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Fallen Idols Full Recap - Supernatural WikiThe episode begins with a guy being given an awesome Porsche. But what's really going on? One of the guys calls out to "Cal," but finds Cal smashed into the windshield. Bloody mess. Yikes!

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Sam and Dean are driving down the road. Sam is very concerned about the prospect of "icing the Devil." Dean is dealing with it like any another demon kill, but Sam thinks the team needs some training.

"Special Guest Star: Paris Hilton." Ugh. Sam and Dean are then posing at Feds again, investigating the death of Cal. The local cop thinks it's all pretty "simple." Sam and Dean investigate Cal's friend. It was really James Dean's car that killed Cal. The boys compare this case to the Stephen King novel, "Christine."

Little Bastard is the name of the car. But is it really James Dean's car? The boys need to crawl under and get the engine number first. This is obviously nerve-wracking, as the car has already killed at least ONE person, maybe more. Dean is the brave one and goes under. The car starts making noises. Eek! Dean still stays under.

Sam does the research, though. He says that the Porsche is a fake Little Bastard and not the real car that James Dean died in. Next, we see a man being haunted by Abe Lincoln. Sam and Dean pose as Feds again at the crime scene. The local cop thinks there must be a reasonable explanation. You know, like a professional CIA killer. D'oh!

Sam uses "freshman Spanish" to question the cleaner. She says the killer was wearing a tall hat. Like Abe Lincoln. For realz. Gah! "Can I go home now? " she asks. Looks like the boys have two laptops now and they continue to investigate the case.

Fallen Idols Full Recap - Supernatural WikiIt turns out that the two recent victims are actually fans of the people they were killed by. Turns out there is a local wax museum. The boys suspect that has something to do with it. They say they are press, trying to prove how "non-sucky wax museums are."

The employee at the wax museum claims that they have Abe Lincoln's real hat, as well as relics from other times in history. The boys decide to load up with weapons. Dean makes a call to Bobby, but Sam hears Dean gossiping about his progress. This doesn't make Sam very happy.

The boys go back into the museum. Dean jokes around, but Sam is ready to get the hell out of there. It's creepy! He takes a close look at "Abe" and the doors slam shut. Then, Sam's gun gets yoinked out of his hands and Gandhi jumps Sam's back! Dean comes in just in time and helps stop it. "Couldn't have been a fan of someone cool? Really, Gandhi?"

Next, the boys are back at their motel. Sam says that Gandhi was a "fruitarian," so why would he try to bite Sam? Dean laughs at this. Dean contends that this was just merely a ghost, nothing more. Sam is not okay with this partnership. He mentions the fact that he feels he's on "double secret probation." Animal House reference. Nice!

Then, Sam reveals that he ran off with Ruby to get away from Dean. They need a new way to work as a team. Dean's phone rings and it's the local police. Two girls are at the station, freaking out about someone who "took Danielle." It was Paris Hilton. She looked good, though. "Skinny and fast."

Fallen Idols Full Recap - Supernatural WikiThe boys decide this isn't a case of killer ghosts, as Paris Hilton isn't dead. They do some investigation on the recent dead and find a small object. What is it? A seed! They are found in every one of the recent dead bodies, but these seeds are from Eastern Europe. Apparently, from a forest that was supposedly guarded by a Pagan god named Leshii.

Alright, says Dean. "Let's go gank ourselves a Paris Hilton." The boys go into the wax museum after dark to find Paris. They find a dead girl and Paris Hilton, who can actually kick ass. The boys are knocked out and Paris is sharpening a big knife. When they wake up, Paris is excited. She wants "to do the ritual right." She's the Pagan god Leshii.

Right as "Paris" is about to bring Dean's idol back to life, his daddy, the boys beat her to death. The world rejoices. Her head was totally cut off. Awesome! Then, the boys are leaving town and amused that the local cops are putting out an APB on Paris Hilton. Dean admits that it wasn't Sam's fault he killed Lilith and started the Apocalypse. They kind of hug it out and agree to go down fighting.

Dean tosses Sam the keys to the Metallicar and they take off. Then, we're shown a snapshot of the rest of the season. This includes a Japanese gameshow that racks Sam. Funny.

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