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Four weeks ago, on "earth 2" (one of Chucks' other versions of earth)

A woman is shopping in a Radio Shack-like store named "Radio Shed". There is one shopper in the store and the clerk tries to engage her, but she leaves instead. The radio that's playing in the store talks about what President Hillary Clinton is doing in Iowa as she campaigns for reelection.

The door opens and Chuck walks in. He walks towards a bank of TVs and tells the clerk he's not happy with his "viewing choices at home". Chuck says he's not looking for a TV, he's looking for an audience. He says it's "monologue time".

He speaks to the clerk, telling him that In the beginning, it was him and his sister (Amara), but he wasn't satisfied, so he made the world. But he kept going and made other worlds. Different versions of the same characters. More "toys". He wonders if that was a mistake. Chuck says Dean told him he won't get the ending he wants. He doesn't know if that should matter because he's GOTTEN the ending he wanted from many other Sams and Deans and he could
create even more to give him what he wants, but he doesn't care about that. Those other "toys" don't "spark joy" like the real Sam and Dean. They challenge Chuck. They disappoint him. They surprise him. They're "the ones".

The salesman tries to talk to him about a stereo, but Chuck says he doesn't need more things or more distractions. He needs less. It's time to clear the board. Get rid of all the other worlds, alternate realities, and sub-plots. He says it's time to start cancelling shows.

Present day, in the "real world" in Sioux Falls -
Jody is examining the mutilated body of a cow, dead a field. She gets a phone call. It's Alix (sidebar; that really was Katherine Ramdeen's voice on the phone). Alix is calling to tell her that the vegan lasagna is getting cold. Jody asks if she or Patience made it. Alix says she did. Jody's glad for something vegan after looking at a mutilated cow. She thought it was a monster that did it, but now thinks the perpetrator is probably human. She hangs up.

She thinks she hears something in a nearby shed and goes to investigate.

All is quiet, but suddenly, Jody's attacked and hit over the head.

At the bunker:
Sam says he doesn't like what Jack's doing; that he has a deal with Death and that he was eating angel hearts for power. Sam questions whether or not they should trust Billie. Dean says Billie is dealing with Jack on a "need to know" basis and not letting Jack in on her plan.

Sam is worried about where Jack's head is without having a soul and after having been in The Empty for months.

In another room of the bunker:
Jack lingers over Mary's initials carved into the bunker table. He walks end up in one of the bunker bedrooms and looks at himself in the mirror. A woman appears behind him. She explains that Jack had sent up a silent prayer to Death, but Death was busy, so she sent a reaper.

In the kitchen, Cas says he's concerned too, but Jack trusts Billie and he trusts Jack.

Sam wonders about Cosmic Balance. If Jack kills God, where's the balance? What about Amara?

Dean doesn't know. He says he doesn't exactly trust Billie, but she's committed to the rules and Dean believes in her.

Sam points out ,"like she had the Mal'ak box figured out?"

Dean says Billie was still right about many things, including Rowena.

Sam wishes they knew more. Dean agrees, but wants to go with the only plan they have.

Elsewhere in the bunker:
Jack talks with the reaper. He says that when the gregori trapped him, he called out for Billie and she didn't answer then either. Cas saved him. The reapers tells him to relax and follow the rules. Also, Jack is not to use his powers under any circumstances, or God may find him.

Sam hears Jack talking to someone outside the bedroom door, but when he enters, Jack is alone. Jack says he wasn't talking to anyone. Sam wants to check in with him. Jack says he's settling in okay. Sam says they're all very glad to have him back. He wants to make sure Jack knows that he could always come to them. They would have helped him before what happened with Mary happened.

Out in the main room of the bunker, Dean and Cas are drinking. Cas is telling Dean that he believed Kelly Kline when she said Jack was going to be force for good in the world. But then everything went wrong and God took Jack from them. Cas says he was lost without Jack. He knew the story wasn't over for Jack. Cas feels he was right about that. Dean toasts to that with bourbon. Dean wants to toast to "payback". Cas would rather think of it as Jack fulfilling his destiny. Dean likes the idea of God being killed by his own grandson.

Jody calls. Dean answers. Jody says she's in trouble and gives him the location where she's being held.

Sam and Dean drive up to the farm where Jody is being held. They draw their weapons and enter the barn.

They find Jody bound and gagged. As they free her, they are attacked from behind by other-world Kaia from the Bad Place. She gets Dean in a choke hold and says he has something that belongs to her (her spear). Dean tells her it was destroyed. Kaia says Dean promised to get her back to her own world. Dean says that promise expired when she murdered their friend.

Dean frees himself and he and Sam train their weapons on her. Kaia says "the boy" (Jack) can get her home. She wants to go home. Sam doesn't understand why she'd want to. She says her world is dying. She says she knows it from her dreams. Dean reminds her that when she gave him her spear, she said there was someone back in her world that she was protecting. Dean wants to know who that is. Kaia says it's "her" and that "they share memories".

Jody wants to know if it's "their" Kaia. Dark Kaia says they've always shared memories. They were born at the same time, though born in different worlds. Jody reminds Dark Kaia that she killed regular Kaia. Kaia says she never meant to and thought that she could leave her behind. She informs them that regular Kaia is alive. Dark Kaia says she left her the tools she needed to survive, and she has. Jody feels horrible that Kaia has been stuck in that other world all this time. Dark Kaia knows her world is ending; she can see it through regular Kaia's eyes. She flashes to an image of regular Kaia eating fruit in the Bad Place and listening to a storm approaching. Dark Kaia needs their help to get back there.

In the bunker, Cas is playing Connect Four with Jack. Jack wins.They hear Sam and Dean come in. Jody is with them. This is the first time Jody has met Cas in person. Cas asks what happened. Dean brings in Dark Kaia. She greets Jack.

A short time later, Cas says Jack cannot help her. Sam feels they do need to save regular Kaia because it's their fault she's trapped in the Bad Place. Dean says he and Sam will hit the lore. He wants Jody to search through the bunker for anything that might help. Cas will call Sergei to see if he has any more archangel grace; the only thing that's worked for them before to open the rift between worlds.

Dark Kaia yells that they're running out of time. She wants to use Jack right now to get home. Jack says he can research instead. They wonder what to do with Dark Kaia while they work. Jody decides to chain her up. Dark Kaia appears bored and frustrated.

Jack finds a "world bending spell", but the ingredients include a part of an extinct monster that John apparently killed the last one of and wrote about it in his journal. Jack's frustrated that he didn't find the answer. They've found nothing. Sam wants to try to Jerry rig some magic, but he'd need nephilim Grace, probably against Billie's rules as it involves Jack and his powers and might tip off God to Jack's location.

Cas doesn't seem to be having any luck reaching Sergei.

Jody hasn't found anything helpful either. Cas wants to know if Claire knows that Kaia is still alive in the other world. Jody says Claire is out of cell range; in a national park following a lead on a woman in a dark cloak; obviously trying to track down Dark Kaia on her own. Jody says Claire has looked for revenge for years. Claire loved Kaia. She'd do anything to save her. But there's no time to get Claire involved and that would be devastating for her if they fail. Cas agrees.

Cas tries to reach Sergei again.

Jack has been listening to the whole exchange between Jody and Cas; about how devastated Claire was over losing Kaia.

Jack goes to speak to Dark Kaia. She's hostile toward him. She tells Jack that she remembers Kaia was scared and he pushed her to cross over. Jack wants to know why Dark Kaia came here. She says she envied Kaia. That this world looked peaceful. But it's cold and she doesn't understand it here. She just hides. Dark Kaia says this world doesn't want her and she's done with it. She grabs Jack. She pleads with him to fix it and help her. Jack puts his hands on her head. His eyes glow. He sees regular Kaia sitting, scared, next to a fire. He knows she's alive there.

In the main room, Jack announces to Sam and Dean that he's going to save Kaia. That he "saw" her. Sam's mad that he used his powers to see Kaia.

Merle the reaper appears again. She came in with Jack. She lectures him about risking the whole plan for one person. If he does, she'll tell Billie.

Jack tells her to go tell Billie. He'll open a rift while she's gone. Billie won't like knowing about it when it's too late. Merle says she'll stop him. He says fine; Billie can find out that it all went to hell on Merle's watch. Or, Merle can help them and Billie never has to know. Merle says it's stupid, but there might be a way.

She says the cosmic warding on the bunker that was removed by Amara was never repaired. They fixed the monster warding, but not the "cosmic-grade" stuff. She says they can't replace it, but she can restore it for awhile. To do that, to hide their activities from God with warding, she needs to juice it up and borrow Cas to do it.

They agree. Sam reads a spell and the warding symbols on the bunker walls glow.

Sam and Dean ready their weapons. Sam says they're taking what is probably a stupid risk, but doing the "dumb, right thing" with cosmic entities feels like the right thing to do.

Jody thanks Cas for staying behind and keeping an eye on the reaper. Cas asks Jody to stay behind too. Cas says he can never apologize to Claire for taking Jimmy Novak's vessel. Claire can't lose Jody too if Kaia is not brought back alive. He wants Jody to stay behind for Claire. Jody agrees.

Cas and Merle touch a large engraved stone and Jack opens the rift. Dark Kaia, Sam, and Dean walk through and enter the Bad Place. Dark Kaia leads them to Kaia. Before they get there, they're surrounded by the little Jawa-like creatures with glowing eyes that live in the woods in this world.

Dark Kaia says that trying to fight that many is useless, but they aren't hungry, they're scared, but not of Dark Kaia, of the gathering storm. The creatures run away and they continue on to Kaia's camp. She's hiding, but comes out to greet them, knife drawn. She sees who it is. Dean gives her a hug. The two Kaias see each other. Sam tells regular Kaia that her Dark Kaia helped them. They should go. They ask Dark Kaia to come with them, but she refuses. She says she doesn't belong in their world. Even if she dies, she's staying. They leave with regular Kaia. After they go, the huge storm flows towards Dark Kaia and engulfs the landscape, destroying everything and killing her.

Jody sits next to the rift. Sam, Dean and regular Kaia emerge. Kaia hugs Jody.

A short time later, Kaia walks into the main room of the bunker wearing some of Jack's clothes. He asks how she survived alone for that long. She says she just kept singing a nursery rhyme to herself, over and over, one her mom used to sing her.

Jody says Kaia is welcome to come home with her. Kaia wants to know if Claire will be there. Jody says Claire will be there soon. Kaia thanks the Winchesters, Cas, and Jack for saving her and leaves with Jody.

Merle doesn't care that the girl was saved. She thinks the warding worked, or else they'd be dead.

Suddenly, Merle is stabbed with a scythe and dissolves into dust. Billie greets them with "Hello, boys."

Cue reaction shot from each of them. They all look slightly horrified.

Billie looks at Jack. She scolds him for bending the rules. She's disappointed. She says she killed Merle for not doing her job which was to keep Jack in line. Billie says they are only as strong as their weakest players. She can see the big picture and can see how one life means nothing in the overall scheme.

Billie tells them that Chuck is destroying all the worlds except this one. Sam wants to know Billie's plan. How is Jack supposed to kill God?

Billie says she believed in the rules when she was a reaper. When she became Death, she inherited Death's library and Death's knowledge. Even God has a book in the library. Everything dies. Cas wants to know why God would write the blueprint to his own death.

Billie says God doesn't write it. The books write themselves. After God made the world, he couldn't stop. He wanted more, but he needed to create a perfect harmony...he had to build himself into the framework so the world could keep ticking away while he's off doing other things and building other worlds. Billie says Chuck doesn't know what's in his own book. No one can read their own book unless she lets them. Sam asks if Jack is in God's book. Billie says yes, and so are Sam and Dean. They have work to do. It's their destiny. They are the messengers of God's destruction.

Back on "earth 2", Chuck is watching the devastation of all of his worlds via natural disaster on the bank of TVs from his chair in Radio Shed. The clerk has been sleeping on the floor and asks if he's done. Chuck says some worlds can be destroyed in a snap, but others take more time and attention. The clerk asks if his world will be spared; he's served Chuck for weeks here inside the store. Chuck says the clerk will be fine. Everything's just fine.

Chuck leaves the store and as he walks away, a meteor streaks through the sky, past the two moons of earth 2, and destroys the planet.

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