Drag Me Away (From You) Recap

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Outside the Rooster's Sunrise Motel, a man gets out of a car at night. He enters the lobby and talks to the disinterested desk clerk. His name is Travis Johnson. She allows him to check in late. He requests
room 214. He says he was there a long time ago. She says "welcome back".

Travis approaches his room with apprehension. He goes inside. He opens his duffel bag and starts
drinking. His phone buzzes, but he sets it aside. He says, "Just one night and it's over. It wasn't real." He
touches a ring on a chain around his neck with his eyes closed. The closet door opens and a young boy
walks out. he looks like an apparition. He says he remembers Travis. The boy picks up the now-broken
bottle Travis has dropped in fear upon seeing the boy and we hear Travis scream.

Elsewhere, Sam and Dean are driving. They have seven hours to go to reach the hotel. A friend has called them for help after Travis slit his own throat with a whiskey bottle. The friend called them to invite them to Travis' funeral.

Dean wonders why they are doing this for someone they knew 25 years ago. Jack is waiting for Billie's
orders...Chuck is "off world", and Cas is somwhere else. Sam wants to know if Dean and Cas fought or
something; why did Cas just leave? Just then Dean gets a text from Cas asking if he's "told" Sam yet (about the final plan that will require Jack dying in order to take out Chuck). Dean tosses the phone aside as Sam scolds him for reading a text while driving.

Eventually, they arrive at the old motel.

Cut to 25 years ago and young Sam and Dean getting out of the Impala as John drives off. Dean asks Sam if he wants to practice shooting, but Sam just wants to go to the room. Sam seems to be hiding something from Dean; it's a college guide. Dean realizes, perhaps for the first time, that Sam has ideas about going to college someday. Dean feels threatened by this. He calls Sam a dumbass and tells him it will never happen. THIS is their lives.

In the room, Sam contemplates the college prep guide. He opens his duffel and takes out his knife and his gun, seemingly resigning himself to their lives as hunters.

Dean's out stealing candy from the vending machine. A young girl catches him. She wants to know
how he got the candy out. She introduces her little brother Travis and she's Caitlin.

Dean shows Caitlin how to get free candy out of the machine. She tells Dean her mom cleans the hotel.
She asks Dean about his dad and the Impala. She lets on that shehas some knowledge about cars and asks if Dean's father is Knight Rider.

Present day:
Sam and Dean find adult Caitlin in a diner. She thanks them for coming. Sam says he's sorry about Travis' death. She says Travis had a rocky life with drugs and unemployment. He finally got counseling and it was going great until the therapist told him to face his fears and spend a night at the old motel. What happened that winter so many years ago seemed to have set Travis on the wrong path. Caitlin explains that he died in the old room where everything happened back then.

She confesses that the funeral was last week; she wasn't calling them there to go to the funeral. Sam asks why she wants them there. She says she thinks "she's" back.

Flashback -
Young Travis is trying to mimic what Dean did and get free candy from the vending machine. When he
goes to reach for it, something inside grabs his hand as candy starts falling and he sees a screaming face in through the glass front; inside the machine. Dean and Caitlin find him shaking and unable to talk.

Present day, room 214 -
Dean reads the coroner's report. Travis died by suicide - cutting himself with broken glass from the bottle. Sam can't find anything amiss in the room. Dean wonders if maybe Travis DID just kill himself.

Flashback -
Young Travis accuses Sam and Dean and Caitlin of thinking he's crazy, but he swears he saw a monster in the vending machine that no one else saw. Dean says he left John a message, but he's days away - too far away to come help with this. Dean explains to Caitlin that they hunt monsters and monsters are real, so he believes Travis. Sam backs up Dean's story.

Dean asks if anything else weird has been going on in town. Caitlin takes Dean to a fence with posters of several missing children from town hanging on it like a shrine.

Present day -
Dean says that "thing" isn't there anymore. Dean says it only preys on kids and asks if there are any other dead kids in town. Dean says he was sure he killed the monster back then when they were children.

Flashback -
Dean, Sam, Caitlin, and Travis are going through newspapers looking for other stories about missing children. Sam starts marking the locations of the disappearances with candy on the map. Dean tries to find a pattern. Dean thinks he's going to go track it down at an abandoned cannery where one of the kids disappeared. Sam wants them to do more research first, but Dean says he has a gun and a knife, he'll take care of it. Their dad is too far away to help.

Dean picks the lock at the cannery and almost shoots Caitlin when she surprises him; she followed him.
She says she's not leaving. Dean keeps working at picking the lock and she follows him inside when he
gets it to open.

Once inside, Dean searches.

Back at the hotel, young Sam plays Boggle with young Travis, reassuring him that Dean will kill the
monster when he finds it.

In the cannery, Caitlin follows Dean who has a flashlight. She thinks he looks nervous. He laughs it off.

At the hotel, the jumble of Boggle letters start vibrating.

In the cannery, Dean finds something, but won't let Caitlin see. He rushes her out.

Sam spells ominous words from the Boggle letters which suddenly explode all over the room as a
monster appears behind Travis, the lights go out, and Dean and Caitlin come through the door. Dean swings at the thing and cuts off its finger...the ring it's wearing falls to the floor and the entity dissolves.

Present day -
Dean thinks he hears something behind him in the hall, but there's nothing there. Suddenly, he sees an
apparition of his young self, saying it's been waiting for him. It tells him he knows what he has to do. The apparition tells him he failed at killing the thing (now taking the form of young Dean). Dean kneels, ready to stab himself with a knife. The entity tells him to say hi to Travis once he's dead. Sam comes up, seeing no one but Dean kneeling in the hall, and that seems to break the spell of control that the thing had over Dean. Dean says Caitlin is right; the thing is not gone.

Later, they sit and talk with Caitlin. Dean apologizes for not believing her. They thought they'd killed it.
Dean blames himself for Travis' death. Sam says this is a second chance. Sam says they have to figure
out what they're dealing with. It didn't just take Travis, it made a sick game out of it. Dean says it can look like other people. Sam goes to do research. Dean admits that it has some kind of a nest. He lets on that he saw the nest and the bodies of the dead kids in the cannery when they were children. He never told anyone. He wonders if the creature feeds on them. Sam wants to know why Dean never told him. Dean says it was the first time he'd seen anything like that. The dead kids were about their age then. He told the cops about the bodies after he killed the thing (or thought he did). He had nightmares about it for a long time. Sam tells him it was okay. They were kids. They used to keep a lot of secrets from each other (instant guilt as Dean's still keeping Cas' secret).

Later, Dean's ordering food. A burger, a veggie burger, and a salad. When the waitress leaves, Billie
appears next to him at the lunch counter. Dean wants to know what she's doing there. She wants to know what he's doing there. She just watched Chuck destroy an entire (other) world.

Billie says that was the last "other world" so earth is next. She says he'll be back soon. Then there won't
be a moment to waste. She says she gave Jack his final orders. Dean wants to know how she convinced
Jack to kill himself for the cause, how she convinced Jack to turn himself into "cosmic TNT".

Billie says she told Jack the truth - that Jack might get forgiveness from Dean for killing Mary if he did this last thing for him.

Caitlin asks Sam if this is his life now. She asks if he wants to be normal. Sam replies that their lives consist of helping people.

In the diner, Billie says this is the last time Dean will see her before the end; she's not in Chuck's book
again until the very end. She wants to make sure that Dean's on board. Dean says he needs Chuck dead. He doesn't have to like every part of the plan. Billie asks if Sam's on board too, with the plan, with letting Jack die to kill Chuck. Dean says Sam will get thre. Billie realizes Dean hasn't told Sam about Jack's necessary death. Billie threatens Dean, saying she doesn't like loose ends and he has to clean this up with Sam.

Elsewhere, Sam's research has found that they are hunting a Baba Yaga. A creature that used to be a human witch. It feeds on the fears of children and wears a ring that is really its heart and the source of its power. Sam has an illustration that includes the ring. Caitlin recognizes it as Travis' ring; pulled out of a vacuum by their mom at the hotel when they were kids and given to Travis who wore it as a lucky charm. There had been a broken stone at the center of the ring, but Travis had gotten it fixed just a few weeks before his death.

Sam realizes that stabbing the Baba Yaga didn't stop her; it was the cutting off of the ring and the fact that the stone was broken. Sam turns around to find Caitlin has left the room.

Out in the parking lot, Caitlin dumps out a bag of Travis' possessions. There's no ring. But when she
closes the car trunk, she sees her dead brother with his throat cut. He holds out the ring, asking if that's what she's looking for. He appears to attack her.

Dean returns to the hotel with the food. Sam's on the phone trying to call him. He explains that Caitlin's
gone. Her car's gone. He thinks the Baba Yaga got her. Sam explains what they are dealing with and that its power comes from the ring.

Dean figures that if they find it and destroy the ring, it's over. Sam agrees.

Sam thinks her nest must be close because all recent attacks have happened at the hotel; not the cannery as they did years ago.

Sam and Dean split up to search the hotel.

Sam investigates smoke coming from under a door, but it's just the front desk clerk smoking a bong.

Elsewhere, Dean walks into a room, but it's not a hotel room inside, it's more like a basement. The door opened on its own for him. He draws his gun and enters. It looks just like the old cannery. He pulls back a tarp and sees the dead body of young Sam. In the next room, he's confronted by the monster in the form of the ghost of Travis. It tells Dean it does prefer to eat children, but it's starving after all those years. It attacks Dean.

Sam opens the motel room door and finds Caitliin seemingly asleep and having a nightmare and Dean on the bed with a long-haired entity over him. Everything that Caitlin and Dean are seeing - everything the feels real to them - is only in their minds. Sam stabs the monster, which throws him. Dean comes to and removes the ring from the monster's finger, then puts it on the floor and smashes it with the butt of his gun. The monster dissolves in green flames and Dean rolls over to get a quick look at Sam before rolling to his back and closing his eyes. Caitlin appears unhurt.

Dean is walking Caitlin out of the hotel. She thanks him. She asks him if he was scared. He says he
always is. She says he's changed; when he was a kid, he never would have said he was scared. She says
that as you get older, you tell the truth more, because lies don't make anything better and you realize that. She hugs him goodbye.

Flashback to young Caitlin hugging young Dean goodbye. Young Dean gives her his number to call if she never needs help. She says she hopes she never needs it. She says goodbye to Sam. Sam asks Dean if he ever found the other missing kids. Dean lies and says no. John pulls up outside. Sam asks what they'll tell dad. Dean says to tell him that he handled it. With a little help (from Sam). Young Sam smiles. Dean tells Sam he thinks they make a good team.

Present day -
While driving back to the bunker in the Impala, Sam tries to call Cas again. Dean tells him to hang up. Dean tells Sam about Billie's visit. He tells Sam it's almost time; they have to be ready. And there's something else. Jack's going to die. It was always part of Billie's plan and Jack's known all along and is ready to sacrifice himself. In order to kill God and Amara, Jack has to die.

Sam has a hard time believing that Billie told Dean all of this while he was out getting burgers.

Dean admits that Cas told him before they even got the call about Travis and he didn't tell Sam.

Sam is angry. Very angry. He tells Dean he thought they were past all this secret-keeping. He can't
believe him. Sam wants to know how Dean could keep him in the dark about something so huge.

Dean replies that it was because he knew Sam couldn't handle it. Sam looks stunned.

Dean says that when Sam found out about Billie's plan and Amara, Sam had all these ethical questions.

Sam doesn't think that's a bad thing.

Sam isn't willing to be okay with Jack dying.

Dean says they have to be. This is how they end Chuck. Dean says it's the only way they'll ever be free
and Sam..."we"...don't get a choice.

Sam mocks his use of "we".

They drive in silence for a few seconds.

Dean barely starts to try to apologize, but Sam immediately cuts him off; telling him to just stop.

Dean tries to apologize again, but Sam tells him not to. He tells Dean to just drive. Sam looks crushed
and Dean looks incredibly uncomfortable and uneasy.