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Polk City, Iowa.

A teenage couple is making out in the car. The girl hears something; whistling. It sounds like someone's whistling a tune. The door opens. It's the Sheriff (Romero) who is also the boy's father. The boy was supposed to be staying at his mom's house while she's out of town, but she couldn't get him on the phone and became worried and called his father.

The girlfriend walks over to the most scary and disgusting state park bathroom ever seen to use the facilities and give the son and his father some space to talk.

Outside, the father lectures his son; telling him he shouldn't be out there in the woods at night.

In the bathroom, the girl is in a stall. The lights flicker. She hears the whistling again. She looks down to see feet walking outside the stall. A claw comes over the door and she screams.

The Sheriff rushes in and finds her purse, but not her. He hears screaming out in the woods. He searches for her and thinks he sees a figure in the woods, but he trips and when he looks up again, whatever he thought he saw is gone. He hears his son (Thomas) screaming and runs to find him kneeling over his girlfriend Barbara's dead and mutilated body.

Back at the bunker, Sam's online and Dean walks in asking what he's looking at. He's researching a case; 54 missing people in the woods of Iowa since the 40's. Dead bodies chalked up to animal attack.

Dean asks if Sam's okay. He says yes and he's ready to go to Iowa. Sam tells Dean he'll get Cas and Dean informs him that Cas had to "stretch his legs" and left the bunker for awhile.

Sam accepts that without question. Sam asks about Jack and Dean says he doesn't want Jack on this case, in spite of Donatello thinking Jack is okay. He's worried about taking a full-power Jack with them. Sam understands.

Jack's in the library reading up on the Haitian criminal code. Sam says they're going on a hunt, but, Jack realizes they don't want him to come. Sam's about to tell him why, but Dean plays it off like he wants Jack to hold down the fort in case another hunter comes by or Mary calls. Dean gives Jack a shopping list to keep him busy and they leave.

In Iowa, the Sheriff talks to Sam and Dean who are posing as FBI agents They ask about the girl who died. The Sheriff tells them it was coyotes that killed her.

Sam and Dean go to the morgue and examine the body. It has severe claw or bite marks and the skin around the marks looks burned. They've never seen it before.

Back in Kansas, Jack tries to go to the store, but the door is locked and the staff is out to lunch. The teenagers from the Lebanon episode (Max, Stacy, and Eliot) pull up carrying lunch (they work at the store). Eliot is watching an old episode of Ghostfacers on his phone. The two girls recognize Jack. They ask if they can help him. He says he's just waiting for the store to open. Eliot asks if he lives with Sam and Dean. He wants to ask Jack if they're off fighting ghosts since Jack's alone in town. Jack tries to play it off like ghosts aren't real, but is relieved when the girls say they know all about hunting.

Stacy has keys to the store and lets Jack in.

In Iowa, the Sheriff's son Tom drops by his work. He wonders if he should talk to his girlfriend's parents. Sheriff Romero says that's not a good idea. Tom feels that her death was his fault. The Sheriff tells his son everyone just needs a little time to settle down and accept what happened.

Back in Lebanon, Jack's shopping after the girls unlocked the store for him. Eliot's quizzing him about which monsters are real and which aren't. Eliot thinks it's great that Jack knows so much about it.

The teenagers invite Jack to come hang out with them at an old farmhouse after work where they plan to study for the SAT's. They want to know if Jack ever hangs out with kids his own age. Jack tells them he's 2. Then quickly corrects himself to 22. They ask for ID for Jack to buy the beer. Jack didn't anticipate that and doesn't have one.

In Iowa, Sam finds out about a Native American legend called a Kohonta during his research. Kohonta search the woods for victims. They are starving and when they find a victim they spit up stomach acid, which could account for the victim's burns they saw at the morgue.

Out in the woods, another couple is hiking (at night???). They hear whistling. The guy wants to head back and turns around to leave. He thinks he sees something. The woman sees a figure too and approaches it. Her light shines on what looks like a person made of tree bark. The guy falls as he tries to get away and the monster towers over him and drips acid on his face.

The Sheriff is reviewing the case files of the deaths that have happened in the woods over time. His son is trying to figure out what happened out there. The Sheriffwants him to drop it. He reiterates that the deaths were likely caused by a coyote. A deputy comes in and tells the Sheriff they have another situation. Tom is sure it's happened again.

Out at the site, Sam and Dean talk to the female survivor. She thinks she saw a guy covered in something and he was whistling. She tells them she thinks they were a few miles past the Parker cabin when the attack happened.

The Sheriff drives up and tells the officers to call off the search party for the missing male hiker.

Sam tells the Sheriff it wasn't an animal attack. The Sheriff is calling off the search no matter what. They're sure the Sheriff knows more than he's letting on.

Back in Kansas, the girls are out at the farmhouse trying to study for the SAT's. They flirt with each other. They go to kiss but Eliot says he doesn't want to watch that. Jack arrives carrying a bunch of old books from the bunker. Jack brought them for Eliot so he can read up on monsters.

Jack wants to know what the "SAT's" are. They assume Jack is home schooled. Eliot asks Jack what a demon really looks like; not like the etching in the book; they look like smoke unless they possess a human. They ask if he's seen one. Jack says he's killed one. One of the girls wants to know how he did it. They move outside. Out in the yard, Jack shows them his angel blade. Eliot wants to touch it, but the girls say no; Eliot almost killed himself with a slinky once. They want Jack to demonstrate how to use it. He shows them. He tries to throw it but misses his mark and Max (who is a bit of a *****) makes fun of him.

In Iowa:
Sam and Dean are searching the woods, sure the Sheriff was hiding something or scared. They don't know how to kill whatever they are hunting. Dean wants to try everything they have at their disposal. They hear something. The Sheriff comes up on them holding a gun on them and tells them to drop their weapons. They do. Dean asks if he knows what a Kohonta is. The Sheriff says no. They admit they aren't FBI. Dean disarms the Sheriff and apologizes.

In Kansas:
Jack is still trying to accurately throw the angel blade even though it's dark now. Jack's eyes glow and he throws it, hitting his mark, and smiles. Eliot wants to know if Jack's a Jedi.

Jack uses his powers to make the blade move in a figure 8 pattern without using his hands; his eyes glow yellow. Eliot thinks it's cool and the girls, especially Max, seem impressed. Jack says he can control it but he seems to proud of himself that he won't stop even when they ask him to. Stacy steps towards him and is impaled by the blade.

She falls to the ground. Max tells Eliot to call 911. Jack starts to stammer that he was in control and SHE moved. Jack says he can fix this. He pushes Max away and tells her to trust him. He holds his hand over Stacy and it glows as he heals her. Stacy sits up. She wants to know how Jack did it. He tells her he fixed her. She and Max cry. Jack starts towards them, thinking everything is fine, but the teens want him to get away from them. Eliot no longer seems enthralled with Jack. He says he doesn't know what he is, but he needs to stay away.

Jack looks crushed.

In Iowa, Dean tells the Sheriff, now that Dean has the gun, that he and Sam hunt things that people don't understand. He tells the Sheriff to tell them what he knows about the Kohonta. The Sheriff says it was a tribal legend. He saw it the night Barbara (his son Tom's girlfriend) was killed. He says it's a person. The Parker family were some of the first white settlers; the cabin was theirs. They endured a very hard winter. Their oldest son turned to cannibalism, eating his family, and went mad with hunger. He went after the Native Americans living nearby and when the tribe caught him, they cursed him to roam the woods, always starving. If he
didn't feed, his body would eat itself. The Kohonta aren't born, they're made. They bound him to the forest and marked the trees to keep folks away, but people forgot over time.

Dean tells the Sheriff they hunt monsters. The Sheriff didn't think all other monsters were real. He wants to know why Sam and Dean don't tell people about the monsters so they can learn how to defend themselves and fight back. Dean says that doesn't go well. The Sheriff thinks that telling people would save lives, but Sam says it doesn't work like that; even when they know how to fight things, people still die (he's referring to the hunters who died at Michael's hands in the bunker).

The Sheriff gets a call from his son Tom who is determined to find and kill whatever's out there. He hangs up on his father and goes searching for whatever killed his girlfriend.

The Sheriff didn't tell Tom that it's a monster. He lied to him; saying it was a coyote and now he feels responsible. Sam and Dean say they'll help, but they don't know how to kill it. The Sheriff says he does; a silver blade to the heart.

Sam happens to have one.

Tom searches out in the trees. He throws raw meat down to draw whatever it is out. He arrives at the old Parker cabin.

Something moves in the woods.

The Kohonta watches Tom in the woods near the cabin. Tom's attacked by the monster, but Sam and Dean and the Sheriff have caught up to him and the Sheriff fights the Kohonta off until Sam draws it's attention. It attacks Sam and Dean tries to draw it away from his brother. It stalks towards Dean, giving the Sheriff the chance to stab it with the silver knife. The
monster dissolves into green acidic goo.

The Sheriff checks to make sure that Tom's alive. Sam and Dean exchange relived looks. Sam looks glad that they saved someone this time.

As Tom is being loaded into the ambulance, he asks his father if they got it. Did they kill the monster? He nods yes. The Sheriff declines medical help. Sam asks why he didn't tell his son the truth about the monster; he deserves the truth. Sam and Dean leave as the Sheriff watches the ambulance pull away.

In the Impala, Dean asks if Sam thinks telling the truth back there was the best idea. It's sometimes better to lie. Sam asks, "Like we did with Jack?" Dean says he took care of it with Jack. Sam disagrees. Jack told Dean he was fine, but they also told their dad they were fine all the time when they were young, just to please him.

Back in the bunker, Jack's reading. Sam and Dean walk in. Jack asks how the hunt went. Jack says he got the supplies except for the beer since he didn't have any real ID's.

Sam tells Jack they want to talk to him about his powers. They don't want to take him along on a hunt with them until they're sure he's got his powers under control. Dean says he deserves the truth as to why they didn't take him. Sam asks if he understands. Jack says he does. He won't use his powers without permission. He promises. Dean says he's going to go get some beer.

Sam asks Jack if anything happened while they were gone. Jack lies and says no, nothing happened.

Jack doesn't seem to have any issues with lying to them.

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