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We're in an abandoned church and Michael's hat lays on some furniture. Michael, in Dean's body, is mixing something up. There are people (we later find out they are vampires) tied up. Michael's wearing a leather apron over his suit. He adds some angel grace to what he's mixing and then makes one of his test subjects drink it. The concoction kills the subject. Michael adds the subject's body to a pile of dead bodies, all with their eyes burned out. Michael jauntily proclaims, "Alright, who's next?" to the line of tied-up test subjects in front of him.

Back in the bunker, Bobby is having a hard time believing that Michael wanted to be in Duluth in October. Mary walks in and comments that that's where the intel is pointing them.

Bobby and Mary seem to be packing for a hunt; for going after Michael. Mary hands a handgun to Sam. It looks like Dean's gun.

Sam's on the computer and tells Mary he's reading reports of a pile of corpses with their eyes burned out found dumped near a railroad track outside of town; near Duluth. Cas immediately thinks it's Michael. They all assume and believe it's Michael.

Sam needs Cas to stay behind so Michael doesn't sense his angel presence, thereby robbing Sam of the element of surprise. Cas also reasons that he needs to stay behind to babysit Jack and Lucifer's empty vessel, Nick.

Sam tells Cas it's not babysitting. Cas says both Jack and Nick have to be supervised. Cas says Nick is a mess. Sam argues that it's not Nick's fault. Cas says all he can see when he looks at Nick is Lucifer.

Mary gently tells Jack that he needs to sit this one out, but that it's not a permanent request. Jack admits he needs to improve his hunting skills. Sam gives Jack an extremely quick smile.

Sam, Mary, and Bobby head to Duluth.

Still in the bunker, Nick is having flashbacks to some of the things he did as Lucifer. Cas brings in a tray of food. Now that Nick's human, he has to eat again. Nick tells Cas that he's not Lucifer. He's noticed Cas can't look at him. Cas admits it's difficult to look at him. Cas can only think of the things Lucifer did when he sees Nick. Nick doesn't understand how he could have let Lucifer possess him. Cas explains that Nick was in a lot of pain back then and Lucifer exploited Nick's vulnerability. Nick still can't understand what could have been so bad that he would allow Lucifer to posses him. With all that he DID remember, Nick apparently didn't remember what happened to his family.

Once Cas mentions it, Nick seems to suddenly remember that his wife and daughter were murdered. He remembers the moment he said "yes" to Lucifer. Cas tells him that his wife and daughter were killed by a man who broke into his house when he wasn't home, then killed his wife and daughter. Nick says a man couldn't do that. It must have been a monster. Then Lucifer found him and turned him into a monster too. The overwhelming memories make Nick dissolve into tears.

In Duluth, a coroner slides a body out of the morgue refrigerator. The body has the eyes burned out. The coroner says there are many more bodies they recovered and the cops think it might be a spree killer of some kind.

Bobby jumps in with a question in the form of a bunch of acronyms which is quite funny. Sam clears his throat to subtly tell Bobby to cool it. The coroner says they aren't sure about cause of death. The victims had neck wounds but also had considerable internal trauma.

Sam called Bobby out on asking about "DFA" when he meant to say "DNA". Bobby says he's been fighting a friggin' apocalypse (in the alternate universe) for 15 years and his FBI is a little rusty. Sam gives him a pass.

The three of them look at the bodies. Bobby says they're definitely angel kills. Sam realizes the victims aren't people at all; they're vampires. All of them. They wonder why an archangel is hunting vampires and also why he kept them around for awhile and tortured them if he only intended to kill them.

Sam makes his way to the coronor's office and asks if anyone came to ID the bodies. The coroner says yes; a young woman came but left without giving her name. Sam checks the surveillance cameras and they find her license plate and set about tracking her down.

Back at the bunker, Cas finds Jack studying Biblical lore. Jack wants to know how long it takes archangel Grace to replenish. He's wondering how long it will take him to get his own Grace back as Cas told him it would eventually regenerate. The lore says it could be months, or could be centuries and that estimate is complicated by the fact that Jack is half-human. There's really no way to know how long it might take. His half-human part might slow the process. Cas tells Jack it's wasteful to mourn what he's lost. Jack doesn't think Cas understands, but Cas does; he was human for awhile after the Fall. Jack asks what he had left without his Grace or wings. Cas says he had Sam and Dean and, most importantly, himself; as Dean would say, without all the "bells and whistles". Cas points out that Sam and Dean gained their expertise with patience and persistence and those are skills as well. Jack's past is important, but not as important as his future.

Elsewhere, Michael stands in front of a mirror in a tux. In the reflection, Dean struggles to break through, telling Michael to get out of his body. Michael tells his Dean reflection "I don't think so". Dean tries to argue that Michael can't (do this) but Michael responds by breaking the mirror, thus making Dean disappear and telling Dean that he CAN do this because he owns Dean.

Back at the bunker, Cas talks to Sam on the phone. He can't figure out the connection between Michael and the dead vampires either.

Nick stumbles out into the main room of the bunker. He can't find anything online about the case of his wife and son's murder being solved. The case just fell off the radar. He says if he had been around, he would have found the person responsible for the killings. Cas moves closer to try to comfort him and Nick ominously stands up and snaps his finger the way Lucifer would if he were trying to destroy Cas. Cas slowly backs away. Nick looks thoughtfully at his fingers, still in mid-snap.

Cas asks why Nick did that. Nick says "did what?". Cas asks what Nick was thinking at that moment. Nick says, "Nothing". Cas thinks Nick still has Lucifer's influence in him. He touches Nick's shoulder and looks inside him. He says there may be more damage to Nick's psyche thanks to Lucifer than they thought. Nick says he's not going to let this cold case go. He has to find out who killed his family. Cas asks "And then what?" but Nick doesn't respond.

In Duluth, Sam, Mary, and Bobby knock at a woman's door. She tries to escape but they break in and stop her. She's the woman who visited the morgue earlier. She recognizes they are hunters. They know she's a vampire. She claims they (she and the other vampires in her nest) lived quiet lives and lived off animal blood until "he" came. Someone very strong who tied them up and took their blood one by one. She couldn't see what he did with it, but every time there would be an explosion and another vampire would die. She claims she escaped. She felt "he"
(Michael) was experimenting on them more than just killing them, even though the experiments went wrong and many vampires died. She says she knows where he is and she'll tell them if they let her go.

Elsewhere, Michael enters a hotel room with a woman in a red dress, Michael is still in a tux. The woman flirts with him. He pours her some wine. Michael says Duluth is nothing like where he's from which he describes and empty and windswept with dead bodies lying around. The woman thinks he's joking.

Michael says he knows exactly what she is. She puts her arms around his neck and suddenly, enormous teeth protrude form her mouth. Michael grabs her by the throat. He shows her his blue eyes. He tells her he picked her that night, not the other way around. He throws her across the room and tells her to summon her master.

Back in the bunker, Nick's still there, trying to talk to the police in Delaware. He's upset to find out that his family's death has become a cold case. He thinks no one else cares. Cas tries to sympathize. Nick says there's no evidence like fingerprints or DNA...just one witness who claimed to see someone leaving Nick's house, then recanted. Cas tries to tell him to move on and use his second chance. Cas says he understands because he is occupying someone else's body. His body used to be Jimmy Novak's. Nick thinks "occupied" sounds like a cleaned-up way to say "stolen". Nick wants to know if Jimmy was okay with it. Cas said Jimmy was. Nick informs Cas that Cas is no better than Lucifer; just a stone-cold body snatcher. Cas doesn't know how to respond. He leaves to check on Jack instead.

Cas admits Jimmy Novak's fate at his hands is his greatest regret.

In Duluth, Michael is siting down to talk with the man his "date" summoned. The leader of her werewolf pack. Michael reassures him there's no silver in the cognac he's serving him.

Melanie (the date) thinks Michael must be a God. Michael says he's an archangel. The guest wonders what Michael would want with him. Michael says he admires him. How he, as a werewolf, survives in spite of humans. Michael says the real monsters of this world are the humans. The werewolf thinks it was God who made the humans the ones who run everything. Michael asks "God who?" And informs the werewolf leader that God is on permanent vacation.

Michael says that demons and angels don't seem to be much of a factor on this earth, so he's in charge. The pack leader asks what he wants from him. Michael says that the werewolves are who they are; they kill to live and he sees a purity in that. He asks if it's time that the werewolves "had their due". He says there are ways to enhance the werewolves' powers. That he's cracked the code in spite of his early failures. The pack leader wonders if Michael is asking for the monsters to wage a war on human, letting only enough survive to act as slave labor and a steady food supply, because he, the pack leader, would love a world like that, but he also thinks it's an absurd dream. Michael asks why be the hunted when the werewolves could be the hunters instead?

Elsewhere, Jack knocks on a door an introduces himself as a friend of the couple's daughter; Kelly. The man at the door says "Jack" is his name too. I guess now we know that Kelly named Jack after her own father.

Jack comes in and sits down. He says he was in the area and just wanted to stop to say hello. Jack is vague; telling them only that he and Kelly were close work colleagues. Kelly's parents reveal that they have not heard from Kelly in awhile. They hope it's part of her classified government work. Kelly's mother shows Jack some old photos of Kelly and tells him some stories about her. They knew Kelly was pregnant, but that's all. Jack tells them Kelly had a baby boy. They are happy to have a grandson. Jack tells them how much her son loves her, never letting on that he's her son. Kelly's mother thinks Jack looks like Kelly a little.

Jack tries to leave. Kelly's parents don't want him to go. They ask Jack to tell her they miss her if he sees her. Kelly's mother gives Jack a long hug.

In Duluth, the surviving vampire is surprised by Michael in her room. He knows she sent the hunters to his location. He says he dumped those bodies and let her escape to set a trap for them. She was the bait. Now that he's done with her, he kills her, saying once the trap has been sprung, you don't the bait anymore.

In the bunker, Cas is mad that Jack went out by himself. He's been on the radar of everyone who may want to capture him. Jack wanted to go find out where he came from. He calls Kelly's parents "the only real family I have left". Cas starts to tell him that those people are not his real family, but he stops himself. He asks if talking to them helped. He asks if Jack told them who he really was. Jack says of course not. Jack says he wanted to tell them and likes that they thought he looked like her, but he never told them who he really is. He just couldn't tell them that she died either. He loves his mom so much. Cas understands why he couldn't tell them
that Kelly died.

Jack asks if they found Michael. Cas says yes, they think they have. Jack asks if they're going to kill him. Cas says no, the plan is to subdue Michael using angel cuffs and spell work to get Michael out of Dean. Jack asks what happens if that doesn't work. Cas says then they'll drive Michael out. Jack asks what happens if THAT doesn't work. Jack insists that Michael has to be stopped at all costs, even if stopping Michael means losing Dean. Cas looks destroyed by this idea. Jack says Dean doesn't matter. If it comes down to Dean or Michael, Michael must die. Jack has seen what Michael can do to a world. That can't happen here.

Cas looks stunned that Jack would say such a thing; that he'd have so little regard for Dean's life, but Jack points out that Dean wouldn't want it any other way. Dean would choose to sacrifice himself for the world.

Jack's right about that and Cas knows it.

This leaves us with the uneasy feeling that perhaps Jack isn't trustworthy when it comes to Dean.

In Delaware (somehow), Nick is at the house of his long-ago neighbor. The neighbor points out that Nick disappeared after the murders. The neighbor hopes his time away was restful. Nick says there's no rest for him now after what happened to his family. Nick wants to know why, after the murders, Artie (the neighbor) said he got a look at the man leaving Nick's house, but then he changed his story. Artie looks guilty. He tells Nick he had to change his story because there was no man. He was wrong. He saw nothing. Nick asks which window he was looking out of when he saw the man. Nick asks what made him look out? Did he hear someone scream? Artie says he doesn't remember. Nick asks for more details. Did the man have a hammer? Because that's how the police told him his family had been killed; their skulls had been bashed in with a hammer. Artie starts to stutter and stammer. He maintains he saw nothing. Nick wonders what he's hiding. He grabs Artiey by the throat. He yells that he deserves justice. He's sure Artie knows something.

In Duluth, Sam and Bobby and Mary enter the abandoned church where Michael had been experimenting. It seems deserted, but Mary sees lots of dried blood on the floor. Suddenly, werewolves attack from several sides. The silver bullets don't work on them. The only thing that seems to work is decapitation.

Each hunter fights off a werewolf. There are several close calls, but all of them make it. They hack and decapitate their way through all the werewolves without getting bitten. When it's quiet again, Bobby wonders what kind of werewolves those were. Suddenly, two doors fling open and Michael is standing there, outlined in red backlight.

Michael walks forward, arm outstretched, then leans heavily against the door frame, taking off his hat and saying, "Sammy, it's me." Dean looks around, dazed.

Sam asks if it's really Dean. He asks if Dean's okay. Dean says no. Sam wants to know how Dean got Michael to leave. Dean says he didn't get him to do anything; Michael just left. Sam wants to know why. Dean doesn't know. Sam looks at Mary and Mary looks at Bobby.

In Delaware...Nick looks at himself in the mirror. He's splattered with blood and holding a bloody hammer.

Artie lies dead behind him, skull bashed in with said hammer.

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