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HIbbing, Minnesota.

A guy is tagging a wall with spray paint. He thinks he hears someone behind him. He goes back to his work, when he's grabbed from behind and beaten to death. The wall is splattered with blood.

Jody Mills shows up at Minnesota-Dakota's sheriffs convention and retreat. She is trying to tell herself she can make it through this weekend. A homeless girl approaches her. Says she's 19. Jody gives her some money for food. She's obviously thinking about her own adopted teenage daughter back at home.

The front desk at the convention is manned by none other than sheriff Donna Handscomb; from The Purge. Donna is overly sunny and Jody is not impressed. Jody explains that she's unhappy because she left a kid and a pile of work back at home, but the mayor said she had to go to this thing. Donna insists she take a lollipop that she really doesn't want.

Donna's douche of an ex-husband walks up. He tells her that her 6-pound weight loss is great; she's 1/4 of the way there. Jody can't believe she lets that guy talk to her like that.

Back at the bunker, Dean is studying, looking for something on the Mark. Dean can't find anything.

At the sheriff's retreat, it's getting off to a very slow start.The Sheriff hosting the eventsays everyone there is going to partner up with someone they don't know so they can be a team this weekend. Jody is on the phone with her daughter Alex. She turns around to find Donna. Donna wants to be her partner. Another sheriff asks Donna if she heard about the body. Jody is interested right away. It seems they found a body that was eaten. There weren't any claw marks on the body.

Sam gets a call from Jody. Sam says Dean says "hi". Jody is surprised Sam found him and sarcastically thanks Sam for letting her know. Sam appears kind of embarassed, but then puts her on speaker so Dean can listen too. Dean asks about Jody's daughterAlex. Jody says she's already captain of the cheerleading squad. Sam says, "really?". No of course not, she smokes pot under the bleachers but at least she's not luring men to their deaths anymore.

Jody tells them that they found a body with all the flesh eaten down to the bone. Dean offers to come help. Jody declines. After Jody hangs up, DeantellsSamhe's going to swallow a bag of knives if he has to keep doing research. Dean actually gives SAM the puppy dog eyes and Sam relents. Saying, "let's take a drive."

Jody shows up at the morgue. The coroner says she can't look at the body unless she's a member of the Hibbing police department. Donna comes in. She convinces the coroner to let them take a look.The body is basically a head and legs with exposed bone in the center. Jody asks to see the man's clothes. There isn't a belt. But the pants look too big for the guy, like they never would have stayed up without a belt. The coroner sarcastically says the animals must have stolen the belt. Donna calls for Jody to look at something. She calls her "Jody-o". Jody rolls her eyes. Donna says this doesn't look like any animal bite she's ever seen. Jody suspects something supernatural.

Elsewhere, a guy goes outside to take out the trash. He reaches for his hidden stash of cigarettes. He hears something. He throws out the trash. He still thinks he hears something. He takes another look in the dumpster and is pulled inside and attacked as the dumpster lid slams closed and blood pours out the bottom.

Back at the retreat, the sheriff from the host town has his head in his hands at the bar. These murders are getting to him. Donna wants to get more info. about it. The sheriff doesn't know what kind of animal might have attacked the guy. One of the sheriff's deputies comes up and says he has to have a word with him in private.

Donna sees her ex husband dancing with a woman across the bar. She says she doesn't miss him. Jody says Doug seems like a dick. Donna says yes, but she was her dick. Donna heads for the bathroom where she won't have to watch her ex on the dance floor.

Jody tries to question the town sheriff and his deputy. He admits that there is another body that looks like an animal attack, but he doesn't want the word to get around.

Donna returns to find Jody gone.

Jody's on the phone with Alex outside. Donna finds her. She asks if Jody's trying to ditch her. Jody says no; there's been another animal attack. Jody was going to go to the morgue, but it's probably too late for that anyway. Jody opens up a little, telling Donna a bit about Alex. Donna reassures her that Alex will come around; it's normal teenage stuff. Donna invites Jody to drink with her, but she declines, saying it's been a long day.

Sam and Dean roll up the next day. Wearing the fed suits. The sheriffs actually kind of salute them. Jody is surprised, but glad to see them. They say they just came from the morgue. They saw the newest body. They say the wallet was missing. Jody mentions the missing belt she noticed on the first victim. Donna calls out from the background, "Jody-o; you take sugar?" Sam and Dean laugh. Dean asks, "Jody-o?" Jody shakes her head and said, "Don't ask." Sam recognizes Donna from their case with her. Jody calls her her "stalker" and says she's okay, but she's trying to keep her away from the nightmare stuff and it's not easy. Sam asks Jody to keep Donna occupied while they check things out. Jody doesn't want to, but she agrees. Jody suggests they go check out the gear expo. Donna's surprised she doesn't want to go to the morgue, but Jody says maybe animal control should handle it after all.

Sam and Dean question the local sheriff and his deputy. They don't believe the FBI wants to investigate animal attacks. The deputy is extremely condescending. The sheriff says they don't know much.

In the gear expo room, Donna is admiring the weapons. The salesman is a jerk. Suggesting they should try a small gun. Jody picks up a larger one. The salesman infers that it's a big gun. Jody says that if he thinks that's big, she hopes he drives a Porsche (funny!).

Donna's ex-husband walks up and proceed to demean her. Jody has had enough. She gets in his face. He seems put in his place and leaves. Donna's mad. She wants Jody to stay out of her business. Jody can't really understand. Donna talks about how she shouldn't say anything until she's lost a husband. Jody flashes back to the day she did lose her husband. Donna notices. Donna apologizes. Jody doesn't want to talk about it.

Dean walks up to the deptuy. He tries to start over with him. He tries to enlist the help of the deputy. Tries to appeal to his ego. It seems to be working. Dean wants to know if there's any footage at all of the attack.The deputyadmits yes, there is, but the sheriff won't let anyone else see it.

Outside, Donna is getting some air. She notices a small pool of blood on the concrete; then some bloody footprints. She follows them and discovers the sheriff with vampire teeth, crouched over a body. Donna hides so he doesn't see her. The sheriff runs off.

Back inside, Dean and Jody watch them wheel a body bag past. Dean wonders where the sheriff is. Jody asksDeanhowhe's doing. He claims he's fine. She says she's there if he ever wants to talk.

Sam shows up, says there was video of the first attack, but the files were deleted. Donna asks if she can have a word with Jody. Jody tries to apologize about confronting Donna's husband.
Donna acts liks she's already forgotten all about it. Donna proceeds to tell Jody that she thinks she saw the Sheriff over the body with a mouth full of sharp teeth. Donna can't believe that Jody believes her. Donna remembers seeing the Sheriff in room 304. They go to check it out.

They find sunscreen on the bed. Donna finds the impression of an address on the pad by the phone. Someone is at the hotel room door. Jody pulls out a machete, alarming Donna. Donna pulls her weapon, but it's just Sam and Dean.

Dean asks Jody if she wants to give Donna "the talk". Donna's a bit overwhelmed. She hands over the address she found. Sam types it into his phone and finds it's an old farm outside of town. Donna says it's the only lead we have. Sam says, "we?". Sam says it's dangerous. Dean tellsDonna thatshe's going to sit this one out. She responds, "Stuff you, Dean, or whatever
your real name is." Jody smiles at her spunk. They agree to let Sam and Dean take the lead and they get in the back seatof the car.

They get to the farm and Dean hands Donna a machete. He tells her that if she swings, she has to swing hard because you have to be behead them. Donna responds, "Got it."

Inside the barn, Sam sees the Sheriff. Then he looks again and he's gone. Sam loks back and he's right in front of the window, face-to-face with the Sheriff. The Sheriff tells Sam to run. Sam is hit over the head from behind. When he looks up, everyone is being held by a vampire. The homeless girl that Jody have money to in the beginning leans down and says, "Hello, sunflower" to Sam.

Inside the barn, everyone is tied up. She removes Dean's belt. Her name is "Star". Jody asks why she not only kills people, but robs them. She explains that the vampires in her nest are scavengers. They use every part. The Sheriff says he helped them. He claims he only lives on blood bank blood. He claims he found the body of theperson he was standing over; his fangs just came out when he smelled the blood.

Star says it's his nature to feed on people. He can't fight it forever. She says they're going to keep taking people down until the Sheriff returns to the nest.

Donna is quietly working at her restraints.

Star won't shut up, telling the story about how she was turned. She mocks the Sheriff for going straight and becoming a cop. She wants him back. The Sheriff claims he coudln't take killing people any more.

Dean is also working his restraints.

Star informs the Sheriff that he is going to kill the people they have captured and tied up. He doesn't want to. Star beheads him. Dean gets free and starts to fight the vampires. He kills a few. Star looks as if she's about to go for Jody. Donna takes her head clean off from behind. Smiling.

Outside at the Impala, Jody ask Donna if she's okay. She's a bit nauseous, but okay.

Sam asks Dean if he's okay. Dean says he didn't feel like the Mark was pushing him at all; for the first time since he's been back.

Donna tells Jody that the world seems darker now that she knows what's out there.

Dean tells Sam that hunting vampires made Dean feel like himself again.

Jody tells Donna that she'll let her know the ropes of hunting if she ever wants to know.

Sam seems to accept that Dean is doing better.

Everyone gets into the car. Dean rubs the Mark on his arm as he gets in.

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