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TEASER: (Superior, Nebraska)

The town seems deserted, except for one man – wearing only one shoe – who is marching drunkenly along in the middle of the street. Dead bodies are lying on the sidewalks, in the street, and in abandoned cars. The man is clearly infected by the sickness released by the Darkness; we can see the black veins on his neck and on the sides of his head. As this is happening, we see Sam inside a hardware store assembling supplies to build something – he's taking electrical tape, wiring, chains, a broomstick, and a large battery, among other things.

Suddenly, the man hears what sounds like a radio or television playing. He walks toward the sound and finds himself in an alley. He sees a radio sitting on a wheelchair, and walks over to it. Suddenly, Sam appears behind him. Sam asks the man if he can talk, or if he's too far gone. The man seems confused and asks "What?". But Sam zaps him with what appears to be a homemade taser on the end of a broomstick. The man collapses.

EPISODE: (Cedar Rapids, Iowa):

Dean pulls up to Jenna's grandmother's house. Jenna gets out of the car with the baby, who seems to like Dean. After a brief discussion, Jenna thanks Dean and hugs him before going into the house. Dean drives away.

Inside the house, Jenna's grandmother says the news is reporting some sort of storm in Superior, Nebraska. Jenna let's her grandmother believe the story. When grandma notices the blood on Jenna's clothes, she asks about Amara's parents. But Jenna says "It's a long story". Grandma drops the subject, and takes Amara so Jenna can go upstairs and take a nap. We see grandma take Amara upstairs and lay her down in a crib. After grandma leaves, Amara looks around the room. She sees a clear plastic storage box on the dresser labeled "Baby Stuff". We see the box move on its own and fall onto the floor, spilling the contents. Several wooden blocks and some stuffed toys fall out and scatter across the floor.

Meanwhile, Sam is in the hospital in Superior, Nebraska. He checks himself in a mirror and we see that the black veins are just above his shirt collar. He has handcuffed the man he captured and has him chained on the floor next to a bed. He asks the man for information, but the man only agrees to talk after Sam gives him food; the man asks for a pudding cup. As he's eating the pudding, the man tells Sam that he was infected earlier in the day. Sam was infected the night before, but for some reason Sam isn't as far along as the man is. The man says the infection progresses differently in different people. The man says regardless of how quickly it progresses, the ending is the same: "We go psycho; then we go 'boom'." Sam says he is going to find a cure, but the man doesn’t believe him. The man says the only smart move is for Sam to shoot him, and then himself.

Later that night, we see Dean driving. He's trying to reach Castiel on his cell phone, but Cas is not answering. We see that Cas' wrists are chained to a hook that is suspended from the ceiling in a room. Two angels (Ephriam and Jonah) are torturing him. One of the angels sees that Dean is trying to reach Cas, so he smashes Cas' cell phone. Cas is confused and tries to explain to the angels that he's cursed and they should run. They don't listen. He begs for mercy, but the angels continue torturing him. They want information on Metatron, and don't believe that Cas doesn't know where he is. As the angels continue torturing Cas, the door to the room suddenly starts glowing and is pulled off. Hannah (still in her masculine vessel) walks in and demands that the angels stop torturing Cas. She throws them out of the room.

Once Hanna is alone with Cas, she releases him from the hook he's suspended from, but he tells her that it's not safe to unchain his hands, so she leaves him chained and helps him into a chair. She tries to heal him, but the dark magic curse is too powerful and she can't. Cas tells her that he's trying to fight the spell, but he can't and it seems to be cutting deeper and deeper. Hannah asks Cas if the spell has anything to do with the recent "disturbance". She says that alarms have been sounding in heaven that haven't ever gone off, and the angels don't even know what they mean. Cas tells her that the alarms are for the Darkness. He tells her that the Darkness has been locked away since the dawn of creation, and now it is free. Hannah asks Cas where the Darkness is, but he doesn't know. She asks if the Winchesters know, and demands that Cas tell her where they are. When he refuses, Hannah becomes more assertive. Cas becomes suspicious and realizes that Hannah had arranged for him to be tortured, and staged his "rescue" to trick him into talking. Cas asks why Hannah would betray him, since they were friends. But Hannah says that was before Cas freed Metatron. Hannah says that the other angels hate him, now.

As they are talking, Ephriam and Jonah return. Cas refuses to say where Dean and Sam are, so the angels show him the metal head-restraint device that is used to hack angels. They restrain Cas in a chair and begin using the device to drive spikes into his brain. It doesn't seem to be working, and as Cas is screaming, Hannah tries to make the angels stop torturing him. Ephriam turns on Hannah and starts attacking her. Cas becomes furious and we see the attack dog spell take control of him. He breaks free and kills both angels; but in the melee, one of them kills Hannah.

As this is happening, we see that it is nighttime at Jenna's grandma's house. Jenna is napping upstairs and hears strange thumping noises. She goes out into the hallway and sees her grandmother heading toward the nursery. She has also heard the noises. When they open the door to the nursery, they see Amara lying in her crib, with blocks swirling in mid air above her head. She is crying, and we see that – one by one – blocks are being hurled across the room with enough force to embed them in the wall. The blocks spell out the words "FEED ME".

When the message has been completed, the remaining blocks fall down inside the crib around the baby. Jenna's grandma makes the sign of the cross over herself and pulls Jenna out of the room into the hallway. She wants to call a priest, but Jenna calls Dean. Dean races back to the house. Along the way, Dean and Sam are talking on the phone. Sam says it sounds like the infant is possessed. Dean agrees that is possible. Sam tells Dean not to worry about him, but as the camera pans across the room, we see that the man Sam was talking to earlier is dead. Sam does not tell Dean he's been infected.

As Sam is researching a possible cure, he hears singing coming from the hallway – it's the same song we heard when Death initially made his appearance in season 5 ("Two Minutes to Midnight"). Sam follows the sound and finds Billie the Reaper. She tells Sam that although he and Dean killed Death (which she is not happy about), business is still good. She tells Sam that she has a message for him, and goes on to say that the next time he and Dean die, the reaper that takes them will not take them to heaven or hell. Instead, their souls will be tossed into "the empty", and nothing comes back from there. She says that the "old" Death thought bringing the Winchesters back was amusing, but those days are over and that the next time they die, it will be forever. She also tells Sam she can feel how close he is to death, and that he is biblically "unclean" and will die soon.

After the discussion, Sam walks past a computer monitor. He can see his reflection and sees that the black veins are advancing up his neck. He turns around and sees signs for the hospital's chapel, so he goes into the chapel to pray. He tells god that he blames himself for releasing the Darkness; and that he is at peace with dying himself. But, he asks god to spare Dean's life, because Dean deserves better. He also asks for help, and he needs to know that there's hope. He also asks for a sign, but nothing happens. As Sam is leaving the chapel, he is struck by a vision of himself being tortured while he was in the cage, but he doesn't know what the vision means.

Later, we see that Sam is getting worse. His vision is blurry and he's becoming weak. The black veins have advanced all the way up his face to his hairline.

In his delirium, he's replaying Billie's warning in his head. He recalls her saying that he is "unclean" in the biblical sense, so he researches that on his computer. He reads about holy oil being used for purification, so he soaks a roll of gauze in holy oil, sets it on fire, and holds it next to his neck. He grimaces as if the cure is painful, but within a few seconds, the black veins disappear and he is healed. Realizing that he has figured out the cure, he places a radio inside the hospital and turns it up loud enough for people outside to hear. Three "rabids" hear the music and come toward it. Sam has poured a large ring of holy oil on the floor to set a trap. As soon as the three people step inside the ring, he sets the oil on fire. The people scream and collapse onto the floor, but we see that after a few seconds, they are all healed. Once they are recovering, Sam asks them to come with him to save everybody else who is infected.

When Dean arrives at Jenna's grandma's house, Jenna tells him that her grandmother has called a priest. When Dean goes inside, we see Crowley sitting in a chair in the living room, wearing a priest's collar and drinking tea – he's posing as an exorcist. Dean and Crowley talk outside, and Crowley tells Dean that he has connections in the church, and that's how he learned about Amara. Crowley tells Dean that he can feel the power radiating from the infant. He tells Dean that whatever the child is, the power inside her is very old, deep, and dark.

While Dean and Crowley are talking outside, Jenna goes into the nursery. She is alone with the baby for a few minutes. Next, we see grandma in the kitchen. Jenna comes into the kitchen and kills her grandmother with a knife. Outside, Dean and Crowley hear grandma scream and race back into the house. They find grandma dead on the kitchen floor. They search for Jenna.

Once they are upstairs, they hear Amara crying in her crib. Dean goes into the nursery and looks at the baby. He pulls back the neck of her onesee and sees the Mark of Cain on her chest.

He remembers what grown-up Amara told him when they met – that they are bound and will always help each other. Dean is disturbed, but realizes that they still have to find Jenna. He and Crowley continue searching and find Jenna in her grandmother's bedroom. She is breaking her grandmother's collection of religious icons and statuettes. Jenna says her grandmother won't care because she cut her throat. Dean asks Jenna why she did that, and Crowley replies that Jenna has no soul. Jenna says Amara is hungry and is a "growing girl". Dean tries to reason with Jenna, but she attacks him.

As Dean and Jenna are talking and fighting in the grandmother's room, Amara grows from an infant into a young girl of perhaps five. She climbs out of the crib, finds a dress in the container of child's clothes in the room, puts it on, and walks out of the house barefoot. Crowley turns around as if he can sense that she's there, but he doesn't see anything.

Dean and Jenna fight, but Dean is losing. Crowley kills Jenna, and tells Dean that he's going to see the child who eats souls. Dean tells Crowley that Amara is the Darkness, and he has to kill her. Crowley doubts Dean can kill Amara, because of the way he looked at her – indicating his obvious connection with the infant. Crowley tells Dean that he, however, can definitely kill Amara, after he's "done" with her. He tries to leave, and Dean tries to stop him. Crowley uses telekinesis to fling Dean through a closet door. Dean recovers enough to use an angel blade to impale Crowley's hand to the wall. Dean pulls his demon-killing knife and returns to the nursery to kill Amara, but he finds the crib empty. When he returns to Crowley, he finds the angel blade still in the wall, but Crowley is gone.

Later that night, Sam and Dean return to the bunker. The stack of books is still in the library (from when the Stynes were going to burn them), and the place is a mess. Dean jokes that they should get a maid. As they are talking, they hear rustling sounds. They draw their weapons and search the library. They find Castiel lying on the floor. He asks for help.

The next day, we see the child Amara walking barefoot down the street, wearing the same dress she took from the nursery. Crowley pulls up next to her in a van, gets out, and shows her four people (a family) that he has tied up in the back of the van. He offers Amara some "candy" and she smiles at the people in the van.




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