Folsom Prison Blues Trivia

When Sam and Dean are discussing their fellow inmates, Dean descibes the deceased inmates as "innocent". When Sam questions on how innocent they really were, Dean responds with, "What are you from Texas all of a sudden?" In fact both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are Texas boys.
At 20:16 Dean is piling up the cigarettes in front of himself. Yet when the shot is from behind him, his hands are gone, and the pile of cigarettes is in a different location.
When Sam and Dean are in the line with all the new prisoners to get checked if they have any metal on them, the camera goes past a man in the line that we see earlier who is already in the prison. At the very beginning of the episode, when we see the outside of Green River County Detention Center, the man is just standing around outside with all the other prisoners already inside.
In the scene after Dean plays poker for smokes, he gets up and says "hey fellas, who wants to make a deal?" If you look closely, you can see that as the camera pulls away from Sam, he grins and says the line along with Dean.
The ghost's kill pattern doesn't seem to make sense. Over the course of the three days or so the Winchesters are in prison, it kills or tries to kill three people. So it kills roughly one person a day. However, it was in the prison for three months before the brothers arrive. That would mean it killed roughly 90 people, but no mention is made of that number of deaths. However, if it didn't stick to the pattern we see... why not? There's no explanation for why it suddenly escalates its murder rate after the brothers arrive.
When Dean and Sam are getting their mugshots, Sam is shown to be 6'6" while Dean is shown as 6'3". In real life, actors Jared Padalecki (Sam) is actually 6'4" while Jensen Ackles (Dean) is 6'1" (officially).

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