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We start with good old Bela getting surprised by our favorite ex-con Hunter, Gordon Walker. He’s one step ahead of her and has already found her hidden piece in her car. He wants to know about the Winchesters and where to find them… and he holds Bela at gunpoint to find out. Bela’s not scared, she’s just interested in a deal. Eventually the two of them settle on Gordon’s “mojo bag” as the price on the Winchesters’ heads. Oh, Bela, Sam really isn’t going to know whether to kill you or have sex with you.

Storm Clouds. Titles.
We pick up with the boys on the trail of a female vampire. Dean uses his own blood to draw her out of hiding, and the vampire is played by none other than Harmony herself, Mercedes McNabb. If only they had named the character Harmony, that would have really messed with the fans’ collective head. Dean takes a bite to the neck, but he quickly shoots up Harmony with a hypo full of dead man’s blood, knocking her out.

Later, Harmony comes to, but she has no idea what is going on. She’s not playing dumb, but rather she actually is dumb. She’s just a blonde who got vampire rufied in a club. Vamp put a little something in her drink. A little thing like vampire blood. Awesome. Chicky got turned and didn’t even know it. Anything that she remembered after she got away from him was just chalked up to drug hallucinations. The guys feel bad for her, but there’s absolutely no choice in this situation. Sam steps away (shades of his earlier vampire empathy I suppose) and Dean does the deed. The very sloppy sounding deed.

Gordon and Kubrick show up in the hospital posing as FBI agents (do they have Hunter school for this kind of training) to question a victim of Harmony’s. He gives the guys a few clues about how to find the Winchesters…

…who are currently at Spider, the bar Harmony was changed in. They catch the vamp trying to turn another, but when they give chase, they come straight across the path of Gordon and Kubrick, who come back at them with guns blazing. The boys dive out of danger, but Dean decides to create distraction so Sam can get away. Dean’s got a death wish for sure.

Kubrick follows Dean, but when Gordon goes after Sam… he’s found by the vamp instead! Bad news for Gordon! He knocks him out and takes him home.

Sam rips into Dean for his stupid shenanigans and they correctly figure that Bela was the one that did the deed. When they get her on the phone, she’s very honest about sending Gordon after them. She only feels slightly bad that she didn’t warn the boys. Dean tells her that when he sees her next, he’s going to kill her. Seriously. Well, I guess that answers my earlier question.

Gordon wakes up in the vampire’s nest with two more little blonde chippies that vampy is in the process of changing. Gordon and the vamp have a little banter as the vamp knows exactly who Gordon is and laments the impeding extinction of his “people”. You’re not going to find any Sammy sympathy from Gordon for the vamp and his “fang whores”. So the vamp gets an excellent idea. Instead of feeding Gordon to his new “daughters,” he decides to forcibly change Gordon instead. That can’t be good.

Back at the motel, Sammy and Dean debate the situation, but Sammy says there is no debate: they have to kill Gordon. Bela tries to make the situation a little better by telling the boys the exact location of Vampy Gordo.
Meanwhile, Vampy Gordo awakens to his new unlife and even though he’s stunned by the new vampy senses that are tingling, he still manages to free himself relatively easily. Out on the street, the sound and lights of a car almost do him in, but Gordo recovers enough to fix himself a late night snack out of a nearby motorist.

When Sam and Dean get to the location of the nest, they find the vampire grieving over the destroyed bodies of his “daughters”. Gordo ripped their heads right off their bodies. He tells the boys to just kill him. He doesn’t want to live without his family. (But I don’t think that they do). Instead, they just learn that Gordon is now a vampire on a mission.

At Kubrick’s trailer, Kubrick knows almost immediately that Gordon has changed. They both know that this means that Gordon can’t be allowed to live, but Gordo asks for just one favor: for Kubrick to let him use his newfound powers to kill Sam Winchester before he dies himself. Kubrick isn’t one to bend the rules though. He makes the fatal mistake of thinking that he can sneak up on a vamp, but Gordo hears his heartbeat and turns to put his fist right through him. Kubrick dies in Gordon’s arms and it’s such a shame because the character seemed to have such promise.

Sam thinks fast and swaps the cellphones so Gordon can’t track them to their hidie hole. But Dean wants to go all kamikaze and go after Gordon with the Colt all on his own. Sam and Dean have a very touching conversation where Sam punches through Dean hard exterior and convinces him that he’s been his hero since he was four and that he can’t hide his fear from his brother. Sam doesn’t want a brave-faced Dean, he just wants his brother.

A short time later, Dean gets a call from Gordon. He’s sniffed them out at the cell phone store. He needs them to come out of hiding and to that end, he’s taken a hostage… soon to be victim. He’s a monster now after all.

Sam and Dean get the location and find the female hostage. They free her from her bonds, but as they’re escaping, a security wall comes down, separating Sam from his brother. The lights go out and Gordon starts to taunt Sam from the darkness. He can see in the dark with his vampy eyes after all. He levels with Sam how he needs to kill him because he’s not human and he’s still the most dangerous thing of all. Oh yeah, and he changed the girl that Dean has rescued. But of course, with the help of the Colt, Dean dispatches the newly created vamp in about five seconds straight.

Dean’s not listening as Gordon tells him how evil Sam is. Gordon still plans to kill himself after all this is done. Gordo leaps on Sammy and they go crashing through the wall. As Dean tries to help, Gordo starts gnawing on his neck. During the course of the battle, Sam manages to get a length of barbed wire and catches Gordon around the neck with it. With very little hesitation, Sam manages to pull the barbed wire taught and decapitates Gordon with ease. So Sammy’s not all human, but is that a bad thing?

Later, Sam and Dean try to relax with a few brews while Dean works on the car. Dean has an introspective moment though and decides to teach Sam about how to work on the Impala. It’s a sweet moment between brothers, just being brothers, but it’s extremely sad and bittersweet though because Dean knows that he has to teach Sam how to manage for when he’s gone. After all, he’s only leaving behind a sweet ass ride… and all those people he’s saved.

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