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Before Sam paints the purple man, he takes the brush with his right hand, then he paints with the right hand. After the camera switches he is painting with his left hand and then it goes back to his right hand.
When the Hook Man attacks Sam and Lori in the church... he attacks Sam and Lori in a church. The fact that spirits/demons cannot enter a church (or even pass by one that is burned down) was demonstrated in "Route 666".
When Lori goes to bed there is no lamp connected to the headboard of the bed. But when she wakes and discovers her roommate dead, there is now a gray lamp clamped to the headboard, next to the outside door.
When Sam and Dean go to nine-mile road to hunt the Hook Man, as the cop is coming out of the woods, he yells for Sam to drop the gun. In the background Sam lowers the gun and puts up his hands. But when the shot is on just the brothers, he has the gun pointed at the cop and drops it again.
There is no Eastern Iowa University. There is, however, an Eastern Iowa Community College
Ankeny is not a "college town." Ankeny only has one community college (DMACC).
"Hook Man" is set in Iowa. Yet in an overhead view as they pull into town, you see palm trees.
Ankeny is in Polk County, Iowa. There is no Calumet County in Iowa; there is a small town in the NW part of the state with the name Calumet, however.
The hook was way too big to have been reforged into a necklace as small as Lori's
In the last scene, the closed captions showed that Hammerfall's Man on a Silver Mountain was supposed to play but instead played Boston's Peace of Mind. It was probably what the show's producers originally wanted to play but for some reason, changed it.
Goof: There is no way that Dean could have dug up the grave alone in that amount of time.

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