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Dean: Listen, you and Rambo need to get the hell outta here.
Ed: (laughs) Listen here, Chisel Chest, okay, we were here first. We've already set up base camp and we beat you.
Maggie: Wait. Didn't you guys get, like a permit or something?
Ed: A permit?
Harry: That's a good idea for next time.
Harry: I don't really like rats. They're gross. Rats are like the rats of the world.
Spruce: What's this guy Daggett's problem, anyway?
Sam: Loneliness.
Dean: What, he's never heard of a RealDoll?
Harry: Ed, you got to go be gay for that poor dead intern! You gotta send him into the light!
Ed: Here we were, thinking we were teaching you, and all this time you were teaching us... about heart, about dedication, and… about how gay love can pierce through the veil of death and save the day.
Sam: I mean, it's bizarre how y'all able to to honor Corbett's memory while grossly exploiting the manner of his death. Well done.
Dean: Hey, Ed, listen to me. There's some salt in my duffel. Make a circle and get inside.
Ed: Inside your duffel bag?
Dean: In the salt, you idiot!
Sam: Let's go hunt the Morton House you said, it's our Grand Canyon.
Dean: Sam, I don't wanna hear it.
Sam: You got two months left. Instead we're gonna die tonight.
Sam: Ewwww. (looking at papers)
Ed & Harry: What?
Sam: Well, that explains why the death echos are here...
(Ed &Harry look confused)
Sam: Their bodies are here.
Dean: Daggett, he brought the bodies home from the morgue. (looks at camera) To play.
Ed & Harry: EWWWW!
Ed: (saw Maggie and Harry making out) My best friend... and my best sister?!
Ed: I know you.
Dean: Yeah, sure you do. Let's see some identification.
Ed: I know the both of you guys. Yeah, yeah...
(Ed shakes his head at Sam and Dean; Sam suddenly recognizes Ed)
Sam: Holy sh*t.
Dean: What?
Sam: West Texas - that tulpa we had to take out, those two goofballs who almost got us killed? Uh - uh, Hell Hounds, or somethin'?
Dean: F*ck me.
Maggie: Ed has been obsessed with the supernatural since we were kids. Then, he meets Harry at computer camp and love at first geek.
Ed: Now, if you received this tape, you must be some sort of big-wig network executive. Well, today is your lucky day, mister.
Harry: Because the unsolicited pilot you are about to watch is the bold new future of reality TV!
Ed: Hmmm, we know you've had it hard during the crippling writers' strike.
Harry: Lazy fat cats.
Ed: Who needs writers when you've got guys like us? Our team faced horrible horrors to bring you the footage that will change your world forever. So strap in for the scariest hour in the history of television.
Harry: In the history of your life.
Ed: Strap in for….
Together: Ghostfacers!
Dean: Seriously, does looking at this nightmare through that camera make you feel better or something? I mean…
Maggie: Um... I... uh... oh, yeah. Yeah, I think so. Uh-huh
Sam: (reading pamphlet) Huh. Survival Under Atomic Attack. An optimist.
Harry: You know, Corbett, we just, oh gosh, we just like to think that you're out there watching over us.
Ed: As far as we're concerned you're not an intern anymore. You have more than earned full Ghostfacer status. Plus it would be cool to have a ghost on the team
Ed: It used to be just, you know, you and I taking on the cases. Just Harry and me.
Harry: Two lone wolves.
Ed: And two lone wolves need, uh... other wolves.
Harry: Don't be a Facer Hater!
Corbett: I first saw Ed, uh, putting up flyers down at the - the outlet mall in Scogan. So I read one, and I thought to myself: "Huh. Where do ghosts come from?" And now - here I am.
Harry: (gets hit by Maggie) Oh, ow! Ed, your sister's abusing staff.
Ed: That's adopted sister, thank you very much.
Spruce: I am fifteen-sixteenths Jew. One-sixteenth Cherokee. My grandfather is a mohel. My great-grandfather was a talus maker. And my great-great-grandfather was a degenerate gambler and, uh, had a peyote addiction.
Corbett: Ed's kind of the more rugged, with that really golden - beautiful sort of beard. (giggling) Uh, and... Harry's nice.
Ed: War changes man.
Harry: And Maggie.
Ed: War changes man... and one woman.
Corbett:...Honestly i think all of our dreams are gonna come true, Does that sound stupid?
Spruce:Yeah it kinda does

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