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In Muncie, Indiana, a security guard is doing his rounds in the abandoned, run down Elysian Fields Hotel. As he’s walking he can tell something strange is happening -- plants coming back to life, broken mirrors repairing themselves -- when a man in a red suit with a name tag reading Chet approaches him. They have a cryptic little chat and the man in red kills the security guard.

It’s pouring outside when Dean and Sam pull up to the Hotel which has been restored possibly better than its once former glory. The place has customers crawling all over and Chet checks in the Winchesters. He points out to Dean that he’s bleeding, possibly from a shaving nick. After handing Dean a tissue, he directs them to the buffet.

Dean, of course, is loading up on pie and approaches a woman in red, drinking a martini. Dean is stunned and a little off his game when she says no before he can say anything. He tries again, but she just keeps putting him off. Finally he moves on and goes to sit with Sam, who doesn’t think they should be living it up in the middle of the apocalypse. Dean tells him they need a night off and that Sam is no good to him burnt out. They apparently haven’t gotten much sleep lately.

A waitress walks by and into the kitchen where we see a severed arm lying on the butcher block. Nope, the boys aren’t going to get the night off after all. The Winchesters retire to their room, and along the way see a newlywed couple barely containing themselves before they make it into their room. After some light banter the boys let themselves into their own room, and Dean is completely impressed with the place. The on-demand Casa Erotica channel might be the icing on the cake.

Sam, however, is suspicious. This place seems too good to be true. They get distracted for a moment by the enthusiastic noises from the next room where the honeymooners are residing. They’re smiling until the wall starts to give. They go to check next door, but the couple is gone. No trace except for a wedding ring. They ask Chet about the couple, and he claims they’ve checked out. Dean shows him the wring and Chet puts it into lost and found. Dean is put off, realizing something is indeed going on, and they will be working as usual.

They split up to check things out. Sam is in the hallway when he flinches and realizes he has a cut on his neck. Dean goes down another corridor popping out the EMF reader (it’s been a long time since we’ve seen that!). As he’s walking by a room he sees an elephant inside. Wondering if he saw correctly he steps back to see a heavy-set black man wearing nothing but a towel. The man slams the door in a confounded Dean’s face.

Next we see the lady Dean previously hit on -- she's in a room with a man. We learn that they are Kali and Baldur. Chet (or Mercury) shows up and lets them know the Winchesters are suspicious but not a problem. He was also able to get their blood. He zips over to the lady and hands her the vials. They all seem pleased, and apparently it’s time to start the evening’s events.

Dean and Sam walk into the Astro Lounge, talking about Dean’s elephant experience. Everyone’s gone, setting off alarms for the boys. Sam realizes that they were led to the hotel. They walk into the kitchen and Dean sees a pot of what seems to be boiling soup. Which it is, just with eyeballs. The missing guests of the hotel have all been locked into the freezer. Sam goes to pick the lock, but is intercepted, and the boys are taken to the Grand Ballroom where the meeting of the gods is commencing.

The gods don’t want the apocalypse to happen. Ideas and arguments ensue. The boys seem to be good bargaining chips, but Kali thinks they need to fight. Dean and Sam try to sneak out during an argument, but Kali notices and makes them stay. Things seem to be bad for our guys until our favorite trickster, Gabriel (or as the Gods call him, Loki) shows up. He snaps the boys into their own room and stays behind to talk to the others, informing everyone they aren’t strong enough to stop the angels.

Sam and Dean are trying to figure out what to do when Gabriel appears in the room. Dean thinks Gabriel is behind this, but in actuality he’s there to help the boys. We find out that the blood taken from them was for a powerful spell that basically keeps them on a very tight leash. Sam wonders if the gods could help them defeat Lucifer, which Gabriel thinks is a bad idea. After many threats are thrown around, Gabriel agrees to not only help Dean and Sam, but rescue the human dinners in the freezer.

Gabriel attempts to distract Kali and get the blood while Dean and Sam head for the kitchen. Kali knows better, though, and is able to put a blood spell on Gabriel. Dean and Sam are trying to pick the lock to the freezer when they are once again interrupted. Everyone is pulled back to the Grand Ballroom where Kali takes Gabriel’s Archangel Blade and stabs him through the chest.

Thinking that Gabriel is dead, Dean, out of options, decides to try and team up with the gods to get rid of Lucifer with the Archangel’s Blade. The catch: the gods have to release the people. They do, and while Dean is holding the door open, he gets a surprise in the form of Gabriel calling him from the Impala.

Gabriel apparently gave Kali a fake blade that was made out of a can of Orange Slice. Gabriel wants Dean to snag their blood so they can escape, but Dean is determined to fight Lucifer. He wants the real blade, which Gabriel won’t give him, nor will he help kill his brother by standing with them. Dean goes inside and tells them the plan is off, they can’t call Lucifer since they have nothing to kill him with. However, Mercury has already given Lucifer the heads up and the devil is standing in the lobby.

Lucifer kills Mercury, and many of the other gods, on his way to the Grand Ballroom with only Kali, Baldur, and the Winchesters left standing. Lucifer quickly kills Baldur and Kali throws everything she’s got at him. Gabriel shows up and hands Dean a copy of Casa Erotica, telling him to protect it with his life. He saves Kali and has the boys take her to safety.

The Winchester’s and Kali take off, leaving Gabriel and Lucifer to face off. Gabriel has finally chosen a side and it’s not with either Heaven or Hell. It’s with the humans. Gabriel tries one last trick which fails, and Lucifer kills him ... and he seems heartbroken about it. The boys are watching Casa Erotica trying to figure out why Gabriel wanted them to protect it, when the Angel walks on screen and starts talking to them, informing them if they’re watching it, than Gabriel’s dead. However, he reminds the boys that Lucifer’s prison cell still exists and Lucifer has no idea the keys, which are the rings of the Four Horseman, are still out there. The boys already have two.

The episode ends with a glimpse of Pestilence going into a convenience store for some cold medicine. After sneezing some grotesque yellow phlegm on the clerk, he heads down the highway with a smile and a swarm of flies surrounding him.

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