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Jack is asleep in his room at the Men of Letters' bunker. He wakes up, initially confused to find himself back in the bunker; but then he hears Dean and Sam talking in another room. They’re discussing how things are alright now because Jack is back with them where he belongs. Jack smiles to himself, but suddenly the bunker’s emergency alarm goes off he sees smoke coming through the door to his room.

Jack rushes into the corridor, which is filled with smoke, and calls for Dean and Sam. He can hear them in a nearby room, screaming for his help. Jack rushes to the door and tries to open it, but it’s locked. He tries to use his powers to break through, but it doesn’t work and the force of his energy blast throws him into the wall on the other side of the corridor. Jack, realizing he can’t save Dean and Sam, sinks to the floor in despair as the Winchesters burn to death behind the locked door.

Suddenly, the scene at the bunker is over and we see that Jack is still in the alternate universe (AU) with Michael. The angel Zachariah has his hand to Jack’s head and is apparently creating Jack’s false vision to get Jack to use his powers for them. Jack is conscious, but appears to be in a trance. Michael is becoming impatient. Apparently, Zachariah has been using his “mind games” on Jack for some time, and it doesn’t seem to be working.

Zachariah assures Michael that Jack is incredibly powerful and is their ticket through the rift. He also tells Michael that Jack can not only open the rift once for a one-way trip, but with the proper spell, he can open it enough for Michael to march his armies through. Michael orders Zachariah to continue working on Jack. Zachariah replies that he knows of another way to “break” the nephilim.

Dean and Sam:

At the bunker, Donatello is frantically trying to find the spell in the demon tablet that will open a rift into the AU. He is very agitated, but keeps scribbling notes and working furiously.

Good Intentions recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki
He is startled when Castiel knocks on his door. Cas comes in, carrying a plate of bacon and eggs, and tells Donatello that Dean and Sam thought he would want breakfast. As Donatello accepts the food, Cas can tell that he is disturbed, and asks if he is alright. Donatello replies that the tablet has a powerful, raw energy that he has never encountered before. He seems momentarily distracted by the tablet, but asks Cas to thank the Winchesters for breakfast, and to tell them that he is making progress. Cas seems unconvinced, but leaves Donatello alone to continue his work.

In the bunker’s kitchen, Dean and Sam are finishing their breakfast. Cas returns to the room and tells them that Donatello is making progress, but they should still be looking for Lucifer because they will need his archangel grace. Dean and Sam reply that they are looking for Lucifer, and have informed every hunter they know to contact them if any signs occur. Cas seems unconvinced, reminding them that Michael could arrive before they find Lucifer. The brothers assure Cas that although their plan will take some time, it’s still the best option – once Donatello finds the spell, they can use it to break into the AU and free Mary and Jack.

Good Intentions recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Later, Donatello continues working, when he suddenly has a breakthrough. He scribbles some notes onto paper and rushes elatedly to tell the others that he has found the ingredients for the spell. The Winchesters are surprised to learn that the spell doesn’t require archangel grace. They will need some routine herbs and ingredients that they already have, but the spell also requires the hearts of Gog and Magog. Donatello and Cas tell the Boys that these two individuals are brothers from antiquity who created wars, conquered lands and enslaved people until some priests cast a spell that bound them away “in a place without a place, and a time without a time”. Cas is familiar with the legends/rumors, but he thought the pair hadn’t survived, and also isn’t sure they are human. But Donatello insists that they are alive and that he knows where to find them. He says that the demon tablet has specific instructions about how to free them.

Good Intentions recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Cas and Dean agree to go find Gog and Magog, while Sam and Donatello remain at the bunker to assemble and prepare the rest of the ingredients. As Dean and Cas prepare to leave, Dean asks Cas how he’s doing. During their brief discussion, Cas says that he was dead, and was brought back for a reason. Cas feels guilty because he promised Kelly that he would protect Jack, but he has failed to do that. Additionally, Lucifer is here and gaining power, and if Michael gets what he wants, he’ll bring war to this world. Cas believes that perhaps he was brought back to help prepare for war with Michael. Dean tells him that they’ll do what’s necessary, whatever it takes. Then they leave.

Jack and Mary:

Good Intentions recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki
Suddenly, Jack is standing beside a beautiful lake, talking to Castiel. He is very happy to see Cas, but Cas says that he brought Jack to this place because he wanted Jack to see the “natural world” before it is destroyed. Cas tells Jack that humans don’t appreciate the gift they have (meaning the world), and left to their own devices, they will destroy everything. When Jack asks why, Cas touches his head and shows him horrible visions of wars, violence, pollution, nuclear explosions, and other proof of humanity’s destructive nature. Cas tells Jack that he has the power to save everyone, but he needs Cas’ guidance. Jack asks about Dean and Sam, but Cas tells him that they never accepted Jack and taught him to fear his powers. Jack denies this and seems confused. He remembers using his powers and suddenly becoming separated from Dean and Sam when he ended up in the AU. He looks at Cas skeptically, realizing that the conversation they’re having isn’t real and that Cas isn’t really there. Suddenly, the vision ends and we see that Zachariah is using fake visions once again, but it isn’t working. Frustrated, Michael throws Jack and Zachariah across the room, and grabs Jack by the collar, declaring that now he’ll do things “his” way.

Later, we see Michael drag Jack away and throw him into a cell with Mary. Mary is sitting on a floor in the corner of the cell, and the two begin talking. Initially, Mary doesn’t know who Jack is, but when he tells her his name, she remembers Kelly Kline and the two of them realize who they are. Jack tells Mary that Dean and Sam sent him to rescue her, and that he opened a rift between worlds to get to her, but now Michael wants him to re-open the rift for him. Mary tells Jack that Michael will bring his armies to their world and destroy it. When Jack says that he refuses to help Michael and won’t open the rift no matter how much Michael hurts him, Mary tells jack that Michael won’t hurt him – he’ll torture her to get Jack to obey him. And if Jack doesn’t obey, Michael will kill her.

As Mary and Jack continue talking, Mary urges Jack to let Michael kill her, because the alternative is much worse. Jack refuses and tells Mary that he should be powerful enough to free them both. But he says that when he tries to use his powers in Michael’s fortress, he can’t because his head won’t stop pounding. Mary realizes that she also has terrible headaches in her cell, except for an area near the bars. As Mary and Jack continue talking, we learn that the cell is warded, but that the warding is weakest near the bars. Jack uses his powers to break the warding near the bars, and he and Mary escape Michael’s fortress.

Good Intentions recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Dean and Sam:

Dean and Cas arrive at a field in a wooded area. Cas tells Dean that Gog and Magog can only be killed by a weapon touched by god, so he gives Dean an angel blade. Cas recites an incantation and the two giants appear. They are dressed in animal skins and speak ancient Canaanite, which Cas understands, but Dean doesn’t. They also carry swords that were forged by god.

Good Intentions recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

The giants attack Dean and Cas, and during the fight, Dean’s angel blade gets shattered by one of the swords. As the fight continues, Dean kills one of the giants, recalling that they can only be killed by a weapon touched by god. When he sees the weapon work, he uses it to kill the other giant.

Once the giants are dead, Castiel tries to remove one of their hearts, but the giant is not human and is filled with sand; he has no heart.

Back at the bunker, Sam’s cell phone buzzes, but he doesn’t hear it (it’s Dean calling to tell him what he and Cas have discovered). Sam’s back is turned, and he’s hastily assembling and mixing the ingredients for the spell. Before Sam can hear the phone, Donatello silences the ringing and attacks Sam, knocking him to the floor.

Mary and Jack:
When Michael and Zachariah discover that Mary and Jack have escaped, Michael is furious. He orders Zachariah to track them down, kill Mary, and bring Jack back. Meanwhile, Mary and Jack are walking hastily to put distance between themselves and Michael, but they don’t really know where they’re going. Suddenly, they see people coming towards them, so they hide. Within seconds, they are discovered and held at gunpoint. Two masked men demand to know who they are, but then one man recognizes Mary and removes his mask – it is Bobby Singer.
Good Intentions recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

During an awkward conversation, Mary reveals to Bobby that her sons told her about him, and Bobby realizes that this “Mary” is not the Mary Campbell he knew. He also remembers his recent encounter with Dean and Sam, and Bobby and Mary bring each other up to speed. Mary introduces Jack as a “friend of the family”, but doesn’t tell Bobby who or what Jack really is. Bobby takes Mary and Jack to his camp, where he says they’ll be safe.

When the group arrives at Bobby’s camp, we see very primitive dwellings, camp fires, injured people wearing dirty, tattered clothing, and … Bobby tells Mary and Jack that these survivors (and others in scattered colonies like his) are what is left of humanity because of the angels. The angels are still looking for survivors and trying to exterminate humans, and Bobby tells Mary and Jack about an encampment that was attacked as recently as a few days ago.

Mary tells Bobby that Michael will be looking for her and Jack, but Bobby assures her that the camp is warded against angels and there are lookouts posted and other precautions to keep them safe. He also tells Mary that the Mary Campbell he knows saved his life, so he has no problem returning the favor.

Later, it is nightfall at the camp and Mary and Bobby are talking. Bobby talks about how much he misses the Mary Campbell he knew. When Mary asks what she was like, Bobby explains that Mary was a complicated person who was brave, but internally sad and full of regret. As they talk, we learn that the Mary in Bobby’s universe didn’t make the demon deal to save John’s life, so she spent the rest of her life alone and never moved on from her loss. Dean and Sam were never born, and without them to stop the apocalypse, it happened as planned and now the angels are trying to exterminate humanity. Mary tells Bobby that in her world, she made the deal, and although it led to a lot of pain for her sons, they were able to stop the apocalypse. Bobby tells her that she made the right choice, and that she did right by her sons. He also tells her that Dean and Sam tried to convince him to return with them to their universe, but he felt obligated to stay because his universe doesn’t have heroes like the Winchesters, so they need him.

As Mary and Bobby are talking, Jack is nearby, entertaining a small group of children by making shadow creatures with his hands and a flashlight. At first, the hand shapes are normal, but then Jack creates impossible shapes and Bobby realizes that he must be using magic.

Good Intentions recap - Supernatural Fan WikiGood Intentions recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki
When Bobby questions Mary about Jack, Mary finally admits that Jack is a nephilim. Bobby is angry that Mary put his camp in danger by bringing Jack (whom he considers an abomination) to them. Bobby tells Mary that Jack must leave first thing in the morning; but Mary says that if Jack leaves, she must leave with him. Bobby says that’s her choice. But he warns her that when the apocalypse started and Lucifer and his demons rose from hell, humanity thought the angels were on their side; but they betrayed humanity, and Jack will, too.

The next morning, Mary and Jack prepare to leave; but the camp is attacked by fireballs from the sky before they have a chance. Bobby realizes that Jack using his powers is what attracted the angels to the camp. Chaos erupts as fireballs land and people run screaming for cover. In the frenzy, Bobby tells Mary to round up the children and get them into escape tunnels that have been built under the camp, but Bobby refuses to let Jack join them. Before Mary leaves, she orders Jack to run and hide from the angels.

As people flee, Zachariah and his angels go through the camp killing people and looking for Jack and Mary. At first, Jack runs. But when he hears all the screaming, he returns to try to save some people.
Meanwhile, Zachariah finds Mary and tries to kill her, but Jack arrives and kills Zachariah. Bobby rushes to help Mary and witnesses Jack’s actions. He also watches as Jack explodes several incoming fireballs before they have a chance to land and do any harm.

Later, Bobby is tending the wounded and takes a moment to thank Jack for what he did. Jack says he had do come back because Dean and Sam wouldn’t have run – they would have stayed and fought. He also says that as long as Michael is alive, the war will never be over, so he must kill Michael.

Dean and Sam:
Dean and Cas arrive back at the bunker to find overturned furniture and obvious signs of a struggle. They find Sam, who is conscious, but nursing a lump on his head where Donatello hit him with a bottle. During a brief discussion, we learn that Sam had to lock Donatello up in the bunker’s dungeon. Donatello seems insane; he’s talking to imaginary voices and is very agitated. As Dean, Sam and Cas talk, the trio surmises that sending them after Gog and Magog was a setup, because Donatello would have known that they don’t have hearts. He therefore expected Dean and Cas to be killed during their fight with the giants.

Later, the Winchesters question Donatello about why he attacked Sam and tried to have them killed. Donatello laughingly accuses them of being covetous and says that god chose HIM to have special powers. The Boys, realizing that Donattello seems possessed, try to encourage him to fight whatever is controlling him. But he laughs, saying he doesn’t want to. He believes that in translating the tablet, he now possesses the power of god and he doesn’t want to give that up. He also accuses the Winchesters of simply using him to get the spell, and tells them they’re wasting their time. As he taunts them, he utters an incantation, putting a spell on Dean. Suddenly, Dean seems unable to breathe and Sam hastily helps him out of the room as Donatello roars in laughter. Once in the corridor outside the dungeon, Dean seems alright. By that time, Castiel has rushed to help him (he was watching the interrogation from a computer monitor), and although Cas is relieved that Dean is alright, he glares angrily at Donatello.

Back in Donatello’s room, Dean, Sam and Cas are trying to determine what drove him insane. Cas explains that prophets are conduits for the power of the tablet. When Dean and Sam tell him that Donatello doesn’t have a soul, Cas realizes that Donatello’s soul wasn’t there to combat/filter the evil energy from the demon tablet, so it corrupted him. He does not think there’s a way to heal Donatello or reverse the process. Also, because Amara ate Donatello’s soul, it can’t be restored.

Cas suggests that the most humane thing to do is to kill Donatello. Once he is dead, another prophet will awaken and they can still use that prophet to get the spell to open the rift. Dean and Sam balk at the idea of killing a human – even a soulless one. Slightly annoyed, Cas leaves the room. When Sam asks what he’s going to do, he replies “What I have to…”

The Winchesters rush after Cas, but he gets to the dungeon room first and locks the door. As the brothers pound on the door, unable to break it down, Cas begins interrogating Donatello again about the spell. When Donattello refuses, Cas uses his angel powers to forcibly extract the information from his brain. Donatello warns Cas that what he is doing might fry both their brains, but Cas does it anyway. Cas apologizes, saying that he can’t let Donatello or anyone else hurt the people he loves. As the Winchesters pound at the door, they can hear Donatello screaming inside the room.

Moments later, Cas opens the door and we see that Donatello is slumped in the chair, unconscious as Dean and Sam rush to him.

Good Intentions recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki
Later, we learn that Dean and Sam have taken Donatello to a hospital, where he is alive but brain dead and on life support. The Winchesters confront Cas about what he did, but Cas reminds Dean that a soulless, corrupted Donatello was a danger to him and Sam, and to all of humanity. He also tells the Winchesters that Donatello was working with Asmodeus against his will (he apparently learned that while he was reading the prophet’s mind).
Dean insists that it’s not right for any of them to choose who lives or dies. But Cas insists that he didn’t have a choice. He tells the brothers that war is coming, and he did what soldiers do. He says they needed the spell to open the rift, and now he has the four ingredients:
  1. A fruit from the tree of life
  2. The seal of Solomon
  3. The blood of a most holy man
  4. Archangel grace

Cas tells the brothers that if they can find those ingredients, they can bring everyone home, and defeat Lucifer and Michael. He also reminds Dean that they agreed to do “whatever it takes”, and that this is the only way they survive.

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