Folsom Prison Blues Allusions

Dean: It's a good thing I'm like James Garner from The Great Escape.

In the The Great Escape James Garner played the role of 'The Scrounger' who's job consisted of finding items the other inmates needed for the escape.

Dean: You’re like Clint Eastwood in Escape from Alcatraz.

Referencing the 1979 movie starring Eastwood and Patrick McGoohan as a sadistic warden. The movie dramatizes the one successful escape (of a sort) from the prison by Frank Morris and John & Clarence Anglin. Although the men escaped the prison, they have never been seen again and their bodies were never found, leaving their "success" in doubt.

Randall: She did this Charles Bronson thing with a hypodermic.

Referencing the 1974 movie Death Wish starring Charles Bronson as an architect who avenges the murder of his wife by street punks. The movie spawned four sequels with Bronson.

Dean: Great, another guy who’s seen Taxi Driver one too many times.

Referencing the 1976 movie starring Robert DeNiro and Jodie Foster. The best known line from the movie is the "Are you looking at me?" quote (although it was in turn taken from the movie Shane) that Lucas gives, and the fact that John Hinckley Jr. decided to shoot Ronald Reagan to prove his love to the movie's star, Jodie Foster, after he became obsessed with her after repeated viewings of the movie.

Dean: I call this one the Blue Steel.

Referencing the 2001 film, Zoolander, starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson as male models. Blue Steel was one of Stiller's trademark faces.

Title: Folsom Prison Blues
Folsom Prison Blues is the name of a song by Johnny Cash.
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