Houses of the Holy Trivia

At 8:30 when the brothers enter the basement of the house of the first guy murdered, the outside door to the cellar is clearly secured with three different padlocks, all rusty but locked. Yet when the camera angle changes to the inside of the cellar, the brothers simply open the doors and head in.
Dean tells Sam that while listening to the police scanner he heard that Zack stabbed a victim in the heart, but the stabbing was actually in the lower gut.
When Zack's room is shaking and his TV falls over you can clearly see that the power cord is neatly tied up and unplugged.
According to Dean's cellular phone listing, he's playing Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, but he's actually playing Down On Love by Jamie Dunlap.
When Zack's room is shaking, his lamp falls and breaks, but the light from the light bulb stays on.
When Sam is talking to the patient in the mental institute at the beginning of the show, he pulls a metal chair up to talk to her. No top-security mental hospital or low-level clinic would ever place any kind of movable furniture in a patient's room because the patient could harm him/herself or others.

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i watched this episode last night, and i know exactly what you're talking about !!
But i loved it anyways hahaha
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