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Dean: Please be tomato soup, please be tomato soup.
Gabriel: Well, this is me standing up... and, this is me lying down.
Gabriel: "Luci, I'm home.
Sam: What are you, twelve?
Dean: I'm young at heart.
Dean: How you doin'?
Kali: No.
Dean: But ---
Kali: No.
Dean: Lady I'm just bein'--
Kali: I understand... and no.
Dean: Ten-four.
Sam: It's freaking Noah's Arc out there and we're eating pie.
Sam: Well, I'm not giving up.
Dean: Nobody's giving up... especially me.
Mercury: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Dean: Ah, no, no, we're good.
Mercury: Super fantastic!
Sam (to Dean): Creepy.
Sam: An elephant?
Dean: Yeah.
Sam: Like an elephant?
Dean: Like full on Babar.
Dean: You're saying we were led here?
Sam: Like rats in a maze.
Odin: I don't know what everybody's getting so worked up about. It's just a couple of angels having a slap-fight.
Baldur: Why are you here?
Gabriel: To talk about the elephant in the room." (points to Ganesh as he's standing) Not you. The apocalypse.
Sam (to Dean): By the way, next time I say let's keep driving... let's keep driving!
Gabriel: I'll take away your voices!
Dean: We'll write it down.
Gabriel: I'll cut off your hands.
Dean: Well, then people are going to be asking, 'Why are you guys running around with no hands?'
Gabriel (to Kali): I'm taking this seriously! Ships sinking, time to get off! I mean screw this marble. Let's go check out Pandora.
Kali: And what makes you such an expert?
Gabriel: I've tussled with those winged ass-monkeys once or twice.
Dean: All right you primitive screw heads, listen up.
Sam: Are you out of your mind?
Dean: I'm out of options. (to the gods) Now on any other given day I'd be doing my damndest to kill you. You filthy murdering chumps. But hey...desperate times. So even though I'd love nothing better than to slit your throats you, d*cks, I'm going to help you ice the devil, and then we can all get back to gankin' each other like normal.
Gabriel: You think I'd give Kali my real sword? That thing can kill me!
Dean: So what do they have in there?
Gabriel: A fake! Made it out of a can of diet orange slice.
Kali: So you're going to summon Lucifer?
Sam: Sort of. I just need you to squeegee some stuff from my ribs and he'll come running.
Kali: Breaking them would be easier.
Dean (to Kali): I hate to break it to you sister, but you've been tricked.
Lucifer (to Mercury): You know, I never understood you Pagans. You're such petty little things. Always fighting, always happy to sell out your own kind. No wonder you forfeited this planet to us. You are worse than humans. You're worse than demons, and yet you claim to be gods.
Sam: What's a four star hotel doing on a no star highway?

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