Hollywood Babylon Allusions

Sam: Well, Matt Damon just picked up a broom and started sweeping.

A reference to the 1997 movie Good Will Hunting, featuring Matt Damon in the title role as Will Hunting, who is a janitor at MIT.
Dean: What, you mean like Poltergeist?

This line is a direct reference to the movie Poltergeist, in which a ghost frequently haunts a house with a little girl.

Dean: You know this is where they filmed Creepshow?

Referencing the 1982 movie Creepshow, directed by George Romero and starring Stephen King, Ted Danson, Leslie Nielsen, and E.G. Marshall.

Dean: It's like 3 Men and a Baby all over again.

3 Men and a Baby is a 1987 movie starring Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg. A rumor has persisted for many years that the figure of a ghostly spirit of a dead boy and the gun that he killed himself with appears in the movie

Dean: Hey, we gotta go check out Johnny Ramone's grave when we're done here.

Johnny Ramone (real name John Cummings) was a founding member and the guitarist of the punk band The Ramones. He died of cancer at the age 55 on September 15th, 2004 at his home in Los Angeles.

Tour Guide: Now to the right here's Star's Hollow, site of television series Gilmore Girls, and if we're lucky, we might even catch one of the show's stars.

Gilmore Girls is a television series set in the fictional town of Star's Hollow, Connecticut, starring Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, and featuring Jared Padalecki as recurring character, Dean Forester.

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