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Recap by Kate38

As the episode opens, a young woman wearing high heels and sleazy clothing is running down an alley. She is clearly afraid and running away from someone or something. She falls and breaks her heel, but picks up the broken heel, gets up and tries to keep running. She runs into a man (Raul) wearing a leather jacket. The girl tells Raul that she’s sorry for running away, and she begs him not to hurt her. Raul says letting her go would give the “other girls” the wrong message. Realizing that Raul is getting ready to hurt her, the girl stabs him in the eye with her broken high heel. Before the girl can run away, Raul grabs her and we see that his remaining eye is completely black. Raul the demon tells the girl that there are plenty more where she came from; then he breaks her neck.

EPISODE:Dean and Sam are eating steak dinners at a restaurant. Dean is eating happily, and Sam is reading the newspaper while he eats. Sam is wondering why they’ve come to town, and mentions a newspaper report about some cattle deaths in the area, but Dean says those are just from a local drought. As they are talking, Dean’s cell phone chirps repeatedly, indicating that he is receiving text messages. When Sam asks who the messages are from, Dean evades the question. Sam eventually takes Dean’s phone and looks at the messages himself, noticing that there are numerous, sexually suggestive messages from a woman named Shaylene. After a brief conversation, it appears that Dean has been chatting online with Shaylene, and that they met through an online dating app on his phone. The Winchesters’ “detour” to the current town was so that Dean could meet up with Shaylene. Dean shows Sam a phone app picture of Shaylene and seems pleased that such an attractive girl is so interested in him. Sam teases Dean about using a dating app, and jokes that Shaylene seems too “available” to be real. He suggests that she may be lying about who she is, and that she may even be a man. As they are talking, Shaylene, who is quite beautiful, walks into the restaurant and waves at Dean to get his attention. Sam seems stunned as Dean drops some cash on the table to pay for dinner and tells Sam not to wait up. Dean and Shaylene leave together.

Later, we see Dean and Shaylene in a motel room kissing and preparing to have sex. Shaylene stops to tell Dean that they have to first discuss her “terms”. After a brief awkward discussion, Dean learns that she is a prostitute and that instead of money, the fee for her services is his soul. Of course, Dean declines her offer. Later, we see Dean and Shaylene sitting on opposite sides of the motel room bed as Shaylene’s pimp walks into the room with some paperwork for Dean to sign. Dean’s back is to the door, but when he stands up and turns around, the pimp/demon recognizes him. Before he can react, Sam comes out of the bathroom and the demon realizes he’s been tricked. He looks up at the ceiling to discover that he’s standing in a devil’s trap.

The Winchesters begin to question the demon about how many girls he has working for him, but the demon refuses to give up any real information. Instead, he turns on Shaylene, saying that he did her a favor by taking her in and that she would have died on the streets if he hadn’t. Insulted and enraged, Shaylene takes Dean’s angel blade and kills the demon. The Winchesters realize that without being able to question the pimp, they don’t know where the brothel is or how many girls are being forced to work there. Shaylene remembers the pimp handing out business cards, and stoops down to remove one from his jacket pocket. The address of the brothel, called “Raul’s Girls”, is on the card.

Castiel and Hannah:

Elsewhere, Castiel and Hannah are in a motel room, reviewing the status of their mission to return rogue angels to heaven. It appears that several of the angels have returned willingly, but there is still work to be done. Castiel finds a lead on a possible rogue angel and suggests that they investigate. Hannah starts taking off her clothes to shower before they leave. Castiel is awkwardly distracted by her nakedness and reminds her that angels don’t need shower. Hannah says she knows that, and smiles to herself at Castiel’s reaction to her nudity. She turns away from him to go into the bathroom and shower.

Sometime later, Castiel and Hannah are in the motel lobby preparing to check out. Castiel goes outside to the car while Hannah settles with the front desk. As Hannah puts her credit card on the counter, a man steps forward and takes her hand. After a discussion (and a scene cut back to the motel room), we learn that Hannah’s vessel’s name is Caroline Johnson and the man is Joe -- Caroline’s husband. Caroline has been missing for over a year, and Joe has been looking for her. He put an alert on her credit cards, which is how he learned her location. Joe tries to get Caroline to leave with him, but she refuses. She won’t tell him why. After a few minutes, Castiel returns, wondering why Hannah has been delayed. He walks in on the uncomfortable conversation, which is made even more awkward when Hannah introduces Joe as her husband (she doesn’t mention anything about angels or Castiel’s name) and tells Joe that she left him to be with Castiel. When Joe refuses to accept that, Hannah takes Castiel’s hand and kisses him passionately, while Joe watches in shock. Hannah apologizes before she and Castiel turn and leave the motel room.


At the brothel, one of Raul’s employees (Gerald) is preparing to beat a girl (Catlin) for refusing to wear the clothes he’s picked out for her. Before that can happen, an older, red-headed woman wearing an evening gown walks in. Raul and Gerald berate her – telling her she’s too old to work for them, but she’s welcome to stay as a customer. The woman refuses, calling them filth and saying she’d rather die than do business with them. Before Raul and Gerald can react, the woman tosses Raul a hex bag. He catches it, and immediately begins choking and vomiting up black liquid and black smoke. Within seconds, Raul falls over dead. Afraid, Gerald smokes out. The woman smiles as two stunned prostitutes (Catlin and Elle) look on in shock. The woman (Rowena) suggests that they leave with her. Confused and still stunned, the girls comply.

Back at the brothel, Dean and Sam arrive to find Raul dead on the floor surrounded by a pool of black liquid, and Gerald’s dead meat suit lying on the other side of the room. They find the hex bag in Raul’s hand, and figure out what happened. Later, in the Impala, Dean is driving while Sam is researching what type of spell was used to kill demons. He finds a 300-year old spell that was only ever used by one witch – Rowena.

Meanwhile, Rowena and the girls are at a fancy, French restaurant. As Rowena cheerfully drinks champagne, the girls look uncomfortable, realizing that they are inappropriately dressed. When the head waiter comes over to the table to politely tell Rowena that her dining companions have to leave, Rowena places a small hex bag into his hand and says an incantation. The waiter seems dazed as his expression changes. Moments later, we see several waiters bringing food to the table. The head waiter also returns, with a complimentary bottle of champagne for Rowena and her guests.

When the waiters leave, the girls ask Rowena what she did. She tells the girls it was magic. She tells them that she is a witch and that she used to be a member of the Grand Coven before they threw her out, because they thought her magic was too extreme. She describes three categories of witches – one type that uses demons for power, another type that is “born with the gift” (which Rowena claims she was) and a third type that can be taught how to use magic if she studies under another witch. Rowena offers to teach the girls how to use magic if they want to learn, and tells them that once they learn magic, they can have and do anything they want. As they are talking, the head waiter walks by. Suddenly, his eyes and face turn bright red, and he screams, holds his head and falls over dead. Realizing that her spell is broken, Rowena hastily ushers the girls out of the restaurant.


Next, we see that Cole is in what appears to be an abandoned building. He has trapped a demon in a devil’s trap and has him tied to a chair. The demon’s face is bruised and bleeding, suggesting that Cole has been torturing him. The demon is belligerent, but Cole throws holy water into his face, demanding that he tell him everything he knows about Dean Winchester.

Crowley's Lair:

Meanwhile, Gerald (wearing a new meatsuit) is in Crowley’s throne room, telling him what happened at the brothel. Crowley is angry that the demons started a brothel without telling him or getting permission, but Gerald says that Crowley had been “distracted” (referring to his time with DemonDean Winchester). Gerald says that after the war with Abaddon, soul numbers were down, so the demons were told to increase soul deals; Raul and Gerald thought the brothel was a good idea. Gerald also tells Crowley that Raul was killed by a witch. He suggests to Crowley that such an act of aggression shouldn’t be allowed to stand. Crowley is annoyed, but seems to be taking Gerald’s statements seriously.

Back to Castiel and Hannah:

Castiel and Hannah have stopped at a gas station and they are talking while Castiel pumps gas. Hannah expresses guilt and regret about what she is doing to Caroline and Joe. She’d considered wiping Joe’s memory, but that didn’t feel right. She says that as she was talking to Joe, Caroline was screaming to be released. Castiel tells Hannah that she did the right thing. He says that telling Joe that Caroline was now with another man gave Joe a reason to move on with his life and accept his loss. Castiel tells Hannah that he also had to take his vessel, Jimmy Novak, away from his wife and child, but the mission was important, so it was necessary. Hannah seems doubtful, and when Castiel turns his back for a moment, he realizes she has walked away.

He finds her at a nearby park, and she tells him that she must return to heaven. She tells Castiel that she feels concern for the humans who are sacrificed so the angels can pursue their mission, and she questions whether it may be time for angels to put the humans first. She also admits that she has been experiencing other human passions and “feelings”, such as the feeling of water on her skin during a shower, and allowing herself to get emotionally close to Castiel. However, those positive feelings were nothing compared to the grief she felt from Caroline and John, who truly want to be together. She tells Castiel that while Hannah was talking to John, Caroline was screaming to have her life back. Hannah tells Castiel “goodbye”. Then she tenderly kisses him on the cheek, leans her head back and releases her angel soul to heaven.


Momentarily weakened, Caroline collapses forward and Castiel catches her. Castiel begins to tell her who he is, but she says she knows him. The scene ends with the two of them looking at each other – Caroline seems confused and surprised to be back in control of her vessel, and Castiel seems saddened that Hannah is gone. Later, we see that it is night time and Castiel has driven Caroline back to her home. Caroline knocks on the front door and her husband opens it. She begins to say something, but is too overcome with emotion to continue. So, he says “hi” and they embrace as he welcomes her inside and closes the door. In the car, Castiel looks very moved. Then, as the scene ends, we see Castiel pull out his laptop and begin searching for information and missing persons reports on Jimmy Novak.

Dean and Sam:

Dean questions one of the waiters at the French restaurant and learns what happened. When Dean asks if anything “unusual” happened around the time of the death, the waiter tells Dean that a woman was there with two prostitutes, right before the head waiter fell over dead as if his “brain was boiling”. Dean surmises that it was Rowena with two of Raul’s girls. Outside, Dean tells Sam what he learned, and Sam (who has been talking on the phone to other hunters) reports that there have been other strange deaths recently. He tells Dean about a series of grisly hotel murders that have occurred in several cities, in which the victims were stabbed and impaled on the ceiling; autopsy reports showed that their brains had been liquefied. It seems that all the strange murders happened at 4-star hotels, so Dean and Sam begin checking all the high-end hotels in the area to see if they can find Rowena.

Later that day, Rowena is lounging in a fancy hotel room with the two prostitutes (Elle and Catlin) when there is a knock at the door. She tells the girls that it’s probably the manager coming to complain that Rowena has not paid the hotel bill. She has apparently given each girl a spell to use on the manager. They seem confused and reluctant, but this will be their first “test”, so they agree to do it. As Rowena opens the door, the hotel employee falls dead in the doorway. His throat has been cut. Rowena is surprised, but then she sees two demons standing behind the man. Next, we see that two demons have Rowena gagged and they are leading her down the hotel hallway with the two girls. One demon tells Rowena that she is in for “a world of hurt” when her boss gets his hands on her. The demon tells the girls that they will be killed and tossed into a dumpster.

As they are walking along the corridor, Dean surprises the lead demon, stabbing her with the demon knife. The other demon fights briefly with Sam before Dean also stabs that demon in the back with the knife. Rowena recognizes Dean and Sam as hunters, and she and the two girls try to run away, but there is no exit at their end of the hallway. Dean tells the girls not to worry about being harmed -- he and Sam are only interested in Rowena. Rowena seems pleased that they know who she is. The girls start to panic and Elle tells Rowena to do a spell or something to save them. Rowena utters a spell and places a hex bag in Elle’s hand. Elle doubles over and screams. Dean and Sam stop, and Dean asks Rowena what she did to the girl. Before Rowena answers, Elle stands up and we see that she is bleeding from the nose and her eyes are very bloodshot. She stares intently at the Winchesters with a predatory glare in her eyes, and growls before suddenly attacking them. As this is happening, Rowena and Catlin run away. Sam tells Dean to go after Rowena while he fights with Elle, who is under Rowena’s spell.

We see next that Rowena and Catlin have made it out into the alley behind the hotel. Catlin demands to know what Rowena did to her friend. Rowena admits that she used an attack dog spell; she also admits that the spell will likely kill Elle like it killed the waiter at the restaurant. Rowena tells Catlin that Elle was weak, but she is strong. Catlin seems to accept Rowena’s assessment before punching Rowena in the face and running away down the alley. Angry, Rowena begins to utter a spell to harm the girl, but Dean – standing behind her with a gun to her head – stops her before she can say it.

Dean tells Rowena that her luck has just run out, but she looks behind him and says that isn’t true. At that moment, we see that Cole is standing behind Dean and has a gun to his head. Dean tries to tell Cole that Rowena is dangerous and he can’t let her go, but Cole refuses to lower his weapon and threatens to shoot Dean if he doesn’t drop his gun. Dean reluctantly drops his gun to the ground, and Rowena winks at him mockingly before taking off down the alley. Dean turns around to face Cole. He apologizes for the last time he met Cole, and tells Cole that he was not the same person he was back then. Cole, thinking Dean is still a demon, throws holy water into Dean’s face. Cole seems confused when the holy water has no effect. Dean tells Cole that he is no longer a demon. When Cole asks Dean if he was a demon when he killed his father, Dean says “no”. And Cole tells Dean that he’s still a monster. He hits Dean with the butt of his gun and they begin to fight. As they struggle over the gun, Dean knocks it from Cole’s hands and the fight turns into a fistfight.

Back in the hotel hallway, Sam has temporarily overpowered Elle and locked her in a linen closet. He tells her to fight the spell, but she screams that she can’t. She pounds forcefully on the door, trying to break through. As the door starts to splinter, Sam prepares to reluctantly shoot Elle, but before he can open the door, her banging stops. He opens the door carefully and she falls over dead into the hallway, bleeding from her eyes and nose.

Back out in the alley, Dean and Cole are fighting fiercely. They are both cut and bloodied. As they are fighting, Dean sees his gun lying on the ground. Before he can go for it, Cole rushes him. Dean throws Cole through a car windshield, and goes for his gun. Seeing this, Cole also goes for his own gun, which is on the ground. Dean gets to his gun first and ends up standing over Cole with his gun on him. Cole expects Dean to shoot him, but instead Dean tells Cole to stand up, telling him that he wants to straighten things out with him once and for all. He offers to give Cole his gun if he’ll listen to him for five minutes. He tells Cole that if he doesn’t accept what Dean is saying, he can shoot him. Dean holds out his gun, and Cole takes it, pointing it at Dean as Dean continues talking.

Dean tries to explain that Cole’s father had become a monster. He doesn’t know what kind, because he’d never seen that type of monster before then or since. Dean says that the monster/his father had killed three people and eaten their livers. He says he tracked the monster to Cole’s house and that the monster had likely come there to kill Cole and/or his mother. Dean explains to Cole that the only reason he’s not dead is because Dean killed the monster first. Cole doesn’t believe him. As they are talking, Sam has crept up behind Cole and drawn a gun on him. Dean tells Sam to lower his gun and tries to keep Cole’s attention on him instead of Cole turning his gun on Sam. Sam reluctantly lowers his gun slightly, and Cole momentarily turns back to Dean, who continues trying to convince Cole of the truth.

Cole remains doubtful, telling Dean that for his whole life, the story he believed was that Dean was a murderer who killed his father. Dean says he understands, admitting that he also had a “story” that has directed his life. But Dean says that those “stories” can blind a person to the truth, turn him into something he isn’t, and take him down a road into darkness. Dean tells Cole that the people who love him pulled him back from that darkness, but if Cole allows himself to go there and touch that darkness, it will never go away. Dean says that he realizes he’s past saving, and that he will die violently, but he asks Cole if that death will be today and with his own gun. Cole seems to be considering Dean’s advice, so Sam reminds him Cole that he has a wife and son at home, and they need him to come back home in one piece. Emotionally moved, Cole hands Dean back his gun, and Sam lowers his weapon completely.

Hours later, we see that it is nighttime. Cole is driving out of the alley, heading back home. Sam asks Dean what happened with Rowena, and Dean tells him that Rowena is in the wind. When Sam asks Dean if he meant what he said to Cole about it being too late to save him, Dean dismissively tells Sam that he was just telling Cole what he needed to hear. Before Sam can reply in earnest, Dean ends the discussion by walking away down the alley. Clearly troubled, Sam follows him.

Back to Crowley's Lair:

Back at Crowley's lair, Gerald is updating Crowley on the situation with Rowena. Apparently, the demons did capture Rowena near the hotel, and she has been tortured and is awaiting further punishment from Crowley. Gerald seems very pleased with himself that the demons were able to capture Rowena, and he offers to kill Rowena if Crowley wants him to. Crowley is annoyed that Gerald is proud of himself for cleaning up a mess that he created in the first place and dismisses Gerald.

Crowley enters the cell where Rowena, bloody and bruised, is chained up. He stops to look at her. Rowena assumes he is there to kill him. She taunts him -- saying she expected "the king" him to be taller. When he doesn't speak or do anything, she wonders why he is stalling and taunts him further.

Confused, or perhaps dubious, Crowley looks at Rowena and utters "Mother??"


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