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Conway Springs, Kansas.

A young couple is parked near a dam making out in the car. The girl appears to be Krissy, last seen in "Adventures in Babysitting".

A blue van pulls up near them and the couple thinks they see someone moving past their car windows incredibly quickly. They think they see the figure flash by again outside and the boy tries to clear the steam from inside the car window for a better look. As he does, the hood of the car flies open and there is some rattling.

He tries to start the car, but nothing happens.

Krissy asks the boy, Aiden, not to leave her, but he exits the car. As soon as he does, the window glass breaks and Krissy is dragged out through the window. Aiden comes up behind the attacker and neatly beheads him.

Another young girl (Josephine) shows up and asks if they are okay. Krissy says that was time someone else can be the bait.

Aiden has tears in his eyes. He looks at the dead vampire and says "it's him". Krissy replies, "One down, two to go".

Elsewhere, Sam and Dean pull up in the Impala in the fed suits. Sam reviews their case. Two young women found near the highway with their throats ripped out. Dean thinks it sounds "vampy". Dean asks if Sam wants to sit this one out because he's injured in some way from the first trial. Sam says he's fine and asks how Dean is since he was just beat to hell by Cas. Of course Cas healed Dean physically, but Sam still wants to know if Dean is okay. "What, like my feelings?" Dean asks incredulously. Sam says, "sure, if that'w hat you want to talk about." Dean says, okay....maybe they should get some herbal tea and find some Cowboy Junkies on the radio.... Sam immediately realizes that Dean is making fun of him and just says, "eat me, Dean" as he gets out of the car.

Sam asks Dean how he's feeling.

Sam and Dean head in to question the local sheriff about the murders. The victims were drained of all their blood. In an effort to investigate, the sheriff's department set up a camera at the make-out point. They captured something very strange; a man being beheaded by 3 teenagers.

Dean recognizes Krissy in the footage.

The sheriff thinks it must be a cult or something to do with kids being on drugs. He put out an all points bulletin on the three teenagers. Dean convinces him to call that off so that he and Sam, the feds, can take over. The sheriff reluctantly agrees.

Outside, Sam asks what that was all about and Dean tells him that he recognized Krissy. Sam wonders if Krissy's dad knows she's doing this. Dean decides they have to go find her.

Dean tells Sam he recognizes Krissy in the video.

Elsewhere, Krissy is using a fake ID and some bribe money to get a hotel room. Inside the room, the three teenagers start setting up a camera. Aiden starts hitting on Krissy. She tries to put him off...lying that she has a boyfriend. Aiden doesn't want to give up.

Krissy uses her fake ID to get a room.

Josephine enters the room and it becomes apparent that the three kids are hunting another vampire who is staying in the hotel. Krissy stays behind to watch the video feed while Aiden and Josephine head out with cameras on so Krissy can see everything they see.

Aiden and Josephine find blood in the hall. They follow it and break into a hotel room to find a girl tied to a bed.

Sam and Dean enter Krissy's room to find that she already has a gun trained on them. She asks what they are doing there. Dean says they are saving her bacon. She sarcastically asks if it looks like her bacon needs saving.

She asks how they found her. She tried to cover her tracks by paying cash everywhere she went. Dean says there were only two hotels in a 20-mile radius and they paid cash too; only they paid more. Krissy realizes the hotel clerk told them where she was.

Sam asks where Krissy's dad is. She says he's dead. She tells them to leave saying "we've got this". Sam and Dean ask what they are doing. They look over Krissy's shoulder and see what the other young hunters are seeing through the cameras they are wearing...first the victim tied to the bed, then a male vampire coming up behind them, looking ready to attack.

Sam and Dean rush down to the vampire's room and break through the door, but the vampire jumps out of the window and runs down the street towards a waiting blue van.

Krissy, who was right behind Sam and Dean, says "I got him" and goes after the vampire. Sam tells Josephine to call an ambulance. She says the ambulance is on the way and the victim is in shock...she'll stabilize her until help arrives. Sam is impressed at how well Josephine is handling the situation and caring for this victim.

Outside, Krissy has caught up to the vampire who is on the ground. She felled him with some darts full of dead man's blood. Dean asks where the blue van is, but it's gone. Krissy never saw the van. Dean moves in to kill the vampire and Krissy tells him to stop because it's not his kill.

Dean is confused.

Josephinecomes up and explains that this vampire killed her family. She found them dead. Now it's her turn for revenge. The vampire says he never did anything. He doesn't know what's happening and asks the hunters to help him. Josephine quickly beheads him. Sam and Dean look on in disbelief.

Dean tells Krissy he needs to talk to her in private.

Aiden is worried that Krissy and Dean have some kind of relationship.

Dean wants the whole story from Krissy.

She says her dad did quit hunting for awhile and they had a wonderful, amazing, normal life. But then "the past came knocking" and Krissy woke up one morning to find him dead with his throat ripped out. Dean offers his condolences. Krissy says that if it weren't for Josephine and Aiden, she doesn't know how she would have made it through her father's death. They all lost their families to the same nest of vampires.

Dean tells Krissy she's way too young to be hunting. She says you're never too young to kill monsters, especially the monsters that killed your family. Dean tells her that hunting is not all about revenge. He thought they had this talk the last time they were together. He asks if she has any family she can go to. Krissy says she has an aunt in Cincinnati. Dean says he and Sam are going to take Krissy there, but she says that Victor might have a problem with that.
Krissy explains that Victor took the teenagers in and taught them everything they know.

Dean asks if it's some kind of kids' school for hunters. She calls Dean a dweeb and says Victor is helping the three of them get revenge. Dean tells her that they were almost caught and if it weren't for him covering up the surveillance tape, their faces would be plastered all over the news. Krissy is not impressed and says that maybe it's time that everyone in the world knew what kind of monsters and evil really exist. Dean says that would cause mass panic; he doesn't think people should know.

Krissy says she doesn't need Dean to save her; she's not a little kid anymore.

Josephine and Aiden have wrapped the vampire's body and head in plastic. They, along with Krissy, load the body into the trunk of their car.

Sam and Dean talk. Aiden and Josephine told Sam about Victor too. Dean asks "what do we think (about Victor)?" Sam reminds Dean that they met up with a hunter named Victor in Spokane many years ago. Dean is skeptical that it could be the same guy; it was so long ago. They decide the need to go talk to Victor.

They follow the kids back to a nice house. Dean's surprised that the house looks so normal.

The kids walk in as if they are coming home from school. Victor Rogers comes downstairs. Sam reminds him that they've already met; during a rugaru hunt in Washington. Victor remembers them. Victor hugs Josephine and comforts her. He tells her to get to studying for her trig test in the morning. He tells Aiden to clean his room. Krissy says she'll have a full report on the hunt on Victor's desk by morning. She goes to her room.


Sam and Dean are trying to wrap their minds around this.

Victor tells them that the kids go to regular school and they are doing very well considering all they've been through. Dean tells Victor that kids shouldn't be hunting at all and that Victor needs to put an end to this right away. Victor says he found a bunch of lost kids and gave them a family and a purpose. Why would Dean want to take that away?

Sam says that kids shouldn't have to risk injury or death as hunters. He wonders why Victor would have them risk their lives at this young age. Victor replies that the next generation of hunters has to be better. Sam asks, "Better than what?". Victor replies, "Better than us".

Victor points out that he knows Sam & Dean's friends; other hunters. They are all a bit quirky, or weird, or mentally unstable, or barely functioning alcoholics like Bobby (to which Dean cautions him to be careful about what he says about Bobby). Victor says his three teenagers are talented, athletic, quick. He says once they get their revenge for their murdered families, they'll be better hunters than anyone can imagine.

As Sam and Dean walk outside to the Impala, Dean is skeptical of the situation, but Sam thinks maybe it's not so bad. The kids are hunters AND have what looks like an otherwise-normal life. Dean maintains that kids shouldn't hunt. Sam points out that he and Dean did and maybe this way, this different way, could work for these kids. Dean says it can't. Sam asks if he feels that way because it didn't work well for the two of them. Dean says it doesn't work for anyone.

Sam asks what Dean wants to do. Victor is not going to give up his hunters-in-training. Dean says that since the kids are hunting a vampire nest, he and Sam should hunt it for them so the kids can stay safe until he and Sam figure out what to do about Victor.

Sam agrees. Dean decides to go talk to the victim they found tied to the bed. He feels something about that whole scenario wasn't quite right. He tells Sam to stay and look after the kids in the house. Dean drives off and Sam heads back inside.

A blue van pulls up outside the house. A man in a hoodie watches Sam go into the house.

The next morning, Sam witnesses a very domestic scene as Victor makes waffles for everyone for breakfast. They are acting like a normal family. The kids rush off to school. Victor asks Sam if he wants any kids. Sam says he's not sure. Victor says he should want children and shows Sam a photo of his wife and three children who were killed by a wendigo on a camping trip. Victor says this is why he took these lost kids in.

Victor says there's no reason for these kids to live like he and Sam did growing up; in crappy hotel rooms, always moving, with no family and no life. He says the way they were raised is not the only way.

At the hospital, Dean talks to the woman who was tied up in the hotel room. She says she knew the guy who tied her up. His name was Jimmy Day. She says he didn't really kidnap her. She saw him out in a parking lot when a blue van with a guy in a hoodie pulled up to ask directions. Next thing she knew she woke up tied to the bed. They guy in the hoodie wasn't there, but Jimmy was; crying and telling her he was sorry. She says he seemed scared.

Back at the house, the teenagers have come home from school early. Aiden says Victor pulled them out of school because he tracked down the vampire that killed Krissy's dad. The female vampire he found is in a surveillance photo is wearing the necklace that Krissy's mom gave her dad on their anniversary. Krissy is sure this is the vampire who killed her father. Sam isn't as sure about it as Krissy is.

Dean calls Sam. He says the vampire that Josephine beheaded, Jimmy Day, was "fresh made"; within a month, but Josephine's family was murdered 3 months ago. It couldn't have been that vampire.

Dean says he'd like to know who's driving that blue van. He asks what Sam has learned.

Sam tells Dean he's not sure about the surveillance photo that Victor showed Krissy of the vampire who allegedly murdered her father.

Dean says he's going to go talk to the hotel clerk.

Sam looks out the window and sees a blue van parked outside the house. The teenagers are gone; Victor says they're already out tracking the female vampire. Sam tells Victor they have a problem and points out the blue van that was also outside the hotel the night before. Victor says it looks like he and Sam are going hunting.

At the hotel, Dean questions the clerk. He says a guy in a hoodie came in and took a tourist brochure about a lodge which is now closed in the off-season. Dean heads out there.

Dean drives up to the empty lodge.

Dean approaches the lodge, machete in hand. He opens the door and find a woman inside the otherwise-abandoned building. She appears to be bloody and in pain. He turns on the lights and she cowers at the brightness. She asks what is happening to her. Dean holds the machete to her throat and tells her to talk. She says that a man in blue van and a hoodie grabbed her and brought her to this lodge. She says that her stomach is killing her.

Behind Dean, Krissy, Aiden, and Josephine have their guns trained on him and the woman in distress. Apparently Dean didn't hear them enter the lodge.

Aiden has his gun drawn on Dean.

Back at the house, Sam and Victor walk through the trees, guns drawn. Just as Sam is about to get the man in the hoodie in his sights, Victor hits Sam over the head and he collapses.

Victor and the guy in the hoodie exchange knowing looks. The guy in the hoodie smiles, revealing his vampire teeth.

The vampire in the hoodie...Seth.

At the lodge, Dean tells the three teenagers to put their guns down. Krissy asks why Dean is with the vampire that killed her father. Dean tells her she's barking up the wrong tree; this vampire didn't kill her father. Krissy tells Dean that she doesn't want to hurt him, but she will if he won't get out of the way. Dean says the vampire is innocent. He explains that this vampire has only been a vampire for a day or two. She couldn't have killed Krissy's dad months ago.

Aiden, Josephine, and Krissy keep their guns on Dean and the new vampire.

Dean asks the kids why the vampire they killed the night before said he didn't do anything wrong. Aiden says it was because he was a liar. Dean tells him that vampires don't beg for their lives like that; they attack. Dean tells them to take their guns off him before someone gets hurt. Aiden starts to taunt him for his "big talk" and Dean quickly disarms Aiden who is stunned at how fast Dean is. Aiden is more inexperienced than he'd like to admit.

Krissy says that even if this vampire didn't kill her father, she's still a monster and deserves to die. Dean says they can save her because she hasn't fed yet; they just need to find her maker and get some of his blood. Aiden asks why they should care. Dean tells him that hunting isn't always about killing. Aiden doesn't care, but Dean asks if he really wants to kill an innocent girl. Aiden falters a bit.

Krissy says she wants the vampire who killed her dad to pay. Dean assures her that they will find him, but don't be so bloodthirsty that she kills the wrong vampire.

Josephine points out that Victor says this girl is the one. Dean says he's telling them she's not the one. Who are they going to believe? Dean says they are going to bring the new vampire along and ask Victor together.

Back at the house, Sam wakes up, tied to a chair. Victor is in the room with the vampire in the hoodie. Victor says they don't have much time to stage a crime scene so that when the kids come home from the hunt, they find Sam dead in the living room; making them even more thirsty for revenge. Sam and Victor argue. Sam asks if Victor likes working with a vampire. What does the vampire get out of this? Victor says they are at war and it's a war they are losing. The whole leviathan thing was a wake-up call for Victor. But Victor doesn't expect Sam to understand since Sam isn't a father. He remembers the cries of his children dying, but now, with these teenagers, he has a second chance to create the next stronger, better generation of hunters.

Dean and the kids walk through the door. The kids are confused as they see Sam tied up and a vampire standing near Victor. Victor tells the kids that they can't trust Sam & Dean; that Sam & Dean are trying to destroy them.

Josephine tries to figure out what's going on.

Aiden asks if Victor knows the vampire standing near him. Sam says of course he does; they are working together. Aiden asks Victor is that's true and he tells Aiden it's complicated.

Dean says it's actually not complicated. The vampire in the hoodie has been turning new vampires and setting them up to be easy kills for the teenagers. Josephine asks why. Krissy answers that the vampires they killed didn't kill their families. Josephine asks, "then who did?" and the vampire in the hoodie says that he did; he killed their families.

Victor hisses at the vampire "enough, Seth!". Victor says that Seth the vampire killed Aiden, Josephine, and Krissy's families on his orders. He scouted them out and knew it was the only way to get the teenagers to hunt.

Victor says he knows the deaths of their families were tragic, but think how many lives will be saved in the future because they were turned into hunters.

Krissy can't believe Victor orchestrated this whole thing just to train them. Victor says this is bigger than all of them and they have to put this in perspective. He asks Krissy to come with him, telling her they can get past this.

Krissy looks at Aiden and Josephine and subtly shakes her head "no". Victor shrugs saying, "that is unfortunate" and Seth the vampire springs as if he is going to attack. Seth grabs Aiden and Victor tells Krissy and Josephine that they're leaving. Krissy refuses. She won't leave Aiden behind. Victor says he taught them everything they know. He says, "don't make me hurt you".

Krissy responds that he didn't teach them everything. She motions to Josephine who moves to attack Victor. Krissy shoots Seth the vampire in the eye with a dart full of dead man's blood.

Seth drops.

Then Krissy pulls a revolver on Victor. Dean tells her not to do this.

Krissy trains her gun on Victor.

Krissy says if they want revenge for their families' deaths, they're going to get it from Victor.

Krissy is determined to get her revenge.

Dean tells her they (hunters) don't kill people.

Krissy says Victor isn't a person, he's a monster.

Sam tells her this ends badly no matter what they do. Krissy agrees. She never takes her eyes or her gun off of Victor.

Dean tries to talk to her, but she doesn't respond.

Victor looks terrified; he looks like he's sure he's about to die. Krissy says, "this is for my dad" and pulls the trigger; but the gun only clicks through the empty chamber; no bullet. She says, "this is for Josephine's family" ...another click as she pulls the trigger...and again for Aiden, and finally for her.

Victor is sure Krissy is going to kill him.

She reaches into her pocket and drops a handful of bullet onto the ground next to Victor.

Aiden asks if they are just going to let him live. Krissy says yes, he'll live all alone, by himself, without a family or friends.

Victor sobs on the floor.

Krissy says, "now, let's save that girl".

Victor reaches into his sock and pulls out a revolver. Just as Josephine sees it and yells "gun!", Victor shoots himself in the head. Blood spatters against the wall.

Later, the teenagers are tending to the newly-turned vampire. Curing her and caring for her.

Dean tells Krissy he's proud of her. She tells him to shut up.

Sam hands Krissy her father's necklace. She thanks him and looks genuinely moved. Sam says he'll wait outside and gives Dean and Krissy a moment alone.

Sam gives Krissy back her father's necklace.

Dean tells Krissy they'll be in the car when she's ready. He still plans to take her to her aunt's house in Cincinnati. Krissy says no.

She says that Aiden and Josephine feel like her family and she wants to stay with them.
Dean figures she wants to stay because she likes Aiden. Krissy denies it. She says he's like her brother.

Dean doesn't buy it.

Krissy tells Dean that Josephine will be 18 in a few months so then they won't all be minors. She wants them to have a life with each other. She says they won't go looking for monsters to hunt, but will take care of any if any show up.

Dean seems okay with this. Krissy can't believe she doesn't have to fight him harder on this point. Dean says she can make her own decisions, she's not a kid anymore. She tells him he's alright for an old guy, to which Dean says, "really, not that old." "You just keep telling yourself that," replies Krissy.

Dean tells her that Garth will come by to check on them every so often. Dean holds up his fist for a fist-bump from Krissy. She sweetly kisses him on the cheek instead. It's obvious they care for eachother. Dean treats her like a daughter.

Krissy gives Dean a kiss on the cheek goodbye.

Aiden, on the other hand, can't wait to see Dean go; seeing him as a rival for Krissy's attention.

Dean puts his arm around Aiden. Aiden figures he's going to give him the "I'll kill you if you hurt Krissy" speech. Dean says no, it's Krissy who will kill Aiden if he hurts her and he wishes Aiden good luck with that! (Implying that Krissy will always have the upper hand in a relationship.)

Dean leaves and Aiden gladly locks the door behind him.

Outside, Sam and Dean walk towards the Impala. Sam thinks this was a good outcome; it could have been worse. Dean says it will be if they don't shut the gates of hell. Sam wonders what that has to do with anything that just happened. Dean says that these kids are hunters now. The only way out of being a hunter is death, or maybe, if Sam and Dean can shut the gates of hell forever, those kids will have a chance at a normal life. Sam mutters, "maybe they won't be the only ones".

Dean wants to save the kids by closing the gates of hell forever.

Sam and Dean drive off.

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