the sheriff to urge everyone to stay inside, seal up the windows and doors, and away from the fog. Dean tries to convince the sheriff that there is something infectious in the fog. As they talk, Sam reports that he found Deputy Harris' car on Main Street, heading toward the station. Sam and Dean head outside as Deputy Harris pulls up in her car. Sam clears civilians from the area, as deputy Harris exits the car carrying a hand gun. Dean and Sam draw their guns, too. To the Winchesters'surprise, Deputy Harris says she tried to kill herself, but Amara won't let her. She says Amara has a message for Dean, and that Amara's words have been echoing in her head since she breathed in the fog. Amara told Deputy Harris to kill her husband, and the deputy watched herself do it. Sam tells Deputy Harris that she has an infection. But Harris says it's not an infection; it's a mirror, and Amara is showing everyone the truth – that the Darkness is the truth, and the light is a lie. Deputy Harris raises her gun to shoot one of the Winchesters, but the sheriff (initially off screen) shoots her instead. As Deputy Harris lies dying, Dean hears her say "it will all be over soon", and "HE" (meaning god) is not going to save them. "It" will all go away forever, but not Dean.

As Deputy Harris lies talking/dying, Sam alerts Dean that the fog is moving toward them rapidly.

Dean and Sam quickly try to get all the people on the street inside the sheriff's station. Then, they run inside themselves as the fog overtakes some people and they fall to the ground. Sam and Dean find themselves inside the sheriff's station with a handful of civilians, and the sheriff. The sheriff reports that the phone lines are dead. As Dean gets duct tape from the sheriff and starts taping up the windows and other access points, Sam looks outside at people collapsing – suddenly ill when overtaken by the fog.Together, the Winchesters and the sheriff secure the room with duct tape as well as they can. Dean and Sam realize they have no cell phone signals, so Dean tries to help the sheriff fix the radio. Distracted, nobody notices the duct tape blow away from a vent in the wall, and the fog begins to enter the room. Sam and Dean notice people screaming and rioting outside the building. They manage to lock the main door and rush behind a set of interior doors just as a brick is thrown through the glass door of the station. Inside the interior room, Dean barricades the door while Sam tries to cover the leaking vent. Before Sam can cover the vent, he inhales enough fog to become infected. We see black veins erupt on Sam's hands as he kneels on the floor, instantly sickened by the fog. Dean rushes to Sam, but Sam tells him to stay away. The sheriff notices that Sam is infected, and fog is pouring into the room. He ushers all the civilians into another interior room, and urges Dean to come with him; but Dean won't leave Sam.

At the bar, time has passed. Metatron is reading the new pages and smiling happily. And Chuck is typing rapidly. He seems happy that Metatron approves of the new revision. Apparently, the new version of god's autobiography discusses why god doesn't answer prayers and why he avoids divine intervention, among other things. Metatron asks why god created life. Chuck replies that he was lonely. Metatron asks why god's sister wasn't enough company for him. Chuck responds that "I am 'being' and she is 'nothingness'…", so she wasn't company. Metatron asks why god didn't stop creation after the archangels if he was simply lonely. Chuck says he was naïve. He thought if he could show Amara that there was something "better" than them, that she would change. But each time god built a new world, Amara would destroy it. So, god and the archangels locked Amara away and he was then free to create without hindrance. As Metatron and Chuck talk, they are suddenly standing outside, next to a lake. Chuck says that nature was the closest he ever got to creating something better than himself and Amara. He says nature creates on its own, and is smart enough to know that sometimes the slate needs to be wiped clean, because things can't be fixed. Metatron says that when god wipes the slate, he leaves a life raft alive so creation can start over. But if Amara "wipes the slate" this time, all creation will be destroyed forever. Chuck suggests they take a walk, to enjoy nature before it's gone.

As they walk, Chuck comments that nature is divine, but human nature is "toxic". Metatron agrees that humans seem to like blowing things up; and Chuck says that humans destroy in HIS name, and then ask him for forgiveness without taking any responsibility. Metatron asks Chuck about HIS responsibility. Chuck replies that leaving was taking responsibility, by taking off the "training wheels". Chuck also says he took responsibility for Amara by locking her away, but the Winchesters let her out. Chuck says that he loves the Winchesters, but "the world would still be spinning" if Dean was a demon; but Sam couldn't have that, so Amara being free is not his fault. He also says that he's helped and saved the Winchesters, and rebuilt Castiel many times. Metatron agrees that freeing Amara was not Chuck's fault, but says Chuck can't let Amara win. Chuck replies that it's Amara's turn to shine. Metatron defiantly asks why they are working on a memoir that nobody will be alive to read. Chuck admits that he wrote the autobiography for himself, and suddenly, Metatron and Chuck are back inside the bar.

Metatron accuses Chuck of hiding – saying that he started the memoir when Amara was released, and he's hiding in this bar and pretending to be Chuck to hide from her. Chuck insists he's not hiding, but he just likes the ambiance in the bar. Metatron persists, but Chuck wants to return to his writing. Metatron says he himself was a terrible god and that his work was lame, but at least he was never a coward. Quietly angry, Chuck uses telekinesis to throw Metatron through the doors of the bar. Seemingly pleased with himself (pleased that he was able to touch on a sensitive spot with god), Metatron comes back inside and says that this is the god he knows and loves -- the god the angels feared. Metatron says he remembers when he saw god for the first time, and that the feeling of his light was immeasurable. Metatron recalls being proud when god picked him to help with the tablets. But Chuck says that Metatron was simply the angel closest to the door, and there was nothing special about him then, or now. Chuck says that he is not a coward; he is just done watching his experiments' failures. Metatron says the failure is god's – not humanity's. Suddenly, Chuck turns on the television and shows Metatron about the fog happening on Earth, calling the events"reruns".

Later, we see Chuck and Metatron sitting in a booth again. Chuck is typing rapidly, and Metatron is leaning back in his seat, demoralized. Chuck tells Metatron that he's a great editor. Metatron replies that he was a terrible god and a bad writer, so at least he has something going for him. Chuck says he didn't expect Metatron to turn evil, and asks him why he tried to be god. Metatron says he was trying to get god's attention. Metatron tells Chuck that he is light, beauty, creation, wrath, damnation and salvation; and even though Metatron was just the angel "nearest to the door", god picked him, and god's light shined on him. He says that when god left his angels, they prayed every day to him -- and so did he. Chuck nods and says he knows that. Metatron asks god why he abandoned him. Chuck replies that Metatron and the other angels disappointed him. Clearly upset and near tears, Metatron stands up and pleads with Chuck. He says that even though he is a disappointment, that Chuck is wrong about humanity. Metatron says that humanity is god's greatest creation because they are better than god himself. He says humans are flawed and they do destroy and disappoint, but they also love, forgive, and never give up. A tear rolls down Metatron's face as he looks Chuck in the eyes and says "but you do". Chuck goes back to his typing.

At the sheriff's station, a brick is thrown through a window from the infected people outside. Sam tries to cover the window, but falls to the floor, too sick to move. Dean is trying to tape up the interior door to keep the sheriff and the others inside safe, but when he sees Sam fall, he stops taping and rushes to his brother, leaving the interior door incompletely taped. Sam tells Dean that they're not going to make it. Dean tells him they can't quit, but Sam says they were never going to make it. He says that Dean was going to choose Amara over him and everything else. Dean denies this, saying it's the fog talking. Sam apologizes, saying that he didn’t mean it, but he can't fight the sickness. He tells Dean to leave before he hurts him, or before he also becomes infected, but Dean says he'll never leave Sam.

Realizing that Sam is dying, Dean inhales deeply, trying to become infected himself, but nothing happens. Meanwhile, Sam is getting much worse, shaking, grimacing, and gasping in pain. As Dean notices this, he hears hammering and screaming coming from the interior room where the sheriff and the other people are locked in. He realizes they are becoming infected, too. In frustration, Dean looks skyward and shouts. 'Stop this! You hear me, you D*ck?!" Suddenly, the screaming and hammering inside the interior room stops. Dean fears the worse for the people in the other room, but turns his attention back to Sam. He tries to comfort Sam as well as he can, reassuring him that he will not leave him. Sam is clearly very sick and no longer able to sit up without Dean's help. Dean kneels beside Sam on the floor, trying to comfort and reassure him.

Back in the bar, Chuck removes the last page of his book from the printer, smiles as he reads it, and gives himself a congratulatory punch on the arm. Metatron, meanwhile, sits at the bar, drinking and looking miserable. Chuck stands up, stretches, and starts walking toward the small stage at the front of the bar. He tells Metatron that he lied before when he says he learned how to play guitar. In truth, he just gave himself the ability. He also comments that being honest is "freeing". He tells Metatron to look at the new pages, saying he will like them. At first, Metatron refuses, but then he begins reading them. As Metatron reads, his face saddens and he looks ready to cry. Meanwhile, Chuck has picked up his guitar and is playing a sad, haunting song.

Back at the Hope Springs sheriff station, Sam is shivering, grimacing, and dying in Dean's arms. Suddenly, Dean notices something glowing in Sam's jacket pocket. He removes the object and recognizes it as the amulet that Sam gave him when they were kids. Dean looks at the amulet in amazement, then looks at Sam, who also is amazed that the amulet is glowing. Suddenly, we notice that Sam is no longer dying. The black veins on his hands are gone, and he is no longer trembling and grimacing in pain. Sam and Dean are both stunned. As they realize what is happening, the door to the interior room opens, and we see that the sheriff and the other people are all alive and shocked to see Sam and Dean both alive.

Dean and Sam head outside, realizing that the glowing amulet must mean god is near. Once outside, they see that people are not dead as they'd feared. In fact, Deputy Harris and her husband are both miraculously alive and share a tearful reunion as the deputy "wakes up" next to the police car. All around Dean and Sam, dazed people are picking themselves and each other up from the ground. Several feet away from them, Dean and Sam notice a man helping a woman to her feet. When the man turns around, they see that it is Chuck. He approaches them, but they are still stunned, as Dean holds the glowing amulet in his hand. When they get close enough to talk, Chuck smiles warmly and says "We should probably talk".


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